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Every sale is essential. Drive your sales initiative to achieve revenue goals with our comprehensive portfolio of inside sales tools.

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Drive Excellence from the Best Inside Sales Software

Leverage technology generate maximum revenue through increased sales.

Approach Strategy

Setting up the best approach plan is the first step for successful inside sales. We leave no stone unturned and use all resources at our disposal.

From cold calling, bulk SMS messaging, email blasts, voice call announcements, and push notifications to agent CTI, we do it all. Use the right inside sales tools to start generating leads and converting them at breakneck speed.

Lead Capturing

Our strategy consists of generating a solid lead-capturing engine powered by data. Streamline the process of manual lead detection to call-to-lead conversion, email-to-lead conversion, bulk upload, and tools like connectors & integrations.

With the best inside sales software, add leads manually, and reach out to customers with virtual numbers, thus saving time for your teams.

Prioritizing the Lead

The best chance of enhancing sales is by prioritizing all the generated leads. Our inside sales tools provide all leads with a customer, lead, and priority score that is assigned based on lead activity.

By prioritizing leads based on these scores, you can channel your resources wisely and focus on increasing the overall conversions. Always stay on track with Office24by7.

Lead Engagement

We use a drip flow system to engage all leads at the same time. Since there is no manual work required, it enhances overall productivity. Boost closing rates and revenue for your organization!

Use the best inside sales tools to keep your leads engaged by following a comprehensive drip workflow crafted for your business. Chip away all the manual work and boost productivity.

Internal Communication

An integral part of our inside sales services consists of providing our clients and their customers with the ease of verifying and signing all required documents. We get rid of the complexity of the application approval and customization process with the help of the task manager.

Streamline the internal communication at your organization and unlock productivity for your teams.

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Make the Most Out of the Tech-powered Inside Sales Tools!

Deal with your business challenges effectively with the help of the inside sales services of Office24by7.

Inside Sales use case

Insurance & Loans

Use the top-notch combination tools and technology along with persuasion and efficient sales for boosting sales of insurance and loans.

Real Estate

Using the right tools for inside sales, you project yourself as professional, persistent, and an expert – hence boosting your sales.

IT Products

Selling IT products is not easy. But this task is achievable if you give the perfect tools to the perfect team of experts on your side.

Online Sales

Generate leads proactively by using online tactics like e-mail blasts and retargeting, hence boosting results from inside sales.

Best-in-Class Features from the Best Inside Sales Software

Boost your sales by leveraging the industry’s best software!


Boost customer satisfaction by being accessible with click to call services.

Email Activity

Implement large-scale email marketing processes with better efficiency.

Agent CTI

Use agent CTI services to enhance the productivity of your human agents.

Lead History

Use lead history effectively and plan the next big steps for your business.

Call Records

Record and analyze data collected through call recording of your agents.

Agent Log

Monitor resources with access to all the agent logs as and when you need it.

Customer Score

Understand your customers with ease by using the customer score feature.

Lead Score

Sort all leads on the basis of their chances of becoming paid customers.

Lead Distribution

Quickly capture all leads and perform the distribution in adiligent manner.

Task Manager

Monitor leads, applications, and processes with our efficient task manager.


Leverage all channels for customer engagement across numerous touchpoints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inside sales refers to the sale of products or services remotely, typically over the phone or through email to individuals or small businesses.

You can use Office24by7’s inside sales management solutions to automate your sales process. Our inside sales solutions offer features such as lead routing, email outreach, call scheduling, and task management.

Best practices for using inside sales software include automation of tasks, personalized outreach, and tracking of progress. Inside sales management software can also be enhanced with collaboration with other teams.

Office24by7’s inside sales tool helps businesses improve sales performance by automating tasks, providing insights, and improving collaboration.

Contact us at +91 70971 71717 or, and we will guide you through the fast and seamless integration process of our inside sales software solutions with your CRM system.

We provide comprehensive training to the user for a seamless experience using Office24by7’s inside sales software solutions.

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