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Leverage industry-best tools to identify the right triggers and timelines to engage your leads.

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Upgrade Your Lead Nurturing Process with Drip Management

High ROI processes with no human intervention can do wonders for the reachability of your business.

Enhance lead nurturing with efficient, automated drip marketing software tools.

Nurture Leads with Automation

With our drip management software, you can create automated marketing campaigns and nurture leads by contacting them. You can do this over e-mails, voice, SMS, and push notifications. Ease of use will allow you to do it all with minimal effort. Leverage cutting-edge tools for creating workflows designed for minimal effort and the highest engagement. Drip Management automation provides recipients with great insights that drive more action.

Multi-Channel Communication

To turn cold leads into hot deals for your business, you must use technology and reach out to prospects over multiple channels. With our Drip Management system, you can target customers based on their preferred mode of communication. Use Office24by7’s pool of tools for multi-channel communication with customers. Plan campaigns and drive engagement by customers. The best drip campaign software can plan campaigns and drive engagement by customers.

Add success to your sales with channel marketing using our drip software.
Boost sales efficiency and ROI tracking with drip marketing.

ROI with Improved Efficiency

Making your sales team efficient can do wonders for your business. Be sure to use the best-in-class technologies like the Drip Marketing system that can save time and improve results, boosting the ROI. As you start closing more deals, unlock the ROI benefits of drip management. With Office24by7, you get access to a pool of incredible tools that allow you to boost the efficiency of your business.

Easy Integration into Other CRMs and ERPs

Integrate our Drip Marketing tool with the CRM and ERP of your choice. Setting goals and reaching them way before the deadlines will be commonplace once you start using the industry-leading drip management software by Office 24by7. Drip automation enhances customer engagement and decision-making. You can easily integrate innovative Office 24by7 automation tools into various CRMs and ERPs, including those of third parties.

easy integration into CRM's and ERP's

Features to Leverage Drip Campaigns

Access integrations and new features in a matter of seconds.

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Drip Designer

Use drag-and-drop builder to set up automated, multi-channel workflows with drip marketing automation.

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Cross-Channel Drip

Deliver seamless and engaging experience across channels using drip campaign software with Office24by7.

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Drip Templates

Best drip campaign software creates compelling campaigns with flexible templates for various channels.

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Drip Triggers

Trigger workflows or journeys and steps within workflows based on metrics with drip marketing automation.

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Drip Testing

With the drip marketing system test multiple variations with smaller groups and create perfect campaigns.

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360-Degree Contact

Reach your audience based on gender, age, company, revenue, etc, with the assistance of drip automation.

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Contact Segmentation

Tailor campaigns with messages, content, and offers to individual segments with an email drip campaign.

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Personalized Campaigns

Drive mass 1-to-1 conversions with well-timed and relevant contact actions.

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Enhanced Experience

Define the best time slots for message delivery with ample periods of rest.

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Use API calls to fetch real-time data from third-party CRM, ERP, or apps.

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Anonymous Visitors

Drip marketing system engages unknown visitors with push notifications, pop-ups and stick bars.

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Drip campaign software engages contacts with highly intuitive and engaging survey questionnaires.

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User Engagement Analytics

Leverage analytics and data on user engagement for understanding behavior by adopting drip automation.

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Email Drip

The best email marketing system allows user triggers to reach your subscribers with pre-scheduled automated emails.

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Text Drip

Incorporate SMS and messaging into your overall automated drip marketing campaigns.

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Push Drip

Send push notifications by setting triggers for certain actions by users with drip campaign software.

Use-Case Scenarios

Access integrations and new features in seconds to optimize your drip campaigns. Use bleeding-edge technologies with Office24by7 for running drip campaigns.

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Retargeting Leads

Reach out to every lead at various levels of your marketing funnel by sending trigger emails to prospective customers. We offer various tools to retarget your prospective users.

With effective retargeting of your prospects, you can stop worrying about the number of leads you are closing and start working on keeping the customers happy. We make every effort to make drip management a seamless experience for you with the best email marketing system.

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Lead Nurturing

By sending planned emails to customers at various levels of your funnel, you can start driving conversions by nurturing your leads carefully. For the tools needed, Office24by7 is here to help.

Almost every person wants to be seen and understood. Your customer is no different. Start nurturing your leads by personalizing emails and other forms of communication-based on carefully crafted triggers with a complete automation email drip campaign.

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Upsell & Cross-sell

Start boosting sales revenue from your store by encouraging customers to increase their cart size or make repeat purchases with coherent messaging and precise targeting.

To boost your ROI further, you must engage actively in upselling and cross-selling to your customers. With our drip management system, it’s even easier as the level of human intervention is minimal, and the degree of personalization is higher. You can start your campaign and leave it to the drip campaign software to perform the rest.

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Actionable Analytics

Leverage data and insights from your online store for planning drip campaigns and even for simplifying overall marketing efforts in the future with industry-best tools from Office24by7.

With our drip management software, you get access to various levels of data about your potential customers. With seamless reporting and actionable insights from this data, you can make informed strategic decisions related to your business with drip automation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DRIP in Drip Marketing stands for Differentiate, Reinforce, Inform, Persuade.

Drip software is used to create campaigns and send marketing content to particular audience only. These audience are classified and the promotions start with informative content at first and persuasive content later.

No, it is a part of CRM.

A good drip campaign should be highly personalized and welcoming and should trigger the audience emotionally. Using text and images will make a profound impact on the audience.

With drip communication, the marketing is done to only a particular audience. The target audience are divided depending upon their behavior.

Drip marketing means sending marketing emails, messages, and campaigns to a limited set of audience. This promotional content is sent at preset timelines and will be affected if the audience takes any action.

Drip is a direct marketing strategy where the target audience is created and marketing material is sent only to them.

Drip marketing means maintaining, nurturing, and selling the product or service to a particular audience.

  1. Identify the audience
  2. Choose the trigger as in specific action that you want to take
  3. Draft the content
  4. Get metrics and measure the performance
  5. Review the drip campaigns every now and then

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