Improve Efficiency of your Business with a Virtual Number

Effective communication with customers is one of the basic needs of a successful business. Getting continuous store traffic or web traffic requires a lot of hard-work. Thanks to technological innovations, smart work can yield good results. Your efforts to reach your customers should not only be consistent but also technically advanced. Majority of the population depends upon telephonic conversation to get connected with businesses. Customers calling upon a business could be a potential deal for you and deserves full attention. Phone number has become a necessity in today’s world due to the highly connected nature of the digital world today. All the hard-work and sleepless nights that you put in bringing up your business will not meet desired goals, if you don’t attend your customer calls and engage swiftly in resolving their issues. A phone number is completely capable of exploring customer to business interaction but the question is “How a phone number shall ensure not a single business call is lost?  and “How could a phone number estimate actionable business insights?”

A Virtual Phone Number for your business can strengthen your team to attend every customer call with equal importance. It enables you to keep a tab on all business calls that checks-in and out, monitor the call quality, can track destined point of the callers with added features like who approached for a call conversation and so on.

Below illustrations explore why your business needs a Virtual Phone Number instead of a normal telephone number and how it increases your business efficiency:

Keeps a Check on all Business Calls:

Virtual Numbers are trackable in nature hence it can extend a virtual tracking system to your business. It efficiently pools out the status of each and every customer call that hits the virtual number, helps you monitor call traffic and analyze agents call performance. Virtual Number is capable of handling flood of inbound calls as it allows you to map multiple numbers and extensions at the back end facilitating your business to attend every call that comes in. Thereby, helps you to attend multiple calls at one point in time feasibly via a single business number at the front end. Additionally, when a Virtual Number becomes popular on different marketing channels like print media, newspaper ads and on other commercial platforms it can efficiently measure the effectivity of every marketing channel that brought in business; can optimize marketing strategies, landing page and the budget allotted for marketing, comprehending ROI.

Provides better Customer Service:

Virtual Number comes handy with advanced features like call forwarding, recording, transfer, call monitoring tools to barge, snoop and whisper in real time, etc. It is configurable with innovative communication management services like IVR, Missed call service, OBD, Conference, Click to Call etc.

Provides Right Resolutions at the Right Time:

A Virtual Number configured with an IVR solution can greet callers with a prerecorded voice message, route calls to specific departments via predefined options for efficient conversation and personalize their call experience. Such configuration facilitates to streamline and automate communication and enable you to resolve customer queries reduce call abandon rates and improve first call resolutions drastically. With voice mail integrations, SMS and Email notifications, it extends your business reach 24by7.

Manage Prospective Data:

Virtual Number is Cloud based and allows the data to get stored on to cloud securely. Call records act as a valuable tool in providing prospective information that help in customer relationship management and lead generation. Virtual Number promotes a professional voice to your business as it is integral with any CRM via API’s.  Getting a Virtual Number not only facilitates an advanced phone system but also gives you the ability to track, monitor and use customer data.

Office24by7 provides Virtual Numbers of any formats on Cloud and In-Host instantly with extractable real time reports and analytics. For more information send an email to sales@office24by7.com or call us on +917097171717, our consultants are always prepared to answer queries and solve issues related to customer communication.