Audio Conferencing Solutions for Businesses

Conduct huddles easily with Office24by7’s advanced audio conferencing solutions for enterprises.

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Best in Class Enterprise Audio Conferencing Solutions

Interact and collaborate using audio meetings with distant and remote participants over disparate devices.

Inbound conference system helps you connect with teams and outside participants through virtual numbers.

Audio Conferencing Solutions for Inbound Audio Meetings

Avail of the best audio conferencing solutions for inbound calls and conduct meetings with internal teams. Customers can dial-in your virtual number and join the conference with two or more participant agents. They can call from mobile or landline phones and internet connectivity is not required. Ensure the security of the conference with PIN configuration. Before connecting, users will be prompted to enter the unique PIN over IVR.

Audio Conferencing Solutions for Outbound Communications

Dial out from landline numbers to numbers selected by the host. Once an outgoing call is connected, the participant enters the conference instantly. In case of a call drop, our audio conferencing systems allow your valued users to rejoin the conference anytime they wish by entering the assigned unique PIN.

Outbound conference system helps you connect with multiple participants and dial out to numbers selected by the host.
Blended conference system allows internal team members along with external participants for a meeting.

Blended Audio Conference Communications

Get started with multi-conferencing software best suited for meetings with internal team members and external participants.Office24by7 audio conferencing solutions enable internal members to join via inbound conference, and external stakeholders can be brought into the meeting. For example, a sales executive and a product specialist could get on a call first and then call a prospect for a discovery call.

Control and Coordinate with Conference Manager

A panel for moderators to create the contact list of participants. A re-try option in our audio conferencing solutions allows participants in an outbound conference to connect if they miss the call. Enter the direct number of a participant in the live call. Record the conference call and pause at any time they need to. Regulate the conference with options such as mute, un-mute, hold, and hand-raising.

Conference call management system allows a list of contact numbers to join and connect even if they miss the call.

The Best-in-Class Features of Audio Conferencing Solutions For You

Rich set of features from a state-of-the-art advanced audio conference system.

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Number Selection

Multi-conferencing software allows you to select virtual numbers of your choice for conference dial-in and dial-out.

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Security PIN

With audio conferencing solutions, ensure the security of a conference call with PIN configuration and DTMF input.

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Mute and Un-mute

Conference call service providers enable Meeting owners to mute and unmute all the participants or individuals.
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The best audio conferencing solutions allow participants to raise a virtual hand for the presenter’s attention.

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Call Recording

Record conference calls as and when needed, along with an auto-send option through audio conference call services.
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Schedule your conference call on the best audio conference platform and notify participants via SMS and email.
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Contact Management

Pick participants and their conference phone numbers from the audio conferencing solutions database.

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Real-time Screen

View agents’ activities and day’s progress in real-time with click-to-call service. Allow supervisors to listen to customer-agent interactions in real-time.
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Avail advanced audio conference systems and leverage industry-best integration options with preferred third-party apps.

Streamline Communication with Audio Conferencing Solutions

Office24by7 advance audio conference system enables communication and collaboration in many remote settings.

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Distance Learning

As the adoption of distance learning is accelerating, make sure you leverage the best technologies, like advance audio conferencing systems, to conduct classes streamlined without any technical disturbances.

Use an audio bridge for real-time communication with several students from distant locations. Converse directly with students and answer their questions while allowing their comments and other inputs to drive the class discussion in new and exciting directions.

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Sales Meetings

Conduct weekly remote sales team meetings effectively, allowing team members to join the best audio conferencing solutions from anywhere. If on the road, they need not travel to the office specifically for the meeting.

Never leave a stone unturned when it comes to sales meetings, and make sure that all your prospects have a great experience while communicating with your sales team.

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Remote Working

The upsides of remote working are known to one and all. Be sure to empower your team members with the best audio conferencing tools for streamlined communication between the team and customers.

Promote work-from-home (WFH) culture by availing of the best audio conferencing services. Use conference calls to make announcements and broadcasts and have regular interactions. Discuss projects, progress, escalations, concerns, sales figures, and sales pitch, and ideate and strategize.

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Ensure streamlined interviews and go through all the prospects in an efficient manner. Make the right choice of candidates by using our advance audio conferencing systems. Enjoy a hassle-free interviewing experience.

Conduct job or admission interviews, irrespective of candidates’ locations the best audio conferencing software. Interview more candidates and access a wider talent pool. Have multiple interviewers be on the call at the same time. Interviewers can join from anywhere. Save time and money on travel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An audio conference is a meeting where multiple people from different locations communicate on the call via Internet or telephone connection.

There are two types of audio conferencing solutions – point-to-point and multipoint.

Contact Office24by7 at +91 7097171717 to set up the conference call with ease.

An audio conferencing example can be a call between multiple employees on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom.

  1. Web access
  2. Advanced call reports
  3. Private rooms
  4. Call recording
  5. Complete Visibility and Control
  1. Cost-effective
  2. Saves time and money
  3. Easily accessible

Yes, it is useful. A conference call facility is an important communication channel and has many benefits.

It is synchronous communication.

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