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Interactions Made Easy With the Top Hosted Call Center Software in India

Focus on other important tasks as our inbound and outbound call center solutions do most work.

Inbound Call Center

Automatically direct incoming calls to the appropriate departments and agents with our advanced hosted call center software. Eliminate the need for manual intervention. Our integrated IVR system, inbound calling software, and intelligent routing capabilities make call forwarding and transferring effortless. Streamline your entire communication infrastructure by integrating our inbound call center solutions with IP PBX and EPBX systems.

Outbound Call Center

Office24by7 is the top hosted call center software in India that simplifies outbound call campaigns. Our advanced automated, preview, and predictive dialers maximize your reach and optimize your agents’ time. Integrate our outbound call center solutions with any third-party CRMs, allowing your agents to make calls directly from the CRM application. Ensure every outbound call is tracked accurately, providing valuable insights into campaign performance and agent productivity.

Blended Call Center

Leverage both inbound and outbound calling capabilities with a blended call center software. Office24by7, being the leading hosted call center software in India intelligently routes to ensure quick and efficient call handling. Streamline all calls using our sophisticated automated dialers. Achieve complete communication automation and eliminate any barriers by combining our additional services, like call patching solutions, audio conferencing solutions, and sales CRM software.

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Customer Service Solutions

At Office24by7, we understand that customer service is your topmost priority. Our call center solution is designed to elevate customer service through IVR call center or skill-based routing. As the best contact center provider, Office24by7 is committed to delivering top-tier customer satisfaction. Our solutions are tailored to ensure that every customer interaction is handled efficiently.

Sales Call Center

Simplify the calling process for your sales team with our top-rated hosted call center software in India. Initiate outbound calls with a single click through our automatic dialer. Every call made by your reps is meticulously tracked within the best hosted call center software in India, ensuring that you have detailed insights into each interaction and can monitor performance efficiently.

Debt Collection Center

Utilize our hosted call center solutions in India to connect your agents with debtors. Agents can easily initiate calls to debtors with our automated dialers. You can also easily monitor agent activities and review call history using our advanced contact center software to gain better oversight of team performance. Our call center solutions are designed to improve outcomes in debt collection and beyond.

Technical Support Center

Deliver omnichannel support with our hosted call center software in India, significantly enhancing the customer experience and building greater trust in your brand. This advanced capability allows you to connect with customers across any platform, providing the support they need from a unified dashboard. Make interaction possible through voice, email, social media, or live chat, from a single location.

Advanced Hosted Call Center Software in India for Omnichannel Support

Make the best out of your sales opportunities with the best call center solution provider.

On Cloud Solutions

The cutting-edge technology of our hosted call center software in India hosts call solutions on the cloud.

Multi-Level IVR

Leverage our advanced IVR call center for an automated telephony service to allow users to easily interact with business.

Queue Management

Handle customer wait times during inbound calls efficiently by distributing agent workload in pre-defined manners.

Routing Calls

Enhance your call routing as per your requirement with the best hosted call center software in India.

Call Distribution

Distribute calls among agents in round-robin, linear, or ring-all methods using our call solution’s intelligent distribution.

Agent CTI

Our effective dashboard helps agents upload contacts, perform campaigns, make and receive calls in just one click, and so on.

Call Transfer

Using our hosted call center software in India, transfer calls internally via IP PBX and EPBX.


Leverage the conference call option in the best hosted call center software in India and communicate seamlessly.

Unified Communication

Use the unified dashboard of our call center solutions to communicate with customers via various channels.

Auto Dialer

Facilitate agents to auto-dial prospects from your database using preview, progressive, or predictive dialers.

Call Recordings & Logs

Access all the call recordings and call logs in a centralized dashboard with top hosted call center software in India.

Real-time Monitoring

Leverage our hosted call center software in India to let reporting managers view all agent activity and progress in real-time.

Live Call Monitoring

Improve agent productivity by using live call monitoring to let supervisors listen to real-time customer-agent interactions.

Contact Management

The contact management feature in our hosted call center software in India lets you enter and access contact details at any time.

CRM Integration

Avoid the hassle of switching between multiple systems by making or taking calls directly from the call center solutions.

Mobile App

Access the call center solutions wherever you are, even during field sales, with our mobile application.

Customer Feedback

Conduct post-call feedback to understand your customers’ responses and reviews about your product or service.

Reports & Dashboards

Easily monitor, analyze, and take necessary actions with the comprehensive call center metrics and KPIs.


Place calls from the top hosted call center software in India using the simple and easy click-to-call function.

Virtual Number

Get inbound calls and make outbound calls using a business virtual number from the leading hosted call center software in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosted call center software in India or hosted contact center solutions are services that help businesses in India manage their customer communications. It can be used by all types of businesses, regardless of startups, small businesses, or large enterprises.

Call center solutions or hosted call center software helps manage the inbound and outbound calls effectively with a lot of features like call routing, call forwarding, click-to-call, call recording, etc.

Many call center solutions offer great features and great customer service. Office24by7 stands atop the industry as the best hosted call center software in India due to its multitude of exceptional features, years of experience, and prompt customer care.

Traditionally, businesses stored all their data regarding customers and calls in hardware equipment. However, cloud solutions for call centers enable them to store everything on the cloud, providing access to the data anywhere at any time. Businesses can also leverage features like virtual numbers, click-to-call, integration with CRM systems, etc.

Migrating the call center service to the cloud with the help of the top hosted call center service in India can help you improve your operations including marketing and sales.

IVR is the acronym for Interactive Voice Response. It enhances call center operations by allowing customers to guide themselves through the interactive menu via the phone’s keypad.

A hosted call center software in India is operated by leveraging a CRM solution. This will help businesses access a virtual number, enable customers to contact them via a multi-level IVR, and automatically manage the calls using call distribution and dialer methods.

Hosted call center software in India integrates with a multitude of CRM software to enhance their cloud call center solutions into a more facilitated product with a lot of other features.

Call centers use cloud telephony software to enhance call routing, forwarding, and efficient distribution among agents. It is an intelligent system used to enhance the productivity of agents and thus boost organizational revenue.

  • Customer care
  • Inbound queries
  • Booking services and many more.

An outbound call center is primarily used to initiate calls to customers. These calls are predominantly used for marketing purposes but also serve critical functions like gathering feedback, generating leads, conducting market research, and informing customers about new products or services. Hosted call center software in India like Office24by7 facilitates outbound marketing as it helps to reach out directly to current and potential customers.

Inbound call centers handle calls initiated by customers. Agents at these centers are responsible for answering incoming calls and addressing customer queries, concerns, and issues. Deploying a hosted call center software in India like Office24by7 helps efficiently manage inbound calls by routing them to the appropriate department and forwarding them to the most eligible agent.

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