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Optimized e-mail campaigns with Office24by7

Optimized e-mail campaigns with actionable reporting and analytics.

Dive deep into data and identify trends on what makes your subscribers click with Office24by7 !

Use best email marketing software tool for remarketing your audience.

Personalized emails at scale

Select email templates to convey message creatively based on campaign goals. It is easy to create from a user-friendly and self-explanatory bulk email service. Use and redesign the templates of your choice to personalize your e-mails with email marketing software tools and engage your audience with highly optimized e-mails to make your messaging really captivating and keep your users engaged.

Automated email workflows

Boost conversion rates and manage abandonments from websites in an effective manner with automated workflows. Set the action plan and schedule routine emails in a planned routine for each group of customers by allowing top email marketing software. Plan campaigns for various triggers such as a lead leaving from the payment page or open any email you have sent, or when users don’t open emails or open them after a long.

By email automation software manage your email routine.
Get your details right - Refine Emails by using bulk email solutions

Measure email efficiency

Get all the details of emails opened, clicked and subsequent user response to your email. Revise and refine the bulk email campaign and email flow based on the engagement rates. Measuring the efficiency of email marketing improves further. By using these features of bulk email solutions, you can always stay abreast with the latest user behaviour and take decisions in your campaigns accordingly.

User analytics and reports

Reports and analysis helps managers keep track of their campaign. Get analytics about the devices and the timings of mail opening. Measure the mail and subject efficacy in garnering the clicks and target better. With top marketing software get insights into the right time to target and to get the most out of a campaign. Harness data from all your campaigns and use data to target the right audience.

We provide best emai marketing software tools for business to analyse campaign reports
Saftey and data security at best with best email marketing automation tools - Office24by7

Data safety and security

Assure data security without a doubt. Ensure security with our automation solutions including email marketing tools. Send emails without any fear of data leak with the email marketing automation tools. SSL encryption certification protects your information from multiple attacks. By using the industry best practices for data security and protection, you will no longer need to think about potential threats.

Office24by7 E-mail Marketing Features

E-mail campaigns with responsive designs and workflows.


Easy-to-Use Builder

Bulk email software customizes dozens of templates to suit the needs of your e-mail campaigns.


Responsive Templates

Pick the right one from a pool of highly engaging user-friendly templates with the use of email marketing services.


Contact Management

With the top email marketing software upload or add contacts to send e-mails by creating segmented email lists.


Test Kit for Assurance

Email automation software use testing kit inbox preview, subject line, link checker and spam checker.


Preference Center

Email automation software avoid unsubscribes by giving email recipients control with a choice of lists.


Geographic Reporting

The email marketing automation tool map view with table lists to track campaign performance for each location.


Mobile Surveys

Quickly design and distribute mobile-first surveys for customer insights with email marketing services.


HTML Editor

Just paste your HTML code in the builder and your campaign is ready. Email marketing software is the best-personalized tool for start-ups, beginners, small businesses, marketers and many.


Opens and Clicks

Detailed open and click rates performance report for each email campaign with the best marketing software tools for business.



Propagate a coherent brand identity with the e-mail campaigns you send out with email marketing services.


Device/Browser Statistics

With the best email automation get access to device/browser statistics of an engaged audience with campaigns.


Perfect Scheduling

Repeated scheduling for your campaigns multiple times – day-wise or date wise with bulk email solutions.


Landing Pages

Bespoke visitor experience with dedicated pages for each of the campaigns with the best email marketing solutions.


Sign-up Forms

Allow the best email marketing software to grow your email list with custom forms you can integrate in the website.



Show ads to your website visitors as they visit other websites and bring them back to convert with the help of top email marketing software.


Social media ads

Retarget your contact list or reach new audiences by running Facebook ads with the best email marketing software tools for business.


Unlimited Automation

Adopt the best email marketing solutions to save time for your team with auto-responders and automated email series.


Whitelisting IPs

Send email campaigns using your own domain name and your own signature with email marketing services.


Domain Reports

Use domain reports and have a better understanding of campaign performance with the best email automation.


Comparison Reports

Compare the performance of the most recent email campaign against previous emails with the adoption of email marketing software.


Multiple Lists

With the best email marketing solutions get detailed reports for each list with data on opens, clicks, bounces etc.


Transactional Email

With the help of bulk email marketing software step up the design, engagement, and delivery of transactional messages.


A/B Testing

With our e-mail marketing solutions suite, you can perform comprehensive A/B testing.


Publish to Web

With the publish to web feature, enable collaboration between your teams with the top email marketing software.


Using APIs

Use list management, campaign creation, and various social features via API with email marketing software.

High-performance E-mail Campaigns

Breakneck engagement with the ultimate e-mail marketing suite by Office24by7. Packed with the industry-best features, we empower you to create and launch incredible e-mail marketing campaigns.

Use Best Email Automation Software for retargetting your Window shoppers.

Window shoppers to regular customers

We all notice window shoppers on our platforms. But the important part is what you do for turning them into customers. By sending product retargeting e-mails with automated workflows, you can achieve this feat quite easily.

By reaching out to window shoppers from your website, you can engage them in your marketing funnel. Use automated workflows and retarget that list by using the e-mail marketing solutions suite by Office24by7.

Minimize the abandonments

Minimize the abandonments

Track users who leave purchases in the middle and abandon their carts. Engage them with great offers they can’t refuse. With actionable segmentation of your customers, know then better to send out the perfect offers.

Simplify your outreach for users with abandoned carts on your platform by using enterprise-grade tools and email marketing software. Send e-mails with offers and promotional updates that are too good to ignore for them.

Boost Engagement Rates using e-mail marketing suite

Boost Engagement Rates

Average open and click rates for all industries are at 21.33% and 2.62%. Using our e-mail marketing suite, you can dwarf this level of engagement. Figure out what works best for your audience with the A/B Testing features in our e-mail marketing software.

The key to keeping conversion rates high in your marketing funnel is to engage the audience at multiple touchpoints. Exactly what Office24by7 helps you with!

promoting products using e-mail marketing

Product Promotions

By using the right automation workflows, you can run highly efficient promotion campaigns for your products. To turn website visitors into paying customers, you can run retargeting campaigns with our e-mail marketing suite.

Leverage the best tactics for promoting your products with the best e-mail marketing tools for business that are crafted to trigger engagement from your target audience, hence higher revenues and sales for your business.


Email marketing is a form of digital marketing and companies use this to market their products and services to the contacts present in their email list.

  1. Create personalized content
  2. Getting feedback and conducting surveys
  3. Generate traffic
  4. Communicating with the audience
  5. Cost effective
  6. Reach the right people at the right time.

  1. Email newsletters
  2. Retention emails
  3. Acquisition emails
  4. Promotional emails

Office24by7 is indeed one of the best software for email marketing. All you have to do is upload the email list that you have and trigger the campaigns. You have an option to plan and organize the campaigns according to your requirement.

Gmail has always been one of the best email platforms out there. Outlook is another option that you can prefer. You can integrate any email platform with Office24by7.

Office24by7 is one of the best low cost email marketing tools.

Gmail and Outlook are the most used email platforms these days.