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Call Center Solutions from Office24by7

Interact with Customers over Incoming and Outgoing Calls at Scale

Increase contact and enhance customer experience, drive productivity up, and handle more calls with lesser resources.

Inbound Call Center

Inbound Call Center

Forward incoming calls to the right departments and agents without human intervention, through IVR and intelligent routing. Run with fewer agents and perform internal call transfers seamlessly via integration with IP PBX and EPBX.

Outbound Call Center

Outbound Call Center

Enable out-bound call campaigns through automated dialers, including progressive and predictive, and increase agents’ utilization and reach. Integrate preview dialer with third-party CRMs and allow sales representatives to make calls to their contacts from within the CRMs.

Blended Call Center

Blended Call Center

Allow agents to receive and make calls – a way of life in many businesses and other organizations that rely on audio communications. Combine automatic call distribution for incoming calls with automated dialers for outgoing calls and use agents efficiently

Best CRM Integrations

Seamless connectivity between our customer relationship management (CRM)
software and third-party applications.


Run Call Center of Any Purpose at Scale

Discover rich functionality to help you meet the specific business purpose of your call center. This is over and above the core functionality for inbound, outbound, or blended call center.

call center solutions for Customer Service Center

Customer Service Center

Deliver top-tier customer service with features focused on customer satisfaction: IVR and skills-based routing;

call center solutions for Sales Call Center

Sales Call Center

Enable your sales development representatives to do high-volume calling with automated dialers for lead generation purposes.

call center solutions for Debt Collection Center

Debt Collection Center

Improve reach, contact rates, and productivity of your collection agents through automated dialers that connect agents with debtors live.

call center solutions for Technical Support Center

Technical Support Center

Enhance customer experience with multiple communication channels for customers to get support. Connect them to skilled agents to solve their problems fast.

Office24by7 Communication Features

Robust and comprehensive to power all kinds of call centers


On-Premise or On-Cloud

Host on premise with PRI technology or on cloud data center using SIP.


Multi Level IVR

Automated telephony menu that interacts with callers, gathers information, and routes calls.


Queue Management

To manage inbound calls towards minimal customer wait time and fair workload distribution.


Routing Calls

Route incoming calls to different queues post qualifying.


Call Distribution

Distribute calls in a queue to agents according to rules.


Agent CTI

Agents make and receive calls from their computers with just a click of mouse.


Call Transfer

Transfer calls internally via IP PBX and EPBX.



Audio conference facility for remote participants with or without Internet.


Multi-channel Communication

Allow agents to interact with customers over several communication channels.


Auto Dialer

Preview, progressive, and predictive dialers for agents to autodial a list of phone numbers.


Call Recordings and Call Logs

Capture recordings of calls as well as log all incoming and outgoing calls.


Real-time Monitoring

View complete call center activities and day’s progress in real-time.


Live Call Monitoring

Empower supervisors to listen to customer-agent interactions in real time.


Contact Management

Access contacts from centrally located contacts and log all calls as a part of contact tracker.


CRM Integration

Agents can make and attend calls right from sales software and avoid switching between systems.


Mobile App

Extend the call center into the field and enable co-ordination with field agents.


Customer Feedback

Automate post-call survey and make it easy for customers to give feedback through quick response.


Reports and Dashboards

Of call center metrics and KPIs to allow managers and teams to monitor and optimize performance.



A button on the dashboard that allows agents to connect to customers with a click.


Virtual Number

A cloud-based number for the call center to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls.