Toll Free

What is a Toll-free Number and how does it work?

A toll-free Number is a Virtual Number that facilitates dialing from any Telephone Number for free from any part of the country. Generally, this number is owned by Customer Service Centers. However, now every business can afford a Toll-Free Number and allow customers to reach them for free.

A toll-free number is an asset to the company and provides a free and convenient way to reach out for business. It remarks as an ideal form of business communication. Any organization requiring a customer to call in, make a purchase, for an inquiry, connect with customer support, or resolve a query can benefit from a Toll-Free Service.

Apart from its inexpensive, impressive business ideology, Toll-Free Service has a list of benefits such as enhanced brand presence, national proximity, expanded business into new markets, etc.

Nowadays, Toll-Free Numbers are exhibited in formats like 1-800, 1-888, etc., and work with slight technical variance. It is used to receive a flood of incoming calls into the business and increase sales and ROI.

After all, a communication solution that flexibly invites customers to call without the demand of call charges is a good start for the business. Making it easy for the contacts to contact the business is the key to keeping them engaged, directly impacting customer satisfaction.

Though Toll-Free is considered essential for businesses, Organizations bear the maximum cost. As a solution for that, Office24by7 has incorporated unique features in the Toll-free mechanism to benefit companies with reduced call charges and to make it a standpoint of communication for customers reaching businesses.

Office24by7 unfolds Toll-free service in the following ways – Toll-Free Forwarding and Toll-Free Missed Calls.

Virtual number formatted Toll-Free Number is feasible for handling high voluminous calls. With this upheld, Toll-free Virtual Number is aided as an Incoming Call Forwarding Solution, which in turn is configurable with an IVR Solution to route and forward calls to hit the desired destination either to an agent or department or to any predetermined telephonic number of any format to any device.

Likewise, as soon as the call lands on Toll-Free Number, a short announcement or pre-installed voice message, “Thank you, we will get back to you shortly,” can keep customers privileged with relevant information. The disconnected call is then reflected in the dashboard for an automatic call initiation from the agent for further interaction.

With this, call hold and waiting charges are convincible. Acknowledgment via SMS or Voice to callers probably decreases the organization’s customer engagement pain points.

Office24by7 develops this ideology for the benefit of customers and Organizations. Toll-Free Services can be integrated into a third-party CRM, set up on Cloud or On-Premise.