Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony is the future

Whether you like it or not, the fact remains that even after several decades of Alexander Bell inventing the telephone, it is still now one of the hottest business channels for lead generation and customer engagement. Stats and figures suggest that phone leads are more crucial to SMBs over any other medium.

Putting things to better perspective, you can safely say that cloud-telephony is the replacement of the ancient PBX. These have the potential to improve business penetration without increasing the company’s budget on communications.

In a scenario like India, hi-speed internet, scattered business across regions, adoption of cloud technology, demand for technology solutions etc, are adding an impetus to cloud telephony, whose market worth stands close Rs 300 crore according to industry experts. This is a rather reassurance to numerous vendors out there.

According to a recent statistics, “Though the Indian BPO sector, which is responsible for transforming the nation from an agrarian to an tertiary economy, has lost a certain market to counterparts like China, Philippines and Brazil, but still the worth of its share in the country’s growth and GDP is quite significant.”

The country is making a definite global presence. It has footprints in 200 cities across 52 nations, and services have been provided by more than 500 delivery centres. But most of these have a room of improvement. And very fortunately, cloud-telephony vendors are doing every bit to turn water into wine.

Even after leaving outsourcing to BPOs alone, the country has enough potential to expedite the pace of cloud-telephony growth. The service providers have myriad tools under their sleeve, like cloud based IVR, reports and analytics, automatic call distribution, inbound-outbound call recording, etc. Above all, companies do not have to go out of their way to access and use these. These can be easily purchased/ activated online. Moreover, these can be integrated with the company’s APIs as well.

The services have also come up with customised plans to businesses small and large. Today, you can witness penetration of these in almost all fields and service. This is a potential worth tapping.

From giving you details about campaigns like midday meal scheme of state government, to e-commerce sites keeping its customer-base updates, Cloud-telephony is here to stay.