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Leverage the Top Sales CRM Software in Hyderabad to Manage Your Customer Journey

Track, nurture, and convert your contacts, leads, and deals to customers using the leading sales CRM software.

Best sales CRM software in Hyderabad allows you to combine data at one place from multiple tools.

Sales CRM Software – Your Comprehensive Solution for Lead Tracking

The need to search through multiple tools for lead tracking ends here. With Office24by7 sales CRM software, consolidate data from various sources and get a clear picture of their source and other details. Follow up with leads seamlessly from the centralized platform. Make calls, assign leads, transfer leads, update status, conduct demos, and do much more with our sales CRM software. Enhance sales automation with Office24by7 today!

Only Sales CRM Software in Hyderabad With Integrated Cloud Telephony

With Office24by7, the only sales CRM software in Hyderabad with integrated cloud telephony services, effortlessly track leads from various sources and categorize them accordingly. Easily manage and allocate resources accordingly as you acquire leads from different channels. You can also directly upload leads into the sales CRM, classifying them as manual leads. This allows you to optimize your resource allocation and time management by focusing on the channels that generate the most leads.

Track the leads that you get from multiple sources and put them in a bucket through sales CRM software in Hyderabad
Top sales CRM software in Hyderabad helps you to concentrate on high-priority leads based on the score through lead score option.

Sales CRM Software Enables You to Prioritize and Score Leads Effectively

Managing numerous leads daily can become overwhelming over time. It’s crucial to distinguish top-priority leads from those that can be addressed later. That’s why our sales CRM software includes a lead scoring feature. With this functionality, you can assign scores to leads based on various parameters, increasing the likelihood of converting them into sales. This feature streamlines lead management and enhances your overall sales process within our lead management CRM.

View Prospect’s Timeline for All Details With Sales CRM Software

Access every detail of a lead in a single timeline. With Office24by7 sales management and automation CRM software, you can review all the interactions between a specific lead and your company. Our system seamlessly integrates all touchpoints, spanning from sales to customer service and beyond. By providing a single source of record, your team gains comprehensive context for each lead without any inconvenience.

Integrate all the touchpoints between the lead and your company and check them at a time through our sales CRM software in Hyderabad.
Set the rules of leads distribution through multiple parameters with our sales CRM software.

Efficiently Distribute Leads Among Agents Using Best Sales CRM Software in Hyderabad

Office24by7’s sales CRM software is designed to adhere to the unique and tailored lead distribution rules of every business. You can establish your own rules, and we’ll assist with the distribution process. You have multiple parameters to consider, such as the number of leads or specific attributes of your agents, including products, seniority, location, performance, lead source, and more.

Leverage from the Multitude of Easy Filtering Options

With Office24by7’s sales CRM software in Hyderabad, you can effortlessly filter the necessary deals and prioritize them accordingly. Categorize them based on their progress. The greatest advantage of our sales CRM software is that you can establish various stages and work in alignment with them based on your priorities.

Our lead management software allows you to segment the leads in one database.
Set the rules of leads distribution through multiple parameters with our lead management system.

Link Various Contacts with a Company to the Same Account

Connect contacts with different designations and decision-making power from the same company to the same account within the CRM system. Enable relationship management by offering a centralized location to store and access all relevant company contact information. Easily track and manage interactions, communications, and tasks associated with each contact within the context of their respective accounts.

Create and Define New Activities With the Best Sales CRM Software

Enhance project delivery, address customer queries promptly, and improve sales relationships by optimizing planning, scheduling, and organizing activities with established deadlines. Set priorities to allocate resources efficiently, preventing oversights in new responsibilities.

Our lead management software allows you to segment the leads in one database.
Allow your agents to view, access, and make calls and thus, give scores to prioritize them with the no.1 sales CRM software in Hyderabad.

Achieve Effective Lead Management With the Best Action-driven User Interface

Office24by7 has become Hyderabad’s best sales CRM software with our extensive features. Now, you can make it easy for your agent to access, view, and make calls for the leads, later they can give them a score and add priorities to those at one click, too. Declutter the data and design a streamlined process for your agents with the Office24by7 interface. Conduct any kind of lead action from the individual lead card.

Segment and Nurture Customers in Hyderabad to Convert Them or Upsell or Cross-sell

Our sales CRM software features an all-in-one database, simplifying lead segmentation. Once segmentation is complete, you can launch different marketing campaigns with a single click. With our hyper-targeted segmentation, you can effectively reach out to the right leads at the right time and nurture them to become prospective customers.

The best sales CRM software in Hyderabad allows you to segment the leads in one database.
Allow your agents to view, access, and make calls and thus, give scores to prioritize them with our lead management system.

Get Actionable Insights With Comprehensive Reports and Analytics in Sales CRM Software

You can stop worrying about the lost deals and start focusing on the right deals with Office24by7. Our sales automation CRM will give you the analytics you can use to determine where to spend your time and resources. This way, you can make the most out of each deal.

Maximize Returns on Your Sales Efforts With the Top Sales CRM Software

Gain a 360-degree view of your sales pipeline and effectively manage customers and leads with our top-notch sales CRM solutions.

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Pipeline Reports

Easily track the number of emails in each stage of your sales pipeline with just a click in our CRM software solutions.

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Email Integration

Seamlessly integrate the sales CRM software with voice, email, calendar, social media, and many other third-party tools.

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One Inbox

Streamline collaboration across your sales, support, and marketing teams by centralizing all lead conversations into one inbox.

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Track all agent activities and their corresponding revenue, easily with the best sales CRM software in Hyderabad.

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Social Media Marketing Leads

Effortlessly capture leads from all your social media campaigns using Office24by7’s CRM system.

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Schedule Meeting

Use the top sales CRM software to schedule demos and meetings. Integrate our lead management CRM with other virtual meeting platforms.

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Customized Dashboard

Customize your dashboard according to your preferences. Select the fields you want to display and gain a comprehensive view of all your customers.

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Initiate calls to your prospective leads with just one click using the Office24by7 click-to-call feature in the sales CRM software.

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Follow-up Wisely

Assign agents with follow-ups and send reminders in case they haven’t followed up with any lead or deal.

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Lead Action

Use the top sales CRM software in Hyderabad to transfer, assign, or reassign the leads to agents based on your requirements.

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Easy Upload

Easily capture offline leads and upload them in the sales CRM to manage them through the sales pipeline.

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Table View

Utilize our table view feature to gain insights into all lead sources. Customize the display settings according to your preferences.

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Telephony and IVR Integration

Integrate Office24by7 Telephony and IVR with your existing third-party sales CRM software using our API.

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Basic and Advanced Search Option

Effortlessly conduct searches related to your leads with just a few clicks using our advanced search feature.

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Cross-sell and Upsell

Monitor your customer’s behavior to identify opportunities for cross-selling and upselling products.

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Source Analytics

Determine your campaign success by understanding where your leads are generated from.

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Real-time Notifications

Utilize our sales CRM solution to automatically notify the sales team whenever a lead takes an important action or progresses down your sales funnel.

Stand Out in Your Industry With the Leading Best Sales CRM Software in Hyderabad

Leverage all features of our CRM system to make the most out of sales.

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Real Estate Sector

Efficiently track and manage property listings, buyer inquiries, offers, and negotiations using our comprehensive system. Schedule property viewings with ease. Enjoy peace of mind while effectively managing your deals.

Collaborate seamlessly with clients and other involved parties throughout the transaction process. Efficiently manage multiple deals simultaneously with ease.

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Banking & Finance

Automate responses to account inquiries, loan applications, or credit card services. Direct customers to financial services like investments or wealth management with the best sales CRM software in Hyderabad.

Deploy the sales CRM system in the banking and finance industry to manage client relationships, track leads, and optimize sales processes for better customer engagement and retention.

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Healthcare Sector

Optimize consultations, appointment scheduling, and medical queries in Hyderabad. Guide inquiries to specialized departments like primary care, specialist consultations, or emergency services with Office24by7’s industry-best CRM services.

Implement our sales CRM software in the healthcare industry to enable better patient relationship management, facilitate personalized care, and improve overall operational efficiency through streamlined communication and data management.

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Education Sector

Guide learners through different course materials, assignments, and assessments. Enable student support hotlines with virtual number services and call center solutions. Centralize student data in the all-in-one CRM services.

Leveraging a sales CRM system in the education industry facilitates better student management, enables targeted communication for personalized support, and allows for data-driven insights to enhance teaching methodologies and student engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sales CRM software is indispensable for businesses looking to qualify incoming leads, nurture them through thorough analysis, and ultimately convert them into sales.

No, not all sales CRMs are solely dedicated to lead management; however, lead management is a fundamental aspect of CRM software. Therefore, you'll find lead management functionality in most CRM solutions, regardless of the specific features they offer.

Intelligent distribution is a crucial feature in lead management. The reporting manager can assign leads to respective agents based on their skills, knowledge, and other predefined parameters. Simply set these parameters in advance to streamline the lead assignment process.

Lead management in sales CRM software typically involves five key steps: lead capturing, tracking, qualification, distribution, and nurturing.

Office24by7 offers the finest lead tracking system, providing comprehensive details about each lead, from its source to its score. Gain a comprehensive view of these details, empowering you to plan your next steps accordingly.

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