Upselling and Cross-selling

Encourage your customers with impeccable personalization.

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Drive Sales with Efficient and Timeless Techniques and Tools

Encourage your customers to go for add-ons and make the most out of their purchases.

Lead Nurturing

Set up an introductory email nurturing campaign for new customers that is triggered regularly. As time progresses, start to provide information on offerings outside of what they’ve already purchased.

Boost conversions by using best-in-class tools for nurturing leads and keeping the sales funnel moving. With the right mix of tech and design, you can ace the game of lead nurturing.

Leverage Remarketing

Pursue customers visiting your webpage with pop-up ads with personalized offers. Based on past buying behavior, schedule ads to show items they would most likely buy from your brand.

By using the best retargeting methods, you can start generating more sales. Retargeting will be a great tool to use as you engage customers from different parts of your marketing funnel.

Use lead Segmentation

Segment customers and engage easily by personalizing their experience on the website. Serve up different CTAs or identify them by name on your homepage—Curate blog posts to their needs.

By classifying the leads properly, ensure you and your team are always on track to close more leads and boost revenues for your organization. With the best tools, you can surely make it happen!

Automated Surveys

Get customer feedback with recorded IVR calls and use NPS to quantify their satisfaction. For highly satisfied customers, target them with product or service upsells.

You can understand and mitigate the gaps by generating insights from customer feedback. Leverage the perfect tools crafted to help your brand succeed in competitive markets.

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Satisfy the Customer & Increase Your Margins!

Each business has its challenges. Craft the best up-selling & cross-selling strategies with Office24by7.

Up-Cross Selling use case

Retail Stores

Offer bespoke physical-digital experience for in-store customers to upsell and cross-sell to them with great email marketing campaigns.

Ecommerce and Travel

Serve popup ads or browser notifications to cross-sell hotel tickets or rental cars to someone who recently purchased airline tickets.

Hotels and Restaurants

Use customer data to please customers by sending anniversary or birthday wishes or upselling for that specific occasion or event.

SaaS and B2B

For B2B services, run email campaigns promoting multi-year AMCs and retainers. Depending on their behavior, offer them plan upgrades.

Office24by7 Sales Automation Features

Best-in-class sales automation software to help your close more deals.


Create engaging landing pages with drag and drop tools to impress customers.

List Segmentation

Drive efficiency in sales with proper list segmentation for managing leads.

Multi-level IVR

Use best-in-class voice communication with reliable multi-tiered IVR system.

Call Recordings

Use call recordings to leverage key insights and data from your business.

Call Routing

Effective call routing methods to keep the sales and support team proactive!

Call Distribution

Manage your team actively with our industry-best call distribution channels.

Personalized Ads

Personalize ads for customers and encourage them to try different products.

Personalized IVR

Use personalized IVR to impress customers and offer a great experience.

Feedback IVR

Collect feedback from customers and use data for informed business decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upselling convinces customers to opt for a higher-priced item while cross-selling suggests complementary products to enhance their purchase, both enhancing sales strategies.

Upselling: a software upgrade during checkout.

Cross-selling: suggesting a protective case for a purchased gadget, enhancing the initial purchase’s value.

Office24by7 marketing tools can be used to suggest upgrades or complementary products during customer interactions, enhancing the chances of successful upselling through personalized recommendations.

Seamlessly merging with CRM and sales platforms allows Office24by7 to access customer data, ensuring tailored upselling and cross-selling suggestions based on individual profiles and behaviors.

PImplement Office24by7’s suggestions during customer interactions to subtly introduce relevant upgrades or complementary options, enhancing the likelihood of successful upselling and cross-selling.

Upselling involves identifying opportunities, followed by suggesting higher-value options, persuading customers on benefits, and finally closing the sale to enhance purchase value effectively.

Through Office24by7’s lead nurturing, relationships are built, needs are understood, and relevant product recommendations are made, resulting in better conversions and successful upselling/cross-selling opportunities.

Leverage Office24by7’s segmentation features to craft specialized offers for distinct customer groups, optimizing upselling and cross-selling by tailoring promotions to specific needs and preferences.

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