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Know how a Missed Call Service can help you get more leads.

Today, communication has become a multi-channel process with the latest innovations in the Information and Communication Technologies. Variety of new communication means like Text, Voice and Email have become an integral part of communication, both on the personal and professional front enabling people to communicate effortlessly. Communication upholds the transcription and transmission of information. Mobile phones revolutionized the idea of communication and playing a crucial role for the purpose. People are increasingly glued to mobiles to check for notifications, alerts and updates. It opened many new avenues to build business marketing strategies focusing on mobile phones.

We all are aware of Missed Call Alert, used for notifying users of the calls that they have missed due to network failure or unavailability of mobile power. Today, the same aspect has become a way for business branding. It allows business organizations to know the target market preferences accurately.

To start with, Missed Call Service is an automated web-based service configured via a Virtual Number of any format (Mobile or Landline or Toll-free). By using it, you can facilitate an easy option for customers to initiate a missed call on the business number expressing interest. Missed Call Marketing offers great potential for tapping the offline audience.

The process is such that, when a call is initiated it automatically gets disconnected and the information like the contact number, call initiation time and the response is stored in the database for future assessment or for further process. Since missed call is free for customer, it has become a rewarding advertisement channel for businesses.

How do we do?  

Office24by7 facilitates Missed Call Solutions with a simple interface incorporated with Reply and Announcement facility. A simple missed call service is used to get feedback with an IVR survey and record accurate customer responses. Additionally, customer’s missed call can be acknowledged either by a text message, email or a callback. On the other hand, Missed Call accompanied with an announcement helps to record and acknowledge customer’s action in real-time.

Missed Call Service is the cost-effective solution as it facilitates customer to give a miss call at convenience without worrying about the price. Business comes in when the customers step in. Hence, to show customers how important they are and how you respect their opinions make a difference to the way you engage with them.

Missed Call Service benefits:

Missed call service benefits all kinds of industries greatly as the users are facilitated to reach the business number free of cost and do not require internet connectivity as well. It has become a popular marketing strategy due to its win-win compatibility for customer and marketer.  It is propagated for inbound marketing purposes like lead generation, app downloads, customer verification process, updates, voting, surveys, customer feedback, etc. The benefits associated with a missed call service are immense. The first and foremost beneficial aspect is its zero call cost to reach out the business number. It is the most cost-effective way to build a prospective customer base.