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Office24by7 Missed Call Service

Let Customers Contact You with Just a Missed Call Alert

Encourage communication between customers and agents to complete the loop with an action.

Generate leads through missed call

Missed Call Alert

A call on a virtual number – mobile, landline, or toll-free – is configured to hang up on callers. Leverage missed call service to generate leads through effective campaigns targeting audiences without smartphones (with feature phones) or good Internet access. Overcome language barrier. Retain callers’ numbers to build a leads database. Get DND subscribers to opt-out. Then contact the remaining and have no disputes. Office24by7, the best miss call service provider, saves many disappointed customers who may encounter tough times while connecting the agents.

Missed Call with Reply

This missed call alert on a virtual number is configured to hang up on callers, followed by automated responses to complete the interaction loop. Send acknowledgment, instructions, or content such as product information and offers through SMS or voice message. Include a short URL as a call to action in the SMS or IVR voice message. Missed call marketing makes operations easy for your company.

Missed Call with Reply
Missed Call with Callback

Missed Call with Callback

This missed call solution on a virtual number is configured to hang up on callers, followed by return calls to complete the interaction loop. With the missed call alert service, you can track all the received missed calls over a single dashboard. Return to callers at your convenience: return missed calls when agents are available; if so, trigger return calls or a callback immediately after registering the missed call.

Missed Call Solution Features

Gather feedback, choices, votes, and expectations from the caller instantly at zero cost to them and your enterprise with missed call marketing.


Number Selection

Virtual number – mobile, landline, or toll-free – for missed call service. Missed call solution ensures quality lead acquisition in real-time engagement.


Location-wise Numbers

Missed call solutions convey a legitimate local business presence with a local number in your area.


Auto Reply

Call–back services send automated responses to customers via voice, SMS, or email.


Short URL

Include a short URL in your SMS and email auto-reply as a call to action. As a miss call service provider, we use advanced technology to offer brand awareness to users.


Voice Message with IVR

Our best missed call solution includes IVR in a voice message to send an automated reply with a call to action.



Missed call service offers a complete interaction loop with manual/automated return calls to missed calls.


Call Recording and Call Log

Missed call marketing captures recordings of callbacks to log all incoming missed and returned calls.


API Integration

Leverage robust API integration by Office24by7 with your third-party apps.


Analytics and Reports

With the missed call solution, get access to detailed reports and use insights to make informed decisions.

Use Case Scenarios

Missed call alert has several ingenious uses. Your creativity is your limitation.

Allow customers to track order with a missed call

Order Status

Allow customers to track their order with a missed call to a designated number provided after placing the order. They will receive a callback about their order status – whether it has been dispatched, out for delivery, etc.

If you are looking for a miss call solution provider that always keeps your customers informed about their orders and transactions, Office24by7 is your best choice. The missed call service is the emerging and cost-effective medium to gather customer responses and generate sales.

Capture customer feedback by using missed calls with IVR-configured callback option

Survey and Feedback

Capture customer feedback by using missed calls with an IVR-configured callback option. Gather transactional customer surveys and feedback and track simple agent-level scores for customer satisfaction. Get started with Office24by7 and boost ROI using the right methods and the best tools and technologies.

With missed call marketing, you can organize opinions, polls, surveys, and engagement of customer contests without any cost to the customer. Set up a product feedback loop for collecting feedback continuously and improving the product based on customers’ opinions.

Authenticate registrations with OTP or missed call verification

User Registration and Verification

Add an extra layer of security for membership confirmation without increasing the complexity for users. Missed call solution authenticates registrations with a missed call or OTP verification. We can also whitelist the number from the DND category just by receiving a missed call alert from the caller.

Start using the complete suite of Office24by7 and never miss a single customer, as it allows you to communicate and serve them right proactively.

conduct telephone polls

Contest and Polling

Leverage the best tools for running effective contests with Office24by7, the best miss call service provider, and stay ahead of the competition. Our missed call service ensures you are constantly engaged with the customers and unlock growth.

Use IVR polling to call individuals and conduct telephone polls. Missed call marketing services assist you in gathering high–quality leads. Identify the likes and dislikes of your customers by measuring the favorability of customers to use a product, hence boosting engagement with your brand.


A missed call service allows a consumer to reach you without paying a single penny. They can just leave you a voicemail to convey their interest. You'll have a record of their phone number, which you may use to contact them again, either via SMS, IVR, or a phone

The entire setup process is quite simple. Contact Office24by7, and we will help you with the missed call service setup, virtual number, and communication CRM.

With Office24by7 CRM, you will get the missed call notification in your CRM, and if you want, you can enable the text message notification feature with any particular number.

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When agents are unavailable, the organizations can set up this missed call message option. When a customer places an outbound call, and there are no agents to pick up the call, that caller will receive a message saying that one of the agents will get back to them. At Office24by7, you can customize and save an automated message and send it to the caller.

At Office24by7, the missed call service cost varies and depends on the package you opt for.