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Best-in-class self-service IVR solutions in India from the industry’s best IVR service provider.

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Let Your Customers Freely Interact with the Best IVR Solutions in India

Engage your customers with personalized call forwarding services when they reach your business virtual number. See fewer call drops and abandonment, and feel efficient call routing. 

Virtual Number Solutions of IVR system helps to provide better customer service via mobile, local number, and toll-free

Build Local with Trust IVR Solutions in India Using Virtual Numbers with Area Codes

No more telephone lines! Receive forward and distribute calls effectively to any phone number or destination app with the best Virtual Number services. Local area virtual number for customers to recognize you as their own. Mobile virtual numbers for individuals who want to give their customers a personalized approach. Tap into the world of toll-free numbers with the best IVR solutions in Chennai and open doors to your business 24×7.

Use Calls to Your Advantage with The best IVR Solutions in India

Upgrade to a virtual receptionist powered by the best IVR solution in India. Choose between a simple single-level IVR for basic routing or a multi-level system for complex needs. Our 24×7 solution offers a professional first impression and handles customer calls regarding FAQs and complex issues addressed clearly and simply. The IVR can seamlessly transfer calls to the right internal team. Enable customers to request a callback, ensuring quick resolutions.

IVR Calling System helps you to act as a virtual receptionist by setting up single-level, direct, and multi-level IVR calling
Set and share a specific Audio with IVR Calling System.

Create, Store, and Reuse All Your Audio in One Place

The best IVR service in India lets you craft a welcoming and informative voice experience for your callers. You can now store greetings for every touchpoint – from the initial welcome to after-hours messages and holiday closures. Upload pre-recorded messages, record them directly within the system, or even type your text and have it converted to professional-sounding audio using Text-to-Speech (TTS).

Make More Out of Customer Data Using IVR Solutions in India with Built-in CRM Software

Struggling with disconnected CRM and phone systems? Eliminate data silos and empower your teams with IVR services in India to personalize responses and update information based on customer requests. Automatically add inbound leads to your CRM software, because missing details implies missing opportunities. Boosts conversion rates with follow-ups and streamline your workflow, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters – building strong customer relationships and growing your business.

Call Routing with IVR system helps to make reach customers to the right departments.
Distribute Calls effectively with Queue Management through IVR Software.

Efficiently Regulate High Volume of Incoming Calls with Call-routing

Eliminate frustration for you and your customers with a smarter call-routing system! Our IVR solutions in India automatically directs callers to the best-equipped agents based on various preset factors. This reduces the need for manual intervention and ensures customers reach the right department quickly. Callers who return get connected back to the same agents, using the sticky agent. Never miss a lead or an opportunity – our system ensures all calls are routed efficiently, maximizing customer satisfaction and boosting your team’s productivity.


IVR Solutions in India Enables Call Distribution and Sticky Agent

Our top-notch IVR service in Chennai provides intelligent call distribution to get your customers to the right agent fast. Pre-set methods like round robin, priority, or even ringing all available agents ensure calls are handled efficiently. Even if agents are unavailable at their desks, calls are automatically forwarded to their mobiles. But the benefits go beyond immediate solutions. Our system records and tracks all calls, allowing you to review interactions, coach your team for improvement, and personalize future customer interactions.


Automated Call Distribution with IVR Service helps your agents serve calls effectively that are sent through pre-set distribution method.
Use IVR features for Post Call Survey and collect caller's information.

Step Up Your Post Call Survey for Effective Customer Satisfaction

Utilize Office24by7 IVR solutions in India to dispatch automated IVR survey using voice calls, SMS messages, or emails containing Short URLs. You can gather feedback and evaluate caller satisfaction post-agent interaction. Get valuable insights like agent-level metrics and Net Promoter Score (NPS). Promptly address surveys indicating subpar service to effectively manage and attend to dissatisfied customers.


Get Extensive Reports and Analytical Data Using IVR Solutions in India

Actionable analytics are important for a company’s growth. Our IVR services in India empower managers with comprehensive reports and analytics, facilitating campaign monitoring. These insights enable the evaluation of the effectiveness and triumph of your company’s endeavors. They serve as invaluable tools for retrospective analysis, pinpointing areas of success and areas needing improvement. Meticulous tracking of campaigns, reports, and analytics offers managers valuable insights for continuous training and navigation toward success.


Maintain reports and analytics with our IVR solutions and keep a track of various campaigns.

Focus and Boost Customer Satisfaction With IVR Solutions in India

All your most required features from the best IVR service provider in India.

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Virtual Number

IVR systems help maintain anonymity and have one business number to share everywhere by opting for our Virtual Number service. You can pick the location code.

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Call Forwarding

Call forwarding services for call center IVR systems help forward calls to other agents or superiors with just one click.

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Welcome or Greeting Message

Show your customers a warm welcome or greeting when they call your business number. This number can be customized.

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Multi-level IVR

By using IVR solutions in the business, you can engage your customers 24×7.

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Programmable Extensions

As an IVR service provider for call centers, our communication automation solution forwards calls to pre-programmed extensions per the caller’s DTMF inputs.

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Voicemail Integration

The automated IVR solutions in India can make callers leave voice mails that your agents can retrieve later.

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Scheduling or Time-based IVR

Time–based scheduling of IVR menus and messages for a seamless experience. IVR systems can handle high call volumes with multilanguage support and route them to the right employee without waiting.

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Audio File Upload

Upload .MP3 or .WAV files to streamline the working with the IVR system for agents.

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Recording Calls

The best IVR software can record calls between agents and customers for insights and compliance.

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Text-to-Speech (TTS)

IVR system creates audio files with Text–to–speech to boost your team’s efficiency.

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Time or Schedule-based Routing

Custom call routing services route calls based on various factors such as agent status and working hours.

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Skills-based or Weighted Order Routing

Call routing solutions route calls based on agents’ weighed scores on language and skills factors.

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Priority-based Routing

Automated IVR system routes calls to the agents or teams based on priority and other parameters.

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Sticky Agent

Call routing services in call center IVR systems route calls of a customer to agents that have previously spoken with them.

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Wait Time-based Distribution

The best IVR routing route on-hold calls based on wait time and manage callers time efficiently.

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In-Queue Count Message

The IVR solutions in India for call centers inform callers of their position in the waiting queue to keep them engaged.

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Music on Hold (MOH)

Play pre-set music to callers on hold with IVR calling services and improve CX by multiple folds.

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Custom Audio as MOH

Hosted IVR solutions engage waiting for callers with Reset audio messages on products or services.

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Automatic Call Distribution

Distribute calls based on telephone numbers and IVR system options among agents.

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Fixed or Linear Order Distribution

The IVR system for the call center allows distributing calls in a preset order or sequence until someone picks up.

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Round Robin Distribution

IVR solutions in India, send new calls to the next available agent in the loop for even distribution.

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Ring All or Simultaneous Distribution

IVR calling services enable ringing all available agents simultaneously and assign to whoever picks up first.

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Agent Talk Time-based Distribution

IVR software solutions distribute the calls among the agents with fewer calls and drive efficiency.

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Survey Voice Call with IVR

Automated IVR solutions collect feedback through responses like ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ using the phone keypad.

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Survey Voicemail

IVR system solution seamlessly combines surveys with voicemail, capturing feedback without the need for manual input.

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Survey SMS with Short URL

Automated IVR solutions dispatch an SMS containing a concise URL directing to the survey form and monitor the ensuing response.

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Survey Missed Call

Hosted IVR services utilize SMS to prompt callers to provide feedback by giving a missed call.

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Our intuitive dashboards enable IVR systems to monitor campaigns and agents in real-time.

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The top IVR solutions in India enables managers to assess and enhance the performance of their agents.

Unlock Growth with 24/7 Business IVR Services in India

Adopt the best-in-class IVR Solutions in India Office24by7 for your call center.

virtual receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

Utilize a sophisticated call management platform to efficiently manage customer calls. Powered by cutting-edge technology, Office24by7 stands out as a unique provider of IVR solutions in India.

We offer comprehensive solutions for brands seeking to optimize call handling, ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction and cost reduction. From personalized IVR greetings to seamless call recording, our services are designed for ease of use and effectiveness!

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virtual receptionist

Inbound Call Center

Our wide range of IVR software solutions helps to establish an effective telephony system tailored to handle customer calls and requests. Use click-to-call and missed-call services to expand your reach.

By adopting IVR system solutions, businesses can significantly reduce expenses typically associated with setup and maintenance. With Office24by7, gain access to a comprehensive inbound call center solution customized to meet your specific needs and requirements!

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Blended Call Center

Optimize your call management processes seamlessly with Office24by7’s cutting-edge tools. Enhance your outbound calling efficiency with superior routing functionalities and advanced call distribution features.

Leverage Office24by7’s IVR software to reduce idle time for agents and ensure smooth operations on the floor. Say goodbye to interoperability concerns – we’ve got you covered!

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Voice Broadcasting

Utilize our top-tier IVR software and services to excel in voice broadcasting and enhance customer engagement. IVR telephony is a fresh approach to interacting with diverse customers.

Our IVR services streamline the process of collecting customer feedback through surveys, while also enhancing call routing and distribution for your agents, allowing you to concentrate on advancing to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is a technology that allows interaction between callers and a computer system via voice or keypad inputs. With IVR, callers can direct themselves to the appropriate department or resource based on their selections.

Self-service IVR services allow callers to navigate menus for inquiries, transactions, and information by themselves via a phone keypad without a live agent’s intervention.  

Key features of IVR solutions include automated call distribution, programmable extensions, customizable greetings and prompts, call routing based on caller input, sticky agents, custom audio, integration with CRM systems, etc.

Multi-level IVR is a system that offers multiple layers of menu options for callers to access their desired information or services. Each menu option offers a subset of choices, allowing callers to drill down to specific options. This helps handle diverse customer inquiries and tasks.

The IVR calling number, often called the IVR phone number, is the number provided by a company or organization for customers to dial and access the IVR system. The best IVR services in India offer landline numbers, mobile numbers, or toll-free numbers to be used as IVR calling numbers.

Office24by7 IVR solution in India aims to facilitate customer interactions, offering self-service options for inquiries, transactions, and other actions. We aim to enhance customer service by providing convenient assistance through automated phone call service while reducing the workload on human agents.              

One of the best examples of an IVR solution in India is a bank contact center. When customers call a bank located in India, they will be presented with a menu with options like balance inquiry, credit/debit card statement, loan inquiry, report fraud, talk to a bank executive, etc. The caller can choose an option according to their requirement.              

IVR solutions can be effectively deployed in sales departments for processing orders, providing product information, tracking order delivery, etc. In support departments, IVR systems handle customer queries, troubleshoot issues, and facilitate technical assistance. In service industries, they are used for booking and canceling appointments and reservations.

IVR classification based on functionality:

  1. 1. Inbound IVR: To handle incoming calls from customers for information, inquiries, etc.
  2. 2. Outbound IVR: To initiate calls to customers for reminders, surveys, marketing campaigns, etc.

IVR classification based on levels:

  1. 1. Single-level IVR: Offers basic menu options
  2. 2. Multi-level IVR: With hierarchical menus for complex interactions.

IVR cost varies from one IVR service provider to another. The best and most reliable IVR service providers like Office24by7 offer IVR solutions at a feasible rate. Contact us at +91 70971 71717 for the most cost-effective IVR package.

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