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Customised and Smart Cloud Telephony, Marketing, Sales, and Communication Product Maker Company

Office24by7 is a Cloud Telephony platform. From the day of inception our goal is to serve our clients to address their business needs of start-ups as well as established entities. With Cloud and On-premises solutions, we aim to help industries resolve business hurdles at every walk. Our services automate business calls on a single platform efficiently.

This is Office24by7 Privacy Policy (henceforth referred to “Terms of Use” or “Agreement”). We facilitate Companies to use our products in reference to the concept of this Policy. To use our product authentically, you should acknowledge and accept the concepts of this Policy.

With your acknowledgement, we take it a promissory that you agree to the concepts of this Privacy Policy. The Agreement of association becomes effective by clicking on the “I Agree” button and is potent to use our Product from the same date (herein make reference to as the “Potent Date”)

Schedule 1 of this Agreement defines all of the advantageous terms used.

We have fore grounded key aspects of the Policy in order to make it an easy readable content. Though, the entire document speaks of legal aspects.

In accordance to this Privacy Policy “we, us, our or Office24by7 legally refers to Office24by7 Cloud Telephony Service Provider. We are a registered Company under the Companies Act, 2009, headquartered at Hyderabad. To get associated with us or to use our product, you shall acknowledge agreeing to this policy promising Office24by7 that you bind to the Agreement put forth by Office24by7. In such a case, the terms you, your or customer will refer to your organization or company.

In a scenario, if you use Office24by7’s product for the good of an Entity, you are liable to agree to the terms of that entity, at the same time promising Office24by7 that you agree to bind that entity to the concepts of this policy (in reference you, your, customer will refer to that entity) This means that your Organization do have a exceptional contract with office24by7 for the use of our product and that will bind operation of Office24by7 product.

Conveniently, Office24by7 and the Customer, in association with will be mentioned as “Party” independently and “Parties” as a whole.

For queries and further assistance in relation to this Policy, kindly contact with us.

1. Product Description

Referring to Product as per this Agreement refers to:

Virtual Telephone Numbers that allotted to you by us (henceforth referred to as Office24by7 SMART Numbers)

Our communication platform, user friendly UI (user Interface) with related application programming interface (henceforth referred to as API’s)

Our Website

Any information or evidence that serves as a record, made obtainable by Office24by7 that facilitates the use of our product or service or referring to any in particular (henceforth referred to as to as “Relevant Documentation”)

With reference to this Agreement, our product’s use warrants you to customize, create, assign, influence, trail, analyze, document, transfer calls, take up in a conference call, configure IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to route and forward calls, missed calls, dial outbound calls, receive inbound calls, send SMS, Email notifications at any point in time, and/or integrate any third party application/CRM using API.


Our motto is to design a customizable communication platform for customers to streamline business calls. Our UI feasibly makes communication between programs and software applications. Office24by7’s secured and powerful API suites enable customers to integrate multichannel platforms with all necessary provisions as per requirements.

API suites are available at any point in time on our Developer page specifically elaborated and any changes are notified considerably. By SMART Numbers, we mean Virtual Number formatted phonic numbers provisioned by telecommunication provider; Office24by7 assigns SMART Numbers to help Organizations or customers to use the product or service.

We are a Cloud Telephony Service provider. We provide cloud communication platform that include platform itself, such as API’s and User Interface. Smart Numbers are Virtual telephone numbers that are provisioned to entities temporarily as a solution for using our interface. The ownership of Smart numbers retains with Office24by7 only. The telephone number does not function individually replacing your phone system. It works along with another valid digital communication systems like a landline, toll-free or a mobile.

2. Product Rights

In accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, Office24by7 grants you unrestricted and voidable rights to use products and services upon acknowledgement subjected to the laid concerns of this policy. When this policy concerns are terminated then the unrestricted and voidable rights gets ceased as stated under clause 19 – termination annexure of this policy.

From the day of inception, we thrive to quest the business needs of our customers. We welcome you joining the Office24by7’s pedigree. You will be using apportion of our products and services with Office24by7’s other customers. You are allowed to use the product or service assigned to you lavishly, but cannot allow transferring to another company or person. In case of any such, kindly let us know to get it validated.

3. Constraints on the Product Rights

The following constraints are applicable on the product rights under this policy:

  1. The offered product of Office24by7 can be used by you and authorized person of you (who henceforth referred to as Authorized user).
  2. The assigned product is not liable to support initiating emergency calls of any services available on numbers like 100, 101, 102, 108, 181 or any other in similar to it.
  3. Being associated with our Cloud services, you will be sharing Office24by7 products/services/resources with our clientele and individual experience varies with configuration flow and volume of call
  4. API’s are controlled with a throttle and its limit is increased as and when required upon requisition. The throttling limit refers the maximum number of synchronous HTTP requests per minute on an assigned API. The API end points list is obtainable at developer’s page on our website and changes are notified considerably
  5. Any assigned product of Office24by7 can handle beyond Normal Communication Volume of a customer, meaning the synchronous call or SMS volumes as recorded in the customer’s billing history.
  6. We request you to use the product liable with all legal regulations complying to all provisioned acts of Indian Telegraph, Information Technology, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India inclusive of the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations (as amended and re-enacted considerably).
  7. The Product/Service functionality is probable to constraints, retards and other external issues due to the use of infrastructure, technical aspects and services. Office24by7 is not liable for any such constraints, retards, detains or other damages caused by a person beyond our control.
  8. Office24by7 is liable and holds legalities to amend applications, features, its attributes and resources obtainable to the APIs considerably without prior information as per the policy “API Change Policy” in order to make you encounter a great experience and/or while dealing with certain external factors. Additionally, we will initiate necessary efforts to update you about any such modifications through email or pop up notifications in the UI.

Note: Office24by7 is not liable or answerable to anyone for changes with regards to APIs or any other untimely effects caused by such changes. Kindly make sure that calling to emergency services will not be supported. You can hit API servers a number of times and the potentiality varies with time and usage. API signatures might change considerably and is intimated to you on priority with leisure time to migrate.

4. Price, Purchase Plan and Audit Constraints

  1. You accept to pay the charges for the Product/Service intended to use (henceforth referred to as Price), in agreement with the charges and the purchase plan under “My Plans”
  2. Price revision is initiated from time to time with prior notifications. In case of any issues respective to the revised charges you are free to connect our Support Team and we will set to clarify the raised issues within 10 (Ten) business days.
  3. Issues with regards to levied prices, you are allowed to raise a clarification notice from us. We will disclose the issue(s) within 10 (ten) business days from the date of notice is sought/disputed.
  4. Audit constraints: Billing reports are generated in accordance with that of Purchased plans and Pricing.

Billing Reports comprises of Call and SMS records generated by Office24by7 in respective to the Call Flow and type or SMS like sender information, recipient details (including contact groups, if applicable) call status, SMS status, the start time, end time, duration, recording and pricing details.

You, as a customer authorized to audit the Billing Reports with your legal representative by initiating a prior written notice to us. All the concerned charges shall be borne by you. Under this clause, you are allowed to procure the audit constraints once annually.

This type of audit stipulates variances of the billed amount to you and the actual paid amount with that of your billing cycle. Office24by7 consider the refund only with the excess charges received from you (if it all paid by you) within 30 (Thirty) business days from the audit completion date. Add on, if no stipulates are found in the billed amount, then within 10 (Ten) business days from the audit completion date, you shall provide a written notice stating that there are stipulates found in the Billing Reports.

5. Description and Commitment of Office24by7

  1. Smart Numbers: Once issued or assigned numbers of Office24by7 cannot be reassigned until and unless:
    The Smart Numbers are withdrawn/termed invalid by the operator of telecommunication; and/or If an authorized regulatory body prohibits the use of Smart Numbers
  2. Product/Service Validity: We will make sure that the Product/Service provided to you is available for use round the clock 24/7, excluding the unexpected/scheduled maintenance or when the telecommunication operator assistance, networks and servers are down.
  3. Scheduled Maintenance: Going forward with a scheduled perpetuation, we will update you on priority 12 (Twelve) Normal Business Hours.
    By “Normal Business Hours” we intended to mean 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Indian standard time (IST) of every Business Day.
    By “Business Day” we intended to mean a day other than a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday/Govt. Holiday in Hyderabad, Telangana.
  4. Validations: We are logically valid and are in compliance under all applicable legal proceedings.
  5. Capacity to implement the Policy: We are liable, authorized and legally hold all rights to begin with this Policy and execute commitments.

We ensure that you will be provided with uninterrupted access towards the assigned products/services. But at times, the product/services inaccessibility may be due to server maintenance or down time. We assure we will notify you ahead 12 hours prior to scheduled server maintenance.

6. Description and Commitment of Customer’s

  1. You are not allowed to use the Product / Service violating the applicable laws / legal proceedings inclusive of Acts like Indian Telegraph, the Information Technology; the Indian Wireless Telegraphy; the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India but not limited to the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations and the rules and regulations made under these acts (as amended and re-enacted considerably). For more clarifications, you shall acknowledge that you would not use provided product / service by us to call or send message in violation of the above stated laws.
    In order to use product / service provided by us, you shall agree to be in compliant with all the applicable Indian Laws.
  2. Feed of Forbidden Information
    By “Forbidden Information” we tend to mean information that embeds abusive, offensive messages or incorporates viruses / malicious software (inclusive of text, multimedia, voice or pre recorded voice messages) and anything that does not come under legal protective measures and cause damage to the application functionality, person, assets of any person during the journey of product/service use.
    By “Virus(es)/Malicious software” we tend to mean any application, tool, gadget or any form of device, machine readable text (mean the same thing as including any software application, programme, code, document or file) that causes damage, interrupt, cut off, disable or otherwise declines/affects the :
    1. operating system of a computer, software, hardware, network, telecommunications operator service, equipment, and/or
    2. performance of or access to or programme or data reliability (either repositioning, modifying or deleting the programme or data wholly or partly or otherwise) and/ or
    3. add-on any other product / service / application / device; and affects customer / user experience.
  3. You shall acknowledge not to use our product/service to explore commercially or disseminate entire or any part or portion of the Proprietor’s legally authorized/ Registered Technology and the Product/service in any manner or in any form or help third parties or design Product/Service competing with the provided Product/Service.
    By “Registered Technology” we tend to mean our cloud communication solutions, Smart Numbers, User Interfaces, APIs, Configuration details and related documents.
  4. You will make certain that the Customer Database (as defined in 8.1 clauses) is accurate and legally opt-in.
    Note: Kindly make sure that you knowingly or unknowingly help or design any product/service that competes or that looks alike with our product/service. Make sure not to disseminate virus and other stuff in relation as stated in clause 6.9. Let us all adhere to the legal proceedings, rules and regulations. Please follow the procedural process to call or message users related to you/entity.
  5. You will acknowledge in protecting the information provided/given by you through our product/service use.
  6. You agree and give your whole consent to our agreement (“Privacy Policy”).
    When you accept to use our services, we record some information which may be personal or official. Our outmost priority remains to maintain confidentiality of the data. However under certain circumstances we are bound to share the information, for example when Government of India requests, we tend to disclose the information. This agreement will let you know every detail of how we will use your information. Read the document carefully before you associate with us or start using our products/services.
  7. You agree that you adhere to all applicable laws and will only make authorized call recordings in accordance with it.
  8. You acknowledge that either you or any user authorized by you shall use the Product/Service as per this policy is concerned.
  9. You agree not to use our Product/Service to forecast any information in any manner that:
    1. Validates another person and to which you are not rightful;
    2. And is grossly harmful, irrespectively invading another person’s privacy, or on due to personal grudges, or that is unlawful in any manner in any situation or whatsoever
    3. Torment juveniles/teens/minors at point in time by any means
    4. Violating ours or any other company’s proprietorship with regards to permits, license, or any other legal protection terms.
    5. Entice or allure recipients with information that is annoying or offensive in any means,
    6. Mimic other person’s emotions;
    7. Jeopardize the amalgamation or sovereignty of India, cordial relations with overseas or abusing any other states or countries in any means;
    8. Contains malicious software virus or any other destructive elements that destroys, disables or limits the functionality of any application resources in any means and or
    9. Violates any legal protective terms in force

7. Know Your Customer (KYC) Deed

You comply with the terms of Office24by7 and agree to share true information in the My Information page and KYC page as informed by us from time to time.

By “KYC Page” we tend to mean know your customer page wherein you shall upload documents proving your identity. Such documents includes address proof, incorporation certificate, etc.

By “My information Page” we tend to mean our company information page wherein you shall provide about your organization and the details includes registered tax deduction, collection account number (TAN), GST Number, company postal address etc.

We have incepted KYC and My information page to understand the basic information of our users. Before you begin using our product/service, we recommend you to share complete information diligently and upload necessary documents that are requested. The information is particularly important to be in compliant with the telecom rules.

8. Data Allocation

  1. In accordance to this agreement, you are allowed to download Customer Information and Office24by7 Data.
    By “Customer Information” we intend to mean the information provided by you or by your Authorized User(s) while facilitating the use of our product/service assigned to you. Customer information means a set of data that include contact numbers, First and Last name, email ID and other details required for initiating Outbound Call, Inbound Call service, API, Data list uploads etc.
    By “Office24by7 Data” we intend to mean the data generated and reported by Office24by7 in accordance to the use of Product/Service which includes the same but not limited to charges and billing information, call meta data (network circle, telecom operator, Caller location, Call time and duration), Configuration call flow activities, SMS messages, SMS templates, Sender Ids, audio file uploads and other activities performed by you or user authorized by you in and during a call transferring, conference call, monitoring, tracking and other call activities.
  2. Before breaking this Agreement or account deactivation, you are held responsible to download the entire Customer information/Data and Office24by7 generated reports and analytical data for your reference.
    We do interpret that there will be a necessity where you might require the data in association with your account after the account deactivation. The data might be the information provided by you facilitating for the use of our product or data recorded by us in terms of reports and analytics. In such cases, please feel free to contact us, we will do the needful.

9. 24by7 Customer Services

Our Support Team will provide 24by7 Customer Services in resolving the issues that are raised by you or user authorized by you in relation to the Product/Service facilitated for your use. For more information, kindly contact our Support Team.

By “Support Team” we tend to mean the concerned Office24by7 support team that provides 24by7 Customer Support Services. Our Support team motto is to show swift resolutions.

By “24by7 Customer Services” we tend to mean the support services initiated by us to provide you the best experience in accordance with our Support Service Policy. Our Customer Support Services is accessible 24/7/365.

10. Focal Point of Contact

You are liable to provide us with the e-mail ID and contact numbers of your employee/representative whom you feel responsible for coordinating with us regards to any issues in relation to your account or use of our product/service at the My information page.

In case of any issues raised by the Government, we expect your immediate coordination with us for speedy resolutions. For instance: DND Violation: Between you and Office24by7, have only 7 business days to prosecute the telecom operator with valid documents. In such cases, we will contact the FPOC (person of contact) for organizing documents of proof.

11. Office24by7 Credentials

You shall agree to regenerate the Office24by7’s login passwords on a regular basis on our UI in order to avoid unauthorized use/access of your account. In such an event, we are not liable or cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. You also admit to pay the Charges in full with regards to unauthorized access for the use of the Product/Service.

12. Service Declaration

To be in compliance with all the legal proceedings, we are authorized to evaluate or reveal the call details, message content shared by you using our Product/Service in accordance with this Agreement and upon considering necessary we are authorized to perform any other acts.

If the government authority demands of reviewing the call volume details of product/service then we disclose your call content to comply with the legal issues.

13. Analytical Traits

You accept that we are solely and wholly liable to use all the Analytical traits of the Product/Service. Excluding, as per this agreement, you are not granted with any rights to modify or any rights with regards to proprietary rights whether registered or unregistered or any other legal protective rights to the assigned product/service.

You are not liable to claim any rights at any point in time with regards to the Product, Service, Software, Content, Improvements, and Corrections respectively.

You accept to acknowledge Office24by7 all present and future rights, description, meta-title, interests and copyrights relating to our Product/Service and all the rights that include authorships and copyrights of applications, registrations and the right to concern from any place.

You also accept that the powers assigned to you are complete, outright, perfect, independent and irrevocable. We are solely authorized to transfer the rights to any other person at any point in time from any part of the world without the interference or interruption from you.

By “Analytical Traits” we mean:

From now on or hereinafter existing:

  1. Worldwide authorship rights, inclusive of but not limited to exploitation rights, assignable legal right, ownership rights, imitative works and masked efforts from any source;
  2. Rights of logo, symbols, trade-name, sign, trademark;
  3. Rights of trade secret;
  4. Other rights including algorithms, patents, designs and industrial property rights;
  5. Other analytical, intellectual and proprietary rights of every kind and everywhere whether arising by law, by any legal protective measures, contract or license, or considered; and
  6. All registration rights including applications, reissues, additions, addendum, combinations and divisions of the above stated.

14. Confidentiality Deed

  1. Parties accept that:
    By “Confidential Information” we tend to mean complete information related to verbal, pen down information or any other form of communication in relation to it, revealed by one party (henceforth mentioned to as the “Disclosing Party”) to the other party (henceforth mentioned to as the “Receiving Party”) with regards to this Policy, Disclosing Party or the Product (either before or after the Potent Date), is clearly classified as restricted/confidential information or not that may be considered as moderately sensitive information from its disclosure type or nature or circumstances depending on it.
  2. The Receiving Party is liable to legal measures to secure the Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information as the Receiving Party secures its undisclosed information from the use of others or unauthorized use or uncertified, but at least with sensible care. Any undisclosed information of the Disclosing party shall be used by the Receiving party with the motive of fulfilling the commitments as stated in this policy.
  3. Confidential Information exclude information that:
    1. is related to the public domain without violation of the Agreement’s provisions without the involvement of the Receiving Party;
    2. the Receiving Party can reasonably demonstrate its possession prior accepting the Disclosing party’s information;
    3. the Receiving Party can demonstrate its possession independently and without disclosing the Confidential Information of Disclosing Party;
    4. the Receiving Party receives information without any disclosure restrictions from a third party and without violation of a nondisclosure covenant; or
    5. the information is to be disclosed in accordance with the legal order or proceeding; understanding that, to the degree authorized by and pragmatic under the situations, Receiving Party shall provide a prior notice to the Disclosing Party of the intentional disclosure and the chance to accept or abandon to the disclosure; or if prior notice is unacceptable or pragmatic under the situations, a prompt disclosure notice.

You and we, upon association is equally responsible to secure restricted information of each other’s in the best possible way and maintain secrecy with all the others not in connection with this policy.

15. Liability Restrictions

We are not liable to you, to your representatives or to any third-party suppliers for any kind of damages or loss of brand name, reputation, profits, use, revenue, goodwill, profits, business etc., or for any cause that could be direct, indirect, accidental, special, incidental, punitive or consequential destruction of any kind arising out of individual, independent or in connection with this Agreement or by any legal means, the complete accountability arising out of individual or in association with this Agreement will be limited and is dependent upon the loss and conditions apply.

Kindly ensure that the multiple claims is not accountable under this clause and it is effective even if any right defined in this Agreement in common is considered to have failed of its key aspects.

Excluding the clearly stated and specified information of this Agreement, you presume sole authority for results produced and conclusions drawn from the product use.

The complete accountability as stated will be limited and is dependent upon the loss and conditions apply.

16. Assurance Deed

With regards to other provisions of this policy, Office24by7 and the Customer acknowledge that:

Each party (henceforth referred to as the “Assured Party”), at its own expense, will assure, protect, and constrain the other party’s hierarchy, contractors, employees, operators, executives, agents, permitted successors and associates (collectively referred to as the “Assured Party”) harmless from and against any, damages, settlements, liabilities, costs and expenses (includes, but not limited to, considerable attorneys’ fees) awarded by a court resulting from any claim, suit, action or proceeding (hereinafter referred to as the “Claim”) against an Indemnified Party arising from or related to:

  1. gross negligence or willful misconduct of the Indemnifying Party (or any individual or entity acting on its behalf); and/or
  2. any alleged violation or violation of the Indemnifying Party’s representations or warranties; and/or
  3. any alleged breach or breach of the Agreement by the Assured Party.

The Assured Party’s assurance deed under this clause 17 is conditioned upon:

  1. a prompt claim notice has to be given to the assured party after becoming aware of the claim.
  2. giving whole defense control (include, but is not limited to, selection and management of counsel) and Claim settlement to the Assured Party (except the requirement of the Assured Party’s prior written approval for any settlement that considerably expected to require an affirmative deed of or result in any ongoing liability to the Assured Party); and
  3. Cooperating Assured Party and its request and defend assistance or Claim settlement.

17. Warranty

Without limiting Office24by7 convey assurance and commitments under this Policy. Office24by7 hereby disclaims all other commitments, guarantee, promises, assurance or implied, include but is not limited to warranties of proprietorship, non-infringement, and fitness for a particular purpose and assurance related to third-party instruments, documents, software, material, products, or services. Our Product is provided on “as is” basis wholly under all applicable laws. With the expanse, this policy conflicts with all legal protective measures where the scope and degree of any assurance will be liable to law.

18. Account termination

You are authorized and independent to stop using the assigned product/service at any point in time at your own discretion by deactivating your account. The stated Policy will stay aborted or terminated subsequently except for below stated clause 20 (Survival).

You acknowledge that we are liable to stop providing the Product to you at any point in time with immediate effect if:

  1. you fail to pay the due charges as per clause 4 (Price, Purchase Plan and Audit Constraints) of this Agreement;
  2. there is a violation of the assurances and representations conveyed by you in this Policy;
  3. violation of any of the policy provisions;
  4. you prevent or deactivate or threaten to suspend or cease of all the substantial part of your business;
  5. our legal protective measures like license/(s), trademarks, symbols get cancelled/blocked;
  6. withdrawing your consent regards to Privacy Policy; and
  7. we both or anyone of us filing a bankruptcy petition. Under these conditions, if we stop providing you the Product/Service then this Policy/Agreement will stand terminated thereafter, excluding for clause 20 (Survival) below.

For any reason, any rights, any obligations or for any limitations or liabilities termination of this Policy of the parties that have augmented up to the date of termination, will not be affected or prejudiced (include but is not limited to our right to be paid for the use of our Product).

At the end, if you would like to end our relationship, we would reque4st you to convey the feedback as we would respect the loyal cause of change of mind. You are independent to close or deactivate your account at any point in time but that again does not limit you in paying pending dues. More information is provided in the next clause called “Survival”

19. Survival

You agree that clauses 5 (Office24by7’s Description and Commitment), 6 (Customer’s Description and Commitment ), 14 (Analytical Traits), 15 (Confidentiality Deed), 16 (Liability Restrictions), 17 (Assurance Deed), 18 (Warranty), 23 (Governing Law) and 24 (Dispute Resolution) and such other clauses which remain binding post the termination of the Agreement by their nature and context, this agreement will remain in effect and even after its termination in accordance with clause 19 above.

20. Entire Agreement

As stated, this Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, this policy replaces and suppress all other promises, assurances, representations, descriptions, warranties and understandings between parties, whether oral or written or any other relating to its subject matter. Each party accepts that it will have no remedies in respect of any statement, assurance, promise, warranty or understanding (whether made innocently or negligently) that is not set out in this agreement.

21. Governing Law

Any dispute or any claim (including non-contractual disputes) arising in accordance with or out of it or its subject matter or formation will be constructed and governed as per the laws of India.

22. Disagreement Resolution

We adhere that communication can resolve any disputes. So, with regards to any grievance please try contacting our Support Team before taking a legal step according to applicable law.

Each party do agree that the courts of Hyderabad, India have exclusive justifications and jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes) in accordance with or content matter or formation of this Agreement.

We are to help and to make peace. Let’s resolve any issue or dispute through communication and help ourselves to go in peace. If anything that is left unresolved, we both individually are independent to turn out for help to the applicable laws in Hyderabad.

23. Transfer Limitations

Any right nor any duty and not even this Agreement may be consigned, assigned or transferred by a government body, by a party without prior written notice of the other party. Nevertheless, each party is authorized to assign this policy to any of their successor significantly in the form of sale of assets, property, stocks, shares, reorganization, or otherwise. In-spite of this, policy will remain bind and accustom benefit to their respective heirs, successors, representatives and assignees.

Under this Agreement, you are not authorized to assign or transfer any right or duty without our prior written notice or concern (Except the one acquiring your company).

24. Illegal Provision

If this Agreement provision is unlawful, illegitimate or impotent of being enforced by any applicable laws or public policy, the complete provision of this agreement remains in effect until the transactions contemplated causes damage to any party. Upon this, the parties are authorized to negotiate in good faith to make modifications of the Agreement so as to keep the intention of both parties intact to the resolution foreseeing the transaction contemplations are fulfilled.

25. Nature of Relationship

This Agreement in relation to or its provisions is intended or deemed to initiate partnership or joint venture between any two parties, constitute any party as the employee, executive, agent, franchisor, partner or so of the other party or permits any party to make commitments behalf of any other party and their relationship will be of individual contractors.

26. Notices

  1. All communication related to this Agreement or provisioned under this agreement will be in writing and has to be duly authorized by a signature when receiving personally or when transmitting, a telecopy, electronic mail or digital transmission methods will be employed. If it is sent for delivery to any address upon receipt and certified or if sent by registered mail services return receipts are requested. Notices will be sent to respective addresses. In case of notices sent through email address and fax number as either party may designate it as written notice.
  2. Any notice or other communication given to a party under or in accordance with this Agreement will be addressed to:
    If to Office24by7, as mentioned in our “Contact Us page”. If to the customer as specified in the “My information page”.

27. Amendments and Waivers

We posses all legal rights to amend or modify this Agreement considerably at any point in time, where the new Agreement will replace the prior versions. In regards to any amendments and modifications will be notified to you via e-mail prior 30 days to the effective date of such modifications. If you do not object to the amendments stated in the agreement within 30 (Thirty) days from the effective date, such is considered as your consent by us towards any stated amendment. We will inform you in detail of your rights with regards to object and the consequences of non-objection with the aforementioned notice.

Wholly or partly, no detains or retards on the part of any associated party to utilize any rights hereunder work as a rejection or effect any other rights. The rejection of one breach or any delay in utilizing rights will not constitute rejections of any subsequent breach or defaults.

We will make modifications to the provisions of this agreement considerably. You are permitted to view the most recent agreement copy from time to time as specified.

28. Superior Force

As per this Agreement, except for the commitment of prices or charges, neither party is responsible for any retards or failure of services wholly or partly to any cause beyond its control include but is limited to Acts of God, Government bodies, Civil disturbances, Wars, Curfews or instruments or equipments (henceforth referred to as Superior Force Event). Additionally, if this occurs, the affected party will put into practise the following:

  1. Bring into the notice of other party regards to the Superior Force actions and its impact on the performance of commitments/responsibilities of the affected party under this agreement.
  2. Make use all reasonable efforts to bring in issues resolutions from the Superior Force Event and thereby performing its obligations under this agreement.
  3. Neither you nor we, responsible for a failure to function or delay caused due to an act of Government bodies, God, wars, curfews, public, energy shortage or equipment.