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How Call Recording can benefit your Business?

Businesses consistently apply innovative methods to understand customer needs, get insights and deliver a better experience. They review and compare analytical reports to spot black holes and performance gaps as customer satisfaction is one of the key indicators of customer retention. However, it is highly ineffective for the businesses to observe customer facing employee’s action and minute conversation details constantly. This is where, Call recording feature of Call Management Solutions works as an eye opener. This would help determine strengths and weaknesses of a sales conversation enable businesses to gain actionable insights, consolidating the effectiveness of call conversation to train employees and improve sales strategy accordingly. Every call that checks-in and out of your business is important and how your employee’s deal with customers make a difference of getting and retaining customers competitively. To lead your business with a competitive edge, monitoring how effectively your business calls are dealt is vital.

Why Call Recording is a must have feature for your business?

Call recording feature enables you to analyze employee’s call handling skills. Listening to the recorded calls will give you a clear picture of how calls are handled, extended first call resolution and abandon rates. This feature is made available and automated in all Inbound, Outbound and Blended Call Management Solutions of Office24by7. Also Snooping, Barging and Whispering is feasible to study the customer handling skills of a particular employee in real-time.

There are many other features that make office24by7 the perfect pick amongst the Cloud Telephony Service providers in India.

  • All the call recordings are automated and are made available in reports for easy access in Cloud.
  • Based on different parameters you can track the particular call recording
  • Call recordings is feasible to download at any point of time
  • No preset time frame for accessing call recordings. It’s available 365/24/7.

Listed down the benefits of implementing a Call Recording feature to the business telephony system:

Understand Customer Needs:

Every call is a prospective customer as they provide an opportunity for business to explore. With call recordings, you can learn the type of service offered to clients, how they are dealt and probably about the loop holes in your organization. Seemingly, you can adopt and inculcate service oriented practices to enhance employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Training of Teams:

Call recording facilitates managers to give feedback, improve telephone etiquette, communication skills, first call resolution rate and overall performance of employees.  By snooping, barging, whispering and monitoring calls, managers can train employees with effective conversational tips, selling attributes and required skills to provide a better customer service.

Previous Call History:

The call recording extractions with regards to date, time, frequency, location and length of the call, can be used as requisites to develop a successful sales strategy.

Marketing Efficiency Assessment:

By listening to the call recordings, organizations can measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Call recording allows businesses to save resources and time directing the marketing efforts in the right path revolutionizing sales strategies.

Be Compliant:

Businesses have to be extra-vigilant in sharing information over phone calls. Call recordings empowers the businesses to follow applicable laws, industry type and service oriented guidelines. It is a powerful suite for the business to fight against unhappy customers legally.

Mostly, businesses assume that call recordings benefits larger companies and is expensive but Office24by7’s Cloud Telephony Solutions incorporated with features like Call Recording, Script, Whispering, Barging and Snooping is accessible even to start-ups and small scaled companies. You can proactively manage and monitor employee – customer conversation exploring business professionalism.