Best On-Premise Call Center Software in Bangalore

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Best High ROI and Low Maintenance On-Premise Call Center Software in Bangalore

Upgrade your customer service with increased customer satisfaction through top notch features. Increase your call center productivity through Office24by7.

Inbound Call Center

With our inbound on-premise call center software in Bangalore, you can automatically route incoming calls to the right departments and agents without manual intervention. Utilizing our IVR services, inbound calling software, and intelligent routing, call transfers and forwarding have become easier than ever. Improve your external and internal communications with fewer resources and agents. Integrate our inbound on-premise call center solutions with IP PBX and EPBX for seamless internal communication.

Outbound Call Center

Office24by7 offers the top outbound calling software in India. Our product makes setting up outbound call campaigns easier than ever. With our automated dialers, including preview and predictive options, you can extend your reach and optimize your agents’ time.
You can integrate our outbound on-premise call center software in Bangalore with any third-party CRM, allowing your agents to call customers directly from the CRM application. Track every class efficiently, enhance your agents’ performance, and achieve an advanced level of
communication automation.

Blended Call Center

You can maximize the potential of our on-premise call center software in Bangalore by enabling both inbound and outbound calling features simultaneously. Inbound calls are intelligently routed, while outgoing calls can be made using our automated dialers. As the leading on-premise call center solution provider in Bangalore, we simplify communication and eliminate obstacles.
Combining our contact center solutions with other services such as call patching, audio, and video conferencing, and sales CRM software can help your organization reach new heights of efficiency.

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Operate Your Call Center in Bangalore, Easily Scalable and Multi Featured

Our multi-featured on-premise call center software in Bangalore provides inbound, outbound, or blended call center services, making us the best on-premise call center solution.

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Customer Service Solutions

Office24by7 business solutions understand how important customers service is for the company. This is why we provide top-notch IVR and skill-based routing on our on-premise call center software in Bangalore. Achieve top-tier customer satisfaction with Office24by7, the best contact center provider.

Sales Call Center

You can now simplify the communication process of your sales team with our best-in-class on-premise call center software. Agents can now place an outbound call with just one click. Automatic dialer will help sales reps connect with customers easily. You can also track all the calls that your agents. This can help to check the quality standards and customer satisfaction scores of each of your agents.

Debt Collection Center

You can enable your agents to connect with debtors in real time using our best-in-class call solution. Automated dialers help agents to make calls with a single click. Increase your agent’s productivity and customer reach with Office24by7 on-premise call center solution in Bangalore. Track agent activity and call history using our contact center software.

Technical Support Center

Improve customer experience and build trust in your brand by offering omnichannel support with our cloud contact center software. Connect with customers across various platforms, consolidating all support interactions into a single dashboard for easy access and management. With our outbound call center software, every customer interaction, regardless of the channel, is monitored and managed from one unified dashboard, enhancing communication and streamlining service delivery.

Enhance Your Productivity With the Best Outbound Call Center Software in Bangalore

Here’s what makes us the best on-premise call center software provider in Bangalore.

On-Premise or Cloud

Our outbound call center software in Bangalore is hosted on the cloud to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Multi-Level IVR

Our IVR on-premise call center software offers an automated telephony service where callers can interact, gather the required information, and route calls.

Queue Management

Deploy efficient queue management techniques to reduce caller wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

Routing Calls

Route the calls to different agents using our on-premise call center software as needed.

Call Distribution

The smart call distribution techniques of the top outbound call center software in Bangalore enhance client satisfaction.

Agent CTI

Equip agents with an effective dashboard to handle calls, view call history, improve communication, manage leads, and more.

Call Transfer

Facilitate smooth internal call transfers among team members using IP PBX and EPBX systems.


Boost your communication strategy by conducting conference calls with multiple team members simultaneously.

Unified Communication

Communicate with customers on different platforms using the unified dashboard of our on-premise call center software in Bangalore.

Auto Dialer

Automate your calling process with just a click using options like preview, predictive, or progressive dialers.

Call Recordings & Logs

Store and access complete call recordings with your leads, all in one place with the best outbound call center software in Bangalore.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor every agent’s activities and progress in real-time with our sophisticated outbound call center software in Bangalore.

Live Call Monitoring

Ensure quality and compliance by monitoring agents’ live conversations with customers using our cloud contact center.

Contact Management

No.1 outbound call center software in Bangalore to efficiently manage your contacts with our cloud call center solutions.

CRM Integration

The agents can take or make calls directly from on-premise call center software in Bangalore, thus avoiding the hassle of switching between multiple systems.

Mobile App

Take your call center with you during field sales with our mobile app, enabling you to stay connected anywhere.

Customer Feedback

Quickly and easily gather customers’ feedback on your services with the post-call feedback system in outbound call center software in Bangalore.

Reports & Dashboards

Get your hands on the on-premise call center software in Bangalore for the metrics and KPIs you need. Monitor the team performance, analyze, and make decisions accordingly.


Place calls easily from within the CRM with our integrated click-to-call solutions in the outbound call center software in Bangalore.

Virtual Number

Manage outbound calls using a business virtual number, providing a professional touch and maintaining consistency across communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

On-premise call center software is a contact management software software that helps manage inbound and outbound calls effectively.

Office24by7 is the best on-premise call center software in Bangalore. It offers exceptional features and great customer service.

The one way you can improve your on-premise call center software service is by choosing Office24by7. Contact our team and get your free demo today!

Hosted contact center solutions will help in managing customer service communications in an organization. This will come in handy for the startups.

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response.

The contact center is hosted on the cloud and is operated with the help of a CRM solution. With the help of a virtual number, the calls will be placed.

Yes. The CRM software eases a lot of work in the on-premise call center software in Bangalore and makes it easy for them to place, receive, queue, record, and forward calls, and many more.

Cloud telephony software is used in on-premise call center. Office24by7 is a renowned and reliable cloud telephony service provider offering a multitude of services.

Customer care, Inbound queries, Booking services and many more.

Outbound on-premise call center software in Bangalore as the name suggests, calls are placed to the customer on behalf of a company. They are used for marketing purposes mostly and are also used to get feedback, lead generation, etc.

Inbound on-premise call center software means customers placing calls to an organization. The agents receive these calls and respond to the queries and issues as well.

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