Field Sales Management Software

Manage your sales, contacts, and tasks on the move, and stay connected to your leads, customers, and team.

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Manage Your Agents and Sales Team Efficiently

Track and manage your field sales team closely even from miles away and boost your Field Sales team’s efficiency.

Remote Access

With the mobile CRM provided by Office24by7, it’s easy to access all your data and convert incoming calls into leads. From adding customer information in real-time to checking their team status, everything is easy to do for managing field sales.

Managers get access to agent logs for all their team members. By using call recordings, managers can guide their agents.

Team Monitoring

With mobile CRM, you see a visual representation of all the routes traversed by your agents. As the agents can check in or check out from a client’s location, every aspect is recorded and documented to help you maximize sales.

Using our field sales software, you can locate prospects and visit them using the app for navigation. Infuse efficiency across your team today!



With our mobile CRM, we help your team to always stay in sync and communicate effectively. The app can be used for communication at all levels. From sending files to a team member to uploading documents in the CRM, everything is hassle-free!

The sales CRM has the functionality of browsing and editing documents as well. Boost productivity with in-app notes and task management.

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Use Office24by7 Field Sales Solution for Efficient Field Sales Management

From using mobile CRM as a communication tool to efficiently manage tasks for different teams, everything is possible!
Field Sales use case

Debt Recovery

Managing debt recovery with remote teams is easy now. Follow up with defaulters and predict debt recovery to ensure faster collections.

Delivery Tracking

With real-time tracking of agents and the deliveries on the way, supervisors can assess workload and manage the operations efficiently.

Streamlined Logistics

Tasks in logistics like making deliveries to the customers and updating documents in real-time are super easy with our Mobile CRM.

Pharmaceutical Sales

Track check-ins and check-outs of your agents to track appointments with doctors and clinics, all in a single place with Mobile CRM.

Best-in-Class Features to Streamline Field Sales

Cutting-edge tools for you to manage field sales efficiently.

Call Logs

Manage call logs efficiently to gain insights and take action when needed.

Instant Lead Generation

Boost lead generation with our foolproof suite of field sales software.

Voice Recording

Use voice recording to log calls and use it for compliance and training.

Up-to-date Data

Keep all your data updated with our mobile CRM and never miss a thing.

Email Templates

Choose the right one from dozens of e-mail templates and start campaigns.

Instant Messaging

With our instant messaging feature, stay on top of all communications.

Multichannel Communication

Leverage multiple channels for reaching out to your audience effectively.


Set reminders for the agents and your team members with the task manager.

Task & Appointments

Schedule appointments and assign tasks to agents with our mobile CRM.

Team Chat

Effectively communicate and collaborate with your team with a single app.

Geo Tracking

Track your agents effectively and communicate with them whenever needed.

Leads Nearby

Locate leads in your vicinity to drive efficiency in field sales activities.

Distance Travelled

Locate agents and their area with a detailed view of their distance traveled.


Use best-in-class dashboards for using insights from your business data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Field sales management software streamlines sales operations by enabling efficient scheduling, tracking, and optimization of field sales activities.

Yes, our field sales management software is designed for seamless integration with CRMs and other sales tools, ensuring consolidated data and workflow.

Our software employs robust encryption, access controls, and secure servers to safeguard sales data and ensure compliance with data protection standards.

Our software is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor settings, reports, and features to align with their specific industry and sales strategies.

Our software focuses specifically on managing field sales activities, offering features tailored for on-site interactions, routes planning, and productivity enhancement.

Our software provides tools for route optimization, real-time location tracking, performance analytics, and task assignment, boosting field sales team efficiency.

Yes, our software offers mobile accessibility, enabling remote team management, updates on-the-go, and instant communication for field sales representatives.

Absolutely, our software generates detailed analytics, performance reports, and actionable insights to refine sales strategies and improve outcomes.

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