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Streamline your support operations with Office24by7 and make sure you are there for all your customers.


Ensure proactive support services with Office24by7

Identify the right agents for each ticket or escalation to prioritize and categorize accordingly. Leverage technology to delight your customers.

Task Manager

Ensure flawless communication between your team members with the task manager features in our support automation module. From assigning and tracking various tasks to using the multitude of other features such as usage of communication channels such as messaging, e-mailing, and click-to-call. Never miss a call from your customers as your ensure real-time collaboration between various facets of your support teams that leads to absolute transparency.

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Ensure flawless communication between team members with the task manager
Capture tickets and address various customer issues

Ticket Capturing

Capture tickets and address various customer issues by going through various channels such as e-mail, phone, long code, and many others to create tickets in an automated manner. By doing away the inefficiencies of manual work, empower your support team to focus on custom workflow for each stage of the tickets. Not only this, support teams can start assigning agents to each ticket by using various ticket distribution rules according to the workload.

Ticket Management

Manage all your support tickets effectively and never be confused about assigning or tracking the progress from the various agents. With the features added by Office24by7, you can also filter the tickets on the basis of various properties and fields. Stay notified about the status of your tickets in a streamlined manner. Managers are able to track the agent activity and always stay abreast about the progress as all the team members are looped in.

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Manage all  support tickets effectively
Manage escalations perfectly by incorporating the best tools from Office24by7

Escalation Management

Manage your escalations perfectly by incorporating the best tools for support automation within your arsenal. Start using the ticketing rules by Office24by7 and transform your results in the support operation exponentially. To ensure full transparency, managers can check and monitor the progress of their agents to ensure high satisfaction rates among the customers who reach out to your support team as they can set automated reminders for escalations.

Omnichannel Support System

With Office24by7 Support Automation’s out-of-the-box omnichannel solution, managing customer communications across different channels is incredibly easy. It’s built from the ground up and solves for all the unique challenges that come with supporting multiple channels. Agents can easily work through their tickets, switch between channels, and keep tabs on customer issues. Whether they need to help a customer over the phone, e-mail, chat, or any other channel, they have all the context they need to anticipate and resolve customer issues quickly.

Office24by7 Support Automation’s out-of-the-box omnichannel solution
Get access to in-depth reports and analytics to boost performance

Reports and Analytics

Always have a bird’s eye view of how your agents are performing and interacting with your customers. By using customized dashboards, your organization can achieve a well-oiled support helpdesk. Help your agents and other groups with dashboards that give them concise snapshots of their workload, issues that need their attention, the impact they’ve created and a lot more. Get access to in-depth reports and analytics to boost performance