Cloud Telephony

What is Cloud Telephony?

First interaction with customer paves the way for sales process. Your client wants the best experience while interacting, and you want to measure and improve the productivity of your employees. Your business can be small, medium or large, but customer communication gains top priority when it comes to creating a brand image of your company. Is your communication tool helping you achieve company goals?

The decade old business phone systems with on-premise PBX (Private Branch Exchange) hardware is popular in the industry, but has major drawbacks including cost effectiveness and scalability. As your business grows everyday you feel the need of a more effective technology to communicate which requires less maintenance and occupies less space in your office.

Welcome to the world of Cloud Telephony (hosted telephony) or SMART Operator. Cloud Telephony converts data into voice using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software. Storage and transmission of this data is provided by a third party organization and the same is accessed over internet. Hosted Telephony has the potential to transform your business communication and it brings with itself a basket of benefits. Here are the top five advantages of using cloud to communicate.

1.Economical: With cloud you choose to eliminate the need of business telephone equipment on site like PBX. This step reduces many associated costs like installation, maintenance and up gradation. You also avoid any additional expense to hire an IT employee for support purposes. Cloud Telephony has all features you want to have in an ideal communication tool like IVR, Call Routing, Notification, Webchat, SMS, Email etc.

2.One business number: Cloud Telephony allows you to create one number as a single contact point for your customers. Multiple landline and mobile numbers can make it complicated for your employees to attend calls, and your customers can get confused when they want to reach you. The result? You miss on the opportunity of creating an awesome experience for your customers. With the help of Cloud Telephony let one number become a part of your brand identity.

3.Adaptability: As your business grows everyday you need to add more numbers, extension, different locations. And you want this to happen in no time with no additional expense. Well, thankfully Cloud Telephony is here to meet all your needs and without additional cost. Whether you are growing your business permanently, adding a new branch or downsizing temporarily, Office24by7’s Cloud Telecommunication System can set it up for you in your desired time.

4.Simplicity: Setting up a Cloud Telephony is simple when compared to legacy PBX machines. You don’t need any on site equipment when you opt for this service. As a result the additional cost you incur to manage the efficiency of the system doesn’t exist. The wire, the space that required occupied space in the traditional system can now be used for better business purposes. With Office24by7’s Cloud Telephony you can put an end to all complaints related to communication tool.

5.Priority: Cloud Telephony services are economical, simple, and flexible and incur no maintenance cost. The technology takes care of efficiency and allows you spend more time on your job. Cloud Communication helps you focus on things of higher priority such as sales and customer relationship. By automating the entire communication of all employee roles of an organization cloud system helps you perform better as a team.

Legacy phone systems can be a limiting factor when you are trying to compete with large players but with the invention of Cloud Telephony every business is equally empowered. Office24by7 is helping businesses with SMART Operator switch to Cloud to communicate and create happy customers.