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Add the much-needed edge to your marketing ROI with SMS Broadcasting. With Office24by7, get access to all the necessary tools!

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Industry-Best SMS Broadcasting Software

Use SMS marketing to boost ROI and save crucial time for your team.

Deliver instant updates, notifications, and alerts to customers around the clock using SMS broadcasting software with customizable sender IDs.

Transactional SMS

With Office24by7, you can start sending timely updates, notifications, and alerts to customers with the help of SMS broadcasting software. Show commitment to serve them optimally and secure their loyalty to your brand. Use a six-character alphabetic sender ID with the first two letters of your business or brand name. Send DND and non-DND numbers in any language and round the clock. Delivery is instantaneous.

Promotional SMS

Send standard or personalized promotional bulk SMS to prospects and customers. Allow SMS broadcasting services to send reminders on upcoming webinars, reduce no-shows, increase attendance, and drive sales. Messages are sent to non-DND numbers and opt-in numbers between 9 AM and 9 PM with a six-digit sender ID. Manage SMS templates and schedule campaigns easily. Integrate Excel contacts through the plug-in.

Elevate your marketing with bulk SMS campaigns, sending personalized promotions and event reminders within regulated hours to enhance engagement and sales.
Secure your transactions and user authentication with two-factor SMS verification, enabling a password-less experience and software integration.


Send two-factor authentication SMS. Authenticate users via text messages, secure low-level transactions, and add an extra layer of security to your software with SMS two-factor authentication. Integrate with API into your software to generate SMS with OTP. Link phone numbers with users and provide them with a password-less log-in experience by adopting bulk SMS service software. Smartphones are not required.

International SMS

Send messages to prospects and customers across the globe without a glitch. Do not confine to marketing use – leverage in day-to-day operations and communicate better across offices in multiple countries. Send from the desktop application or Web. Send SMS with attachments or through other apps using APIs. Use Unicode to personalize your SMS updates in any language with bulk SMS marketing.

Communicate globally with ease, sending messages across borders for marketing and operational purposes, supported by desktop applications and APIs.

Office24by7 SMS Communication Features

Experience high open rates with our industry-leading SMS marketing features.

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Unicode SMS

With SMS broadcasting software, send SMS in your chosen language and add special characters and symbols.

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File SMS

Run high-volume campaigns with an Excel file containing customer data with the best SMS marketing campaigns.

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Flash SMS

SMS text marketing software makes the SMS appear on the main screen directly and not in the inbox.

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Personalized SMS

SMS marketing software mail merges personal and custom information for using personalization in SMS.

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DND Filters

The best SMS broadcast software filters out DND numbers automatically from the SMS blast campaign data.

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SMS marketing software uses SMS templates and saves time in sending texts that you send regularly.

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Scheduling (Day and Date)

Office24by7’s bulk SMS service software schedules important SMS, reminders, alerts, and campaigns.

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Blacklisting and Whitelisting

SMS text marketing software allows or blocks recipients of messages with blacklisting and whitelisting.

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Retry Mechanism

SMS broadcasting software permits smart routing for bulk SMS sending via multiple routes for timely deliveries.

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Multiple Operator Connectivity

The SMS broadcasting system ensures one operator works if one is inactive.

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Contact Management

The best bulk SMS software picks the target audience and phone numbers for SMS broadcast from the database.

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SMS Broadcasting software uses options from HTTP API, HTTPS API, XML API, FTP, SMPP, and Excel Plug-in.

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Our best SMS marketing service provides live DLR reports and analytics with daily, weekly, and quarterly counts.

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Excel to SMS

Have your database in Excel? Just log in and start sending those SMS with SMS broadcasting software.

Improved Results with SMS Broadcasting

Sending out SMS campaigns has never been easier. Get started with our SMS marketing software.

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SMS Surveys

Start gathering insightful and actionable data by running SMS-based surveys and reach out to your valued customers by adopting the best SMS marketing software.

Send engaging surveys and thorough forms in clickable links in SMS campaigns. Create mobile optimization and create multi-page surveys and questionnaires. Personalize for every recipient using merge fields. Use for surveys, data collection forms and applications, appointments, registrations, and competitions.

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SMS with Short URL

Convey more in 160 characters. Use the best SMS broadcasting services by Office24by7 to send SMS with short URLs. Use URLs to shorten image/video links in your text!

Generate a short URL for image, audio, and video without entering a web source. Include in bulk SMS to engage the target audience. Also used for surveys and forms. Use dynamic content when a customer books an event ticket with the required seat number.

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Email to SMS

Re-imagine SMS broadcasting – send SMS campaigns with ease using Office24by7 and its  exceptional bulk SMS service software tools to reach no internet connectivity areas.

If you send short emails via SMS regularly, you’re in the right place. From watching a video to reading a mail, users prefer mobile for these tasks. With our SMS marketing software, you can just send your texts and the customers won’t even need internet connectivity to access it.

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Long & Shortcode

With Office24by7, get access to long code and shortcode SMS capabilities – all you need from an SMS broadcasting software tool. Open two-way interaction with customers.

Conduct polls, interact with customers, and build a database with our SMS marketing software. Respond to keywords or shortcodes, anything that meets your needs. Automate the responses based on inputs from your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SMS stands for Short Messaging Service and is used to send promotional as well as transactional messages to a contact list. With Office24by7 CRM, businesses can send bulk messages to their contacts in one go.

Yes, it does. With SMS marketing, the messages are sent directly to the contact’s mobile number. Because of this, the opening rates are high, and response rates are as well. The SMS open rate is around 98% and the average response rate is 45%.

No, it is completely legal. However, there is a set of rules that one must adhere to. Until and unless a business sticks to these rules, it is perfectly alright to conduct SMS marketing.

  1. Promotional deals and discounts
  2. SMS coupons
  3. Flash sales
  4. Alerts and notifications
  5. Loyalty programs
  6. Text to win competitions

With SMS marketing, it becomes easy to reach a wide range of audiences at once. It is quite fast and effective. The messages will reach people who are using basic feature phones without any hassle. It is cost-effective and has a good opening rate.

Yes, it is completely legal. You just have to register with the DLT platform as per TRAI guidelines and you are good to go.

  1. Schedule the meetings
  2. It is a direct marketing platform
  3. Has higher opening and response rates
  4. Messages can be sent to people who are using feature phones too
  5. Support and integrate with different channels
  6. Increase customer engagement
  7. Cost-effective

SMS marketing will help small businesses by cutting their marketing costs, personalized SMS can help build better customer relationships, it is easy to track and helps with increasing customer awareness.

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