Call Masking and Call Patching

Avoid any kind of lead leakage with our call masking solutions.

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Reliable Call Masking Solutions for Enterprises, SMEs and Startups

Transfer the calls to the right person at the right time using our call patching solutions. Protect the identity of both parties using our call masking solutions.


Call customers from within third-party apps. Enable website visitors to call a pre-assigned number by integrating a cloud-calling widget into the website. Allow customers and agents to connect via mobile app. Ensure security by hiding phone numbers with call masking solutions.



A button on the dashboard that opens a dialer with a click. They can call a new number not in the database by dialing manually. Through API integration, agents can use an existing CRM tool. Leverage the wide array of call masking features to unlock your full sales potential.


Agent CTI

Agents make and receive calls from their computers with click-to-call and click-to-dial buttons. Agents get information about callers, and their accounts, open cases, or call history. Connect inbound customers instantly with call patching solutions. Safeguard privacy during communication with call masking solutions.

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Connect Customers with Employees in Real-Time

Create new customer experiences by enabling interactions in real-time with your frontline staff – sales, support, field service, and field delivery agents – and third-party vendors.
Call Patching Solutions use case

Deliveries, Cab Rides, and Directories

Allow customers to reach drivers, delivery executives, or vendors and vice versa through click-to-call and click-to-dial buttons.


Through a click-to-dial CTI for CRM extension, allow sales representatives to quickly dial phone numbers of contacts in third-party CRMs.

Callback Request

Allow visitors to connect with you directly from your website with click-to-call button. Allow visitors to request a callback.

Order Confirmation and Delivery Rescheduling

Trigger an automated call with IVR input to confirm orders by customers who choose, say, cash-on-delivery payment mode.

Enable Structured Internal Communication with Office24by7 Call Patching Software

Comprehensive set of call patching and call masking features for efficient communication.

Number Selection

Virtual numbers – mobile, landline or toll free – for both parties when call patching.

Number or Call Masking

Protect identities of both parties when call patching. Convey a local business presence with a local number.

API Integrations

Build call patching facility in your mobile or web apps to enhance call masking solutions.

Call Recordings and Call Logs

Capture recordings of calls as well as log all incoming and outgoing calls.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls internally via IP PBX and EPBX.

Manual (Outbound) Calling

Agents call contacts or dial a number not in contacts manually.

Multi-channel Communication

Leverage call patching solutions by allowing customer interaction over several communication channels.

Agent Performance Tracking

View agents’ activities and day’s progress in real-time. Allow supervisors to listen to customer-agent interactions in real time.

CRM Integration

Agents can make and attend calls right from sales software and avoid switching between systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call masking is a feature that hides the actual phone numbers of both the caller and the agent during a call, ensuring privacy. With Office24by7, this works by assigning virtual numbers to calls, protecting caller identities while allowing communication to proceed smoothly.

Our call patching solution acts as a virtual receptionist who filters and transfers calls to the appropriate department, making customers feel like they’re being personally assisted. Thus, call patching software streamlines call handling, reduces wait times, and enhances customer service.

You can integrate Office24by7’s robust API into your mobile or web apps to set up a click-to-call function. Our team can provide guidance and support throughout the configuration process.

Yes, you can. Office24by7 offers multiple integrations that you can make the most out of.

Call patching can be configured to handle calls outside regular business hours by directing them to voicemail, alternate numbers, or specific agents. During peak times, it optimally distributes calls among available agents.

Simply call us at +91 7097171717 or email us at and we’ll help you set up call patching solutions. We also provide comprehensive customer support to help you make the most of our call masking and call patching solutions.

Yes, Office24by7 call masking services provide call activity tracking features to monitor and analyze call data, including call duration, call recording, frequency, origin, and destination.

Yes, Office24by7’s call masking and call patching services are scalable, catering to the requirements of businesses of all sizes, from startups to small and medium enterprises to large business organizations.

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