Call Center

How To Make Your Call Centre Effective And Efficient

To accomplish the future needs of Organizations in terms of communication automation, Contact Centers must break away from the traditional operational styles and think of new ways to operate.

To enhance business credibility, Call Center Solutions should be implemented to fulfill enterprise needs.  To enhance Communication automation, Inbound and Outbound Contact Centre Software plays a major role in a positive customer experience.

Lot of features that are useful to build, implement and support either in Cloud Telephony or On-premise that changes the future of an Organization implementing them in right manner based on the business nature.

Although, Contact Centre Software is built with deep understanding to create a customer engagement center of excellence, managing the features optimally delivers the results for the companies.

Emphasizing the methods and benefits as listed below help yield quality through Cloud telephony & Hosted Call Centre Solutions.

  • Quality Training
  • Call/Caller Monitoring
  • Automate Call Flow
  • Self Service
  • Data Campaign
  • Notifications
  • Reports & Analytics

Quality Training

Contact Center is dependent on the quality service provided by the agents. Cloud Telephony or Hosted IVR is helpful to elevate all types of Organization’s products and services with detailed explanation to the customer.

Office24by7’s Agent CTI is simple computer Telephony Integrated Solution that helps organizations to assign leads to the agents with the right skill set. It is efficient in making caller information conveniently accessible for an ongoing interaction reducing the call handling time improving call quality.

Integrating Agent CTI is useful to provide the product information and details for new agents to establish professional communication with the Customer.

quality training

Call Monitoring

Office24by7 helps Admin/Supervisor of the organization, to monitor agents’ call or to join a call conversation at the managerial level with the facility of Call whispering, barging and snooping. With this, insights of the conversation between Customer and Agent can be used to enhance and assure the quality standards.

It also helps track agent’s performance through monitoring call duration, call logs and records.

call monitoring

Call flow Automation

Call Automation is a flawless communication protocol for customer satisfaction as it helps customers in reaching their desired communication points. Call flow automation through TTS or API reduce human intervention and provide information to the customer. The IVR Integrations or Call automation leverage professional handling of high call volume while driving customers in reaching their favorable or desired departments of an organization.

automate call flow

Self Service

Cloud IVR and Hosted IVR Software is equipped to connect the customer to their desired department in a fraction through Programmable Extension feature. This is a self-service manual. All that the caller has to press is the desired extension number to reach the desired end points. If the extension is unknown, then the call is routed back to the main IVR menu or to the allocated operator session as programmed.

programmable extension

Data Campaign

Data filtration plays a major role in increasing productivity or call activity of agents significantly. Office24by7 is enabled with advanced filtration of outed data, Invalid Numbers and DND numbers from the list. The obtained list qualifies fast and accurate call connectivity. Eliminates the call drops and delays and increases the PRI utilization.

data campaign

Post Call Survey/Feedback IVR

Post Call Surveys is a valuable tool that plays a major role in gauging the customer satisfaction levels, evaluating caller experiences and providing valuable insights for the business. After the interaction of an Agent and the customer, gathering feedback via SMS, Email integrated with Short URL is probable.  Voice Call is also useful to measure the customer satisfaction level with their DTMF input given.

post call survey

Notifications & Reports

Integrating the notification option is helpful in increasing the quality of user interaction.  Adding unlimited SMS or Email notification alerts on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly for Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls, Missed Calls and Missed Call Call-backs help the customer.

Customized Reports & Analytics: Office24by7 facilitates advanced features to extract the Reports and Analytics based on the business. Customized reports help to understand the call flow easily.

Office24by7 is primed to address common and rare occurrences of Organization’s with unique features to achieve and improve operational efficiencies. Office24by7 complements Cloud Telephony & Hosted Call Centre solutions with varied customization’s to improve leads and call quality for rapid results.

reports and notifications