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Leverage the best virtual number solutions and streamline communication with your valued customers.

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Best Virtual Number Solutions for Unified Communication Channel

Start converting leads and resolving customer queries with the industry’s best virtual call center software.
With inbound virtual number service, you can use toll-free or a local virtual number to connect with the customers.

Boost Your Inbound Leads With a Toll-free Inbound Number

Get an inbound number that is toll-free from Office24by7, the top-notch virtual number service provider. Let customers easily contact you and see your leads flow in! Leverage a virtual number with a local area code to strengthen business in that territory. Use toll-free virtual numbers in the format of (1) 800-XXX-XXXX, or any other format you require for the smooth functioning of your business. Leverage inbound IVR system to manage call forwarding and let customers do self-service.

Reflect a Local Presence Anywhere With a Local Outbound Number

Reaching out to customers requires a professional touch, and Office24by7 virtual number services are here to help! Make outbound numbers look like local landline virtual numbers to project a local business presence for your brand. Use our virtual number solutions to get a local STD code that can prefix your toll-free virtual number. Use the best virtual number solutions from Office24by7 to use fully cloud-based toll-free numbers in (1) 800-XXX-XXXX format and appear as a toll-free number to the customers. To make it easy to use, the first three digits are set as 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, or 844 in most cases. Step up your cloud telephony services and connect customers with your brand today!

With outbound virtual number service, you can use local landline number and project your brand.

Use Virtual Number for Business to Streamline Communication

Full-fledged virtual call center software solutions to streamline communication with your valued customers.
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Virtual Number

With the best virtual phone systems, pick numbers from a mobile, landline, or toll-free for inbound/outbound calls.

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Location wise Numbers

Leverage local landline numbers through a virtual number system and boost your business presence easily.
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Number Forwarding

Avail of the best virtual number solutions, easily forward incoming calls to the designated numbers, and enable communication automation.

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Call Recording and Call Log

Start using the insights from call recordings and track agents with call logs through the best virtual call center software.
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API Integration

Avail virtual number for business and streamline communication by integrating with your third-party CRMs and ERPs.
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Analytics & Reports

Leverage the power of data and insights by getting access to custom reports through virtual call center software.

Virtual Number Solutions for Real Growth

Access the industry’s best virtual number solutions that allow hierarchical role-based access control for your team members.
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Marketing ROI

Marketing teams are always on the lookout for using the best tools and methods that lead to an improved marketing ROI. In today’s day and age, mobile virtual number for business could just be the answer to many questions related to ROI.

Start using these for CTAs in all your ads and use our tools to track responses. From PPC ads to print ads, put toll-free numbers based on your campaign goals and track leads proactively.

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Opinion Polling

Run polls to boost customer engagement and improve your business’s brand identity through virtual phone systems. With the best-in-class system for virtual numbers, run polling-related campaigns and create mass customer feedback.

Start using the virtual number system provided by Office24by7 and integrate your choice’s third-party apps, such as CRMs or ERP.

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Lead Management

Start effective lead management by deploying a robust and reliable virtual numbers system that streamlines your sales and marketing communication. Leverage the best tools for effective communication.

By using the local virtual number, never miss a piece of communication from your customers and vendors. Using the industry’s best technologies, always connect your customers and vendors, even without revealing the original numbers with foolproof masking.

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Resolve Disputes

Track customer calls to ensure that every dispute is resolved and no confusion creeps into the conversations with the best virtual phone systems. From banking to FMCG, all industries can use toll-free numbers to resolve customer issues.

Provide toll-free numbers to your customers and allow them to avoid call charges, further streamlining the support process for your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As the name suggests, a virtual mobile number is a phone number that is not tied to a specific physical device or location and operates over the internet. It allows users to make and receive calls or texts using applications or web-based services and can be linked with cell phones, VoIP desk phones, or softphones.

Virtual phone numbers are internet-based telephone numbers that can be accessed by any device and are not limited to any particular handset.

Getting a virtual phone number is easy. Contact Office24by7 at +91 70971 71717, and we will help with the setup. You can set up and start using the virtual phone number on the same day itself.

  1. It is cost-effective.
  2. It has no hardware issues.
  3. A local number can get local area preference.
  4. Enhanced scope of IVR integration.
  5. It ensures 24by7 connectivity.

Choosing the best virtual number service provider like Office24by7 enables you to get safe and secure virtual numbers, compliant with all telecom regulations.

Businesses can buy and publish these numbers on their websites, applications, etc. When a customer calls this number, the call will be redirected to the mobile number that has been linked to it.

No, you can select the area code of the territory your business is targetted, and it will be attached to the virtual number.

Virtual numbers are used mainly due to privacy reasons. Users can keep their personal phone numbers safe by using virtual number for calling. Also, companies can project a local presence with a virtual phone number.

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