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Virtual Number by Office24by7

Unified Communication Channel

Start converting more leads and resolve more queries by your customers with the industry-best virtual number services.

toll free inbound number that is easily accessible by all the customers

Inbound Number

To make the best out of our virtual number services, you need to start with an inbound number that will be toll-free and easily accessible by all the customers. To help further, you will get an option to get a local number that will bolster the business presence exponentially.With toll-free virtual numbers in the form of (1) 800-XXX-XXXX, start serving your customers better.

Outbound Number

With outbound numbers in the form of virtual numbers, you can make it look like a local landline number to project a local business presence for your brand. We have implemented the industry-best technologies that allow you to just use a local STD code that can prefix your toll-free virtual number in case it’s present in a remote location - all set to control your call costs.By using the best methods implemented by Office24by7, you can start using toll-free numbers that are fully cloud-based in the form of (1) 800-XXX-XXXX and appears as a toll-free number to the customers. For making it easy-to-use, the first three digits are set as 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844 in most of the cases. Connect your customers with the brand at zero cost, today!

Virtual Numbers for Real Growth

Get access to the industry-best mobile app that allows hierarchical role-based access control for your team members.

improved marketing ROI using Virtual Number

Marketing ROI

Marketing teams are always on the lookout to using the best tools and methods that lead to an improved marketing ROI. In today’s day and age, mobile virtual numbers could just be the answer to many questions related to ROI.

Start using these for CTAs in all your ads and use our tools to track responses. From PPC ads to print ads, put toll-free numbers on the basis of your campaign goals and track leads proactively.

Start running polls using the virtual number system provided by Office24by7

Opinion Polling

Start running polls to boost engagement from your customers and hence improve the brand identity of your business through virtual phone systems. With the best-in-class system for virtual numbers provided by Office24by7, you can run campaigns related to polling and generating mass feedback from customers.

Start using the virtual number system provided by Office24by7 and integrate the third-party apps such as CRM or ERP of your choice.

Lead Management using the virtual number system provided by Office24by7

Lead Management

Start managing leads effectively by deploying a robust and reliable system of virtual numbers that takes care of streamlining the communication aspects of your sales and marketing.

By using the local virtual number, never miss a piece of communication from your customers and vendors alike. By using the industry-best technologies, make sure you are always connecting your customers and vendors even without revealing the original numbers with foolproof masking.

use toll-free numbers to resolve customer issues on the go

Dispute Resolution

Track all the calls made by your customers and make sure that every dispute is resolved to perfection and no confusions creep into the conversations with the help of the best virtual phone systems. From banking to FMCG, companies across the industries can use toll-free numbers to resolve customer issues on the go.

Provide toll-free numbers to your customers and allow them to avoid call charges, further streamlining the support process for your customers.


A virtual phone number as the name states isn’t bound to any particular location. They can be linked with either cell phones, VoIP desk phones or softphones.

Virtual phone numbers are internet based telephone numbers which can be accessed by any device and are not limited to any particular handset.

Yes, it is safe.

Just contact Office24by7 on +91 7097171717 and we will help with the setup.

  1. Cost effective
  2. No hardware issue
  3. Local presence can be established by getting local contact number
  4. IVR integration
  5. 24by7 connectivity

Virtual number is a different number that businesses can publish anywhere as their contact number. When someone calls this number, the call will be redirected to the mobile number that has been linked for it.

No, it is not possible. You can just select the area code.

Yes, you can use a virtual number for WhatsApp.