Call Center

How to benefit with a Call Center Solution

Choosing a best Call Center Solution that suits your company needs can be a daunting task.  With a huge space of Service Providers offering solutions with numerous features in the market the job gets complicated as you have to compare, analyze and make a decision.

If you are in dilemma of choosing a Call Center Software, and you want to know how it can benefit your organization, the investments required, the reasons you should have a Call Center Solution and whether you should choose Inbound or Outbound Call Centre, this blog will be an eye opener. Every call you receive can become a customer, give you millions of business and be a loyal customer in future. So, what should you do, attend every call with the utmost importance and attention? How do you make sure your agents attend every call with equal importance and no lead gets lost in the numerous calls you receive every day?

An efficient Call Center Solution can route callers to specific departments or allow agents to call through technological set of algorithms to render efficient resolutions and superior customer experiences. Any solution that you choose should explore your business to achieve some key objectives superior calling experience, swift resolutions, low abandon rates, improve first call resolutions, and close more deals. Here’s a list of features you will want your Call Centre Solution to have for sure.

Intelligent Routing System:

When you speak with a customer care executive of any company you expect to get connected instantly, complete technical knowledge of the representative, ability to solve queries and react fast. However, reality is you end up having a irritating experience as you have to wait long to get connected and many times you end up talking to the wrong person of the team. This can be a disaster if your customer begins to have such experience when they call.

The good news is with Office24by7’s Call Centre Solution you can have efficient routing system based on language, skill, time and previous call history. Intelligent Routing System enables callers to choose their specified destinations and gets routed to the expert associates based upon the predetermined inputs they choose to the level and area of expertise automatically. This feature works efficiently with an IVR.

Multi-level IVRS:

Intelligent Routing System and Multi-level IVRS workshand in hand as one enables callers to choose preset options and the other makes them reach the appropriate associates. This can be configured through a single Virtual Number mapping multiple numbers at the back end enabling conversation to happen through a handy device.This feature facilitates Organizations to operate from multiple branches or outlets yet have a single number for the callers to land on any branch or department as required.

Queue Counter Messages:

The queue counter message or customized call queues can wave off unknown wait time for customers.  Based upon the options chosen by callers, the Call Center Software automatically estimate the waiting time and populates it to the callers for the possibility of conversationusing historical data and team capacity. Additionally, auto-responses like Email or SMS can be sent to the customer acknowledging their call and as a promise to offer a call back to avoid long waiting durations.

Call Recording:

Each and every call that hits the Virtual Number for a conversation, either employee to customer or vice versa gets recorded providing several benefits for the businesses. The Recorded conversations facilitate managers to train the agents in real time with real time scenarios. As the managers can identify the mistakes of agents and show how they could have handled the call in a better way. From a sales point of view, call recording helps to learn theprospect requirements and make favorable impressions of closing more deals.

Real-Time Analytics:

The call center software should be efficient enough to give access to several metrics to monitor your business activity, employee performance, call handling techniques, caller activity in real time. Such metrics will enable you to check on agent – caller activities, first call resolutions, call abandon rates and caller waiting time. Additionally,  Real-time Reports and Analytics helps you with daily, weekly, monthly reports with graphical representations to monitor Call Center periodic performance comprehending ROI.

Easy Integrations:

The call center software must be flexible to integrate with any CRM and software applications. This enables your business team to store all important information of the customers like their details, previous call history, payment history and other important issues from time to time securely without the need of asking repeated questions from the customers every time they call your business. You can save time and give customer a better calling experience.


Mere manual calling does not benefit reaching targets as the business team often ends up with less talk time, maximum time gets wasted in dialing numbers and facing off dials.  The call center software solution should offer automated dialers with varied algorithms that boost agent productivity. For instance: Predictive dialer reduces the agents wait time by speeding up the dialing process, Progressive dialer boosts the agents talking time and Preview dialer improves the conversation rate in terms of complex sales process.

Live Call Monitoring tools:

Admin cannot peep at your business team desk every time during a conversation to check calling efficiency. In such cases, Live Call Monitoring tools like Call Barging, Snooping and Whispering can help you witness business team ongoing calls from your desk itself. Such tools allow you to observe how your business team is handling customer calls, lets you whisper details when they stuck up in-between, even allows you to intervene and take over the call while business team finds difficult to handle.

Cloud Based Solution:

The most preferred way to obtain all theabove featuresfor your business is to choose the right cloud based call center solution provider. Office24by7 Cloud based solutions is cost effective with advanced features. It does not require hardware charges and in-house technical team to manage servers and to analyze call flow. The solutions are configured through a Virtual Number with multiple operator connectivity; redundant server’s probable of zero downtime and extractable analytics for future assessments comprehending ROI. Hence provide convenience to scale up and down at any point in time.

So, if you are looking for a complete cloud based call center software with advanced features and powerful integrations Office24by7 can be your partner in business growth.