How to find out ROI with Virtual Number?

A strong marketing tactic alone can comprehend ROI. Most of the marketers are aware of as ROI is not a simple thing that can be analyzed and measured easily. With the current market trend, it is of known fact that Telephone Calls play a major role in bringing up sales. Though, tracking all the incoming, out-going calls data from different advertising sources is not an easy and affordable way. Emphasizing on this, Virtual Number became popular as it acts like a technology upholding high on opportunities enabling tracking and analyzing data missing not a potential lead for SME’s.

A Virtual Number is a simple cloud based telephonic number of any format. Landline formatted Virtual Number creates a local presence and Mobile or Toll Free Number creates a national presence maximizing business reach.A Virtual Number is mapped with multiple numbers of any formats and is configurable to receive and dial calls. This number is very much flexible in extracting real time call analytics.

Read below to understand clearly of how a Virtual Number works efficiently for an Organization in tracking the ROI.

A Technology:

A Virtual Number can be used as a Pilot Number or a single point of contact by an Organization. It can be advertised or popularized on newspaper ads, TV, radio, Digital PPC and etc.,building up familiarity. This number is mapped with a call forwarding feature to multiple numbers back-end, handling all business calls via one single number then an Organization is feasible to track the flow of incoming calls from a particular channel. In this way, the call data becomes easier to track and analyze. The Virtual Number is Cloud based and hence the data gets stored on to Cloud securely.

Comprehend ROI with differentiating campaigns:

For each and every marketing strategy, say for instance: A missed call service, IVR service or Bulk SMS service, different Virtual Numbers can be used. Now the data like the received incoming calls for queries, subscriptions, keyword requisition or for availing any other service or product is recorded providing flexibility to track and analyze of which channel worked best comprehending the ROI.

Targeted Audience:

Based on the marketing strategies, with the generated leads organization can segregate the customers to that of their attributes. This list in turn forms a powerful marketing tool to target customers based on the interests by sending relevant and meaning information paving way for an engagement and closure.

These are just some of the simplest methods, a Virtual Number can help track and analyze calls. Any formatted Virtual Number facilitates extracting call statistical reports.

A Virtual Number is feasible to handle a flood of incoming calls. When it is implemented with an IVR system, callers can be routed to their favorable destinations through per-recorded information as per their needs. This will reduce call waiting, call on hold and missed opportunities. For swift resolutions, calls can be forwarded to agents that are available for receiving calls through skill and scheduled routing system with that of business hours. In this way call drops can be managed efficiently missing not a prospectus lead. Also, when calls are unattended during non working hours, with voice mail integration’s, caller’s message is recorded for a call back, additionally waving off the space for missing potential opportunities. Furthermore, powerful API’s enabling integration’s of third party tools and applications.Virtual Number promotes a professional sounding to the Organizations. It is not only a flexible feature to extract the call statistical analysis but also aids in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Office24by7 offers any number of Virtual Numbers of any formats instantly for businesses on Cloud and In-host. Virtual Number is an asset for an organization to receive, track, and analyze call data. It is of sure that, Office24by7 is well versed in extracting real time reports and analytics, but tracking marketing ROI depends on the organization of how well they propagate Virtual Number and analyzes data for businesses enhancements and improvements. Analyzing and comparing different marketing strategies can bring in new tactics to comprehend the ROI.