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OTP Authentication with Office24by7

Use OTP in Single-Factor or Two-Factor Authentication

Send OTP with 100% reach via different modes for authentication and verification of users to ensure 100% reach.

The users can get OTP via email


The users can get OTP for authentication and various other purposes. The OTP is sent via e-mail, SMS, voice, and even IVR - depending on what the exact functionality is.

Use Office24by7 for sending OTPs via the channel of your choice. From e-mail and SMS to voice and IVR - use OTP authentication to the core with out suite of products that are crafted to meet your business needs.

Send OTP by SMS to verify phone numbers

Streamlined SMS

Send OTP by SMS to verify phone numbers and information by using feature for dual-factor authentication. Log in to mobile apps with automatic detection and submission of OTPs.


OTP via Push SMS - Send OTP via SMS to your customers with high deliveries and foolproof methodology.


OTP via Pull SMS - Let the customer get the OTP based on information they are looking for.

Send OTP by voice to verify phone number

OTP via Voice

Send OTP by voice to verify phone number submitted via web form or use the feature to enrich dual-factor authentication.


OTP via Inbound IVR - Use an inbound IVR to send OTP via voice and let your consumers with verification and authentication.


OTP via Announcement - Send out announcements over voice calls to your customers with OTP in a streamlined manner.

Use missed call to verify mobile device

Missed Call

Use missed call to verify mobile device – use last five digits of the phone number in the call for verification. Use it in two-factor authentication – initiate call from the registered phone.

Use this unique way of verifying the credentials shared by the customer or users on your platform - all done in a hassle-free manner with our OTP application at Office24by7.

Best CRM Integrations

Seamless connectivity between our customer relationship management (CRM)
software and third-party applications.


Enhance the Security of Apps and Transactions with OTP Authentication

Use OTP as an added layer of security to verify the identity of users logging into an online platform, application or website.

Authenticate  Registrations with OTP or missed call verification

Signups or Registrations

Add an extra layer of security on the web without increasing the complexity. Authenticate details with OTP or missed call verification.

Simple downloading of app

Simple downloading of app

Keep all transactions safe and secure. Add an additional layer of security with OTP verification to complete a transaction securely.

Use OTP for password resets

Password Resets

Instead of sending codes or links via email, use OTP or missed call service to verify users before password resets or other purposes.

Use OTP verification to delete a user account

Account Reactivation or Deletion

Reactivate or delete a user account with a confirmed acceptance from them. Use OTP verification as a means of obtaining permission.

Office24by7 Communication Features

Generate OTPs in a seamless manner to provide the perfect CX with optimum security.


No Delay

Send OTPs and simplify user experience by ensuring no delays or hassle.


Multi Channel

Ensure reliability for your OTP via sending the message via multiple channels


Easy Integration

Easy-to-use integration to make sure its no hassle for you to get started.


Quick Verification

Streamline the process of verification by offering a quick service to users.


Highly Secured

Keep your users safe from the bad players by using the best - Office24by7.


Global Coverage

Never worry about the geographical location of the users for sending OTP.


Reports & Analytics

Leverage best-in-class reporting tools for performing analytics of campaigns.