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Automate all your communication with Office24by7

Use our suite of tools to streamline communication for your team members along with SaaS applications and browser based cloud applications.


Boost your team’s productivity
with our Communication Automation

Integrate the tools on offer by Office24by7 for integratingyour various ERP, CRM, and other SaaS based applications to boost employee performance and unlock growth.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Get access to virtual receptionist module from our communication automation module and empower your team members as they can attend your customer calls without any human intervention. With ROI based campaign analytics, you can track and monitor the IVR campaign flow for your organization. With the best technologies being used by Office24by7, you have the freedom to do it all with drag and drop options in a very hassle-free manner

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virtual receptionist module from communication automation module
Cloud Telephony Solutions

Cloud Telephony

With access to inbound and outbound calling solutions, get your sales, marketing, and support on to the blended version to boost results from the lead generation segment. Not only this, get your chance to access an improved agent CTI for call integration. To make it simpler, we ensure a streamlined and robust integration with all the ERPs and CRMs. Meet all your customer expectations along with predictive and progressive dialing for outbound calls

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Agent CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

With the agent CTI highly streamlined, make the most from click-to-actions such as SMS, e-mail, and call transfer to enable your agent’s high productivity rate as well. With the agent CTI streamlined for your organization, agents will be able to generate instances for a more efficient outbound calling as well as attending the calls from your existing customers. With all the calls logs by agents available, ensure agent readiness for your organization.

Agent CTI
click-to-call numbers

Click to Call

With the click-to-call numbers being added as the business number, make sure that your agents can take multiple calls at the same time. Apart from maximized efficiency, the sticky agent feature will help the agents to know and have the same agents that have communicated with - hence boosting efficiency in a great way. To make the transition simpler, we make sure that the predefined API is easy to integrate in all the ERPS and CRMs.

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Virtual Number

Manage all your business calls on the go with Office24by7. Whether it’s business calls you need to manage or the single point calls that you cater to, it will be available in all the required formats. From landline to mobile and toll-free numbers, it is important for landline numbers to be used for inbound and outbound calls for managing the flow of mobile as well as toll-free numbers. Ensure a high ROI from your various campaigns.

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Manage all business calls with Virtual Number
missed call feature for business

Missed Call

Ensure a streamlined virtual number always up and running to complement your communication operations out there in the field. Attend the missed calls by your customers and make sure that you are able to acknowledge them immediately via different channels such as SMS or a direct call back. Start using the missed call feature to your advantage and generate sales for your business. Gather valuable feedback and manage the product subscriptions efficiently.

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Announcement (Voice Broadcasting)

Make sure that your communication strategy is at par with the voice broadcasting needs from your customers. Ensure a great ROI with numerous features of Office24by7 such as the announcement with IVR that can be used for surveys as well as feedback collection from your valued customers across the world. With the DTMF options available in Office24by7, you can easily trigger a spike in sales and lead generation for your company.

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announcement with IVR
conducting inbound and outbound conferences remotely


Start conducting inbound and outbound conferences remotely. To keep your meetings secure and free from any intruders, you can create and use a security PIN for admitting participants in the inbound conferences. Along with this, there is a hand raise option for participants to interact with the organisers and other attendees in a more hassle-free manner. To top all this, it comes with a scheduling option that will send an alert to your existing contacts.

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