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What is Social CRM? Know Everything About It

Customer Relationship Management or in short CRM is one of the most commonly used software systems among organizations. Be it small, medium, or large, organizations cannot perform effectively without a social media system in place. 

There is no denial in saying that CRMs have emerged as an important tool for every business out there. CRMs provide organizations with multidimensional customer profiles that will help in the prediction and control of the data. Companies can customize the sales depending upon this data. 

With social media in the picture, businesses now have a chance to observe and track customer behaviour online. The open social channels can provide a lot of data that a business actually needs from customers without any hassle. 

In the age of social media, brands cannot use them in isolation anymore. It is time for brands to gear up their social media marketing and make the most out of it. Companies should start taking their social media game seriously and take it up a notch if required. 

What is social media integration with CRM? So, many have this doubt and that is the reason why we are curating this article. Know the need for social media integration with CRM and why every business needs

it in this article. Make sure to stick till the end. 


What is Social Media Integration with CRM?

Social media integration with CRM means connecting your social media channels with CRMs. Because of this companies now have a chance to be responsive all over social media.

This integration will help brands in observing their customer’s behaviour up close on social media. You will get insights about your customer and get a chance to analyze what their next 

purchase would be. Apart from this, you get a chance to have better relationships with your customers. 

Let us take the example of SEMrush. SEMrush is a popular platform that offers various digital marketing services. If any customer of SEMrush has a problem with the platform and posted it online, you will find one of the SEMrush executives responding to it immediately. 

This is how social media integration works. Once a customer posts about your brand even without tagging you, you will be notified. Be it positive or negative reviews, customer queries/issues, you can address and respond to them on an immediate basis.  

The best part about this is that you don’t have to be online and scrolling through your social media channels all the time. Once anyone mentions your brand, you will get a trigger and all you have to do is to respond to that mention. You can do this from SCRM itself. 

Brands need to identify any such mentions of them on social media and react to them, be it positive or negative. 

Interactions on social channels are playing a huge role in building brand relationships and this is where a social media CRM comes into the picture. CRM will help in having a meaningful relationship with your customer and capture the required details there.   

All of these details can help in turning that customer into a recurring one with ease. Isn’t it something that every business needs? On the whole, if a company wants to provide a better customer experience and have a strong relationship with them, it is important to connect with them on social media channels.

Many big brands have already been doing this and it is time for other organizations to pick up the pace and keep their business afloat in social media too. Apart from connecting with customers, you can also improvise your support and provide better after-sales service. A CRM can be considered as one of the best social media marketing tools if it is integrated and used efficiently. 

Is Social CRM important for your business?

Your customers will have a chance to interact with your brand according to their requirements. They are not limited to call, email, or raising a ticket on your platform. They can just mention you on social media and get their query or issue sorted.

Apart from these interactions, businesses get a chance to gather better insights about customers and their sentiments regarding the brand, products, and services. With a great CRM system such as Office24by7, the entire information related to customers is segregated into different sections and assigned to teams accordingly. 

Depending upon the type of interaction with customers, the data is shared with the customer service, marketing, or sales team. Social CRM can be used in two different ways- for better customer service and marketing. These are the two perspectives in which we can see social media-CRM integration.

For Customer Service

Let us talk from the customer’s perspective. There are so many social media users who are talking and giving feedback to brands via different social media channels. One of the leading telecommunication brands in the UK- BT has stated that they get 40% of feedback from Twitter.

This isn’t limited to one brand and it’s important for businesses to mark their presence on social media to become more accessible for customers. 

For Marketing Purposes

It isn’t about customers alone, as a brand you are going to be benefitted a lot once you start responding to customers online. Having specific tools to track and analyze customers’ behaviour online can help organizations in their growth.

When you are interacting with customers online, you get a chance to talk with more than just your targeted user. You will be talking to so many people at a time and this will help other social media users to analyze and understand your behaviour. 

The way your brand reacts to customers’ questions, the behaviour will have a direct impact on your organization. This is an interesting and important strategy for all the businesses out there.

Apart from this, you can deploy a two-way social media marketing strategy. What’s that? A two-way marketing strategy means you can market your brand using social media channels and also interact with the customers. 

For example, you tweet something and a customer interacts with your brand, you can exchange a series of replies and turn it into a two-way marketing. This is what big brands always do on social media. 

Starting from international brands to startups, there are so many companies that make complete use of social media marketing. The buzz and traction two-way marketing generates are of another level.

What can one measure using Social CRM? 

So, why Social CRM? Well, you can interact with your customers using it. But is that it? No, there are some other metrics that you can measure using Social CRM.


Traffic and clicks are the first things anyone would think about. But there are so many other factors that you have to take a look at. And one such factor is engagement. The likes, comments, and shares on your post will help in knowing whether the content that you are putting out is in sync with what your customers are expecting.

There are some brands that use more reels on Instagram when compared to static or carousel posts. They do this because their target visitors are engaging with reels. This way the likes, shares, and even saves will help in understanding the type of content your customer likes and wants to see.


Social media will help in driving traffic to your website, brand pages, and eCommerce sites. This traffic usually goes unmonitored but with CRM you can see from where the traffic is directed to your platform. You will get a chance to monitor different details with ease using the social media monitoring feature.

Level of Followers

With Social CRM, you are not just tallying up the followers. You can check about their social media presence on the whole. With whom they are connecting, how many followers they have, and how active they are on the platform. These details are important in assessing your followers’ behaviour.

Brand Mentions

You have to know what social media users are saying about your brand. It is quite important and also this monitoring shouldn’t be limited to your followers, you need to get information from all over. With CRM, no mention will go unnoticed and you will get to know about every buzz and discussion without fail. 

Social Media and Social CRM Stats You Need to Know

Social media is all over with different channels and various types of posts. It is not easy to pick and use one of these channels without knowing whether it will suit your business or not. On the other hand, if you are someone who still thinks that social media presence for your business is not important, then make sure to read these statistics.

Numbers never lie and you will understand the importance of social media presence and Social CRM Software’s impact on it with these stats. All of these stats are taken from HubSpot and Simplify 360 blog. 

  • According to 59% of marketers, social media is one of the most effective platforms to generate leads provided they have done proper marketing on it.
  • For 61% of marketers, lead generation has become one of the biggest hassles while 67% say that social media marketing helps in generating leads. 
  • 33% of customers would prefer interacting with customer care executives over social media rather than calling and waiting for their response, the long call wait time is a reason for this.  
  • If the response time is high or companies don’t respond to any social media tag, companies can lose 15% of their customer base.
  • More than 75% of people would prefer companies that value and respect their time. 
  • Nearly 70% of customers have used social media to raise their issues on one or more occasions.
  • Companies that use social media for different service-related issues will make their customers stay and engage with them for more than 20-40% of the time.  
  • On Twitter, the number of tweets that mention brands or their service accounts directly has increased by 3%.
  • Customer advocacy increases by 25% when companies answer social media complaints. 
  • So many popular B2C companies across the world are interacting with at least 60% of the tweets that are directed to their official handles and the customer interactions in Twitter have increased by 250% in the past two years. 
  • 54% of millennials, 50% of Gen Exers, and 52% of baby boomers said that they are not interested in doing business with companies that have poor service. 

How to Setup a Social Media CRM Process?

According to a study conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, it is known that 43% of the consumers in the age group of 18-29 are using social media to raise complaints and avail of customer service. Only 23% of social engagements are happening in marketing. 

So, it is important for companies to have a proper social media CRM process in place so that they can make the most of it while delivering exceptional customer service.

Social Listening

Social listening means knowing what social media users are talking about your business even when you are not tagged or mentioned. They can talk about the services or products you are providing generally, your company in specific, key people present in our company, or the targeted keywords on social media.

There are so many popular brands across social media that make the most out of their presence. If someone praises your product, you can like, retweet, and respond to it. This will encourage other customers to talk about your brands.

And also when someone is suggesting your brand to another user, you can just drop in and give your suggestions there. This will also work. You get a chance to cross-sell or upsell here.  

One thing that you need to always remember is social listening isn’t just limited to knowing about your brand insights, you can use it to know about other brands too. 

There are so many situations where you see fun yet interesting banter happening between two brands online, it will trigger users’ interest. 

While all of this is marketing, there is something that you can get better at by using a Social CRM- customer service. We have been talking about it all along and also 43% of customers seek this only.

You can solve various issues customers are facing via social media and also get some product/service knowledge too. If your product or service is lacking in any particular area and a user mentions it on social media, you can clear that issue. 

The information that users give on social media platforms is nothing less than a gold mine for organizations.

Priorities Matter

Have your priorities set. Many customers have started opting for social media to raise their grievances and no matter how good your Social CRM and executives are, it is not easy to address all the issues by yourself. 

The entire process is hectic and is almost impossible. So, it is important to have your priorities straight. Know which issues are more pressing and understand what needs to be addressed first. If you want to be heard by more people when you are addressing an issue, answer the user who has more followers.

If there is someone who needs a suggestion on an urgent basis, that needs to be on top of your priority list. And also there will be some customers who have a question and your response will impact their buying decision, these people should be on top priority too. 

Likewise, there are different sections of users and all would expect an immediate response, you have to choose to answer who will be beneficial for your business and interact with them first.

Also while you are interacting, keep in mind that you shouldn’t compensate unhappy customers publicly. This will encourage other users to raise their issues and expect some rewards in return. If you want to compensate a dissatisfied customer, discuss it with them in the personal chatbox or take them to an external contacting platform like emails.

Have all Social Interactions at One Place

In companies, there are different teams addressing different types of issues. If you have all of these interactions in one place, you will know about the people and not just their profiles. 


You will get a lot of data from social media interactions and it is time to measure them. Know the number of high-priority requests you are receiving on a daily basis and how many of them are addressed. Keep an eye on the time that team is taking to address them too. 

Now conduct a survey to know about your customer opinion on your social media presence. You can check their expectations and compare your present metrics. This will help you in filling the gaps.  

Customer Expectations from Brands on Social Media

Before I dig deeper into the topic, you need to understand what customers are expecting from brands on social media. I have made a list of their expectations and this includes response time expectations too. 

Unified Experience

This is the first and most important thing. There are so many social media channels and customers can interact with any of these they want to. However, if a customer has interacted with you on one platform first for one issue and then contacted you from another platform for another issue, they expect a similar problem-solving capability.

They want a unified experience on all of these social media channels.

Great Customer Service

Customers are more likely to recommend a brand that has offered great service on social media. They expect a solution that will solve their issue in as little time as possible. Customer service just in stores or on-call isn’t going to cut it anymore. It has to be satisfactory even on social media too.

Faster Response

The response time should be faster. No one has time to wait for your response in a time of crisis. When you are watching them in real-time, it is your responsibility to respond to them instantly.

However, if an issue is raised online, you can’t give them a wrong answer in some seconds and regret it later. You have to strike the right balance and respond to your customer. Take your time, which means some minutes, and respond to them with an answer to solve their issue.

If you can’t solve the issue right away, ask them to personally message your handle or email you. 

Here is the response time that customers are expecting from brands- 

  • Facebook: Half an hour. Customers on Facebook expect a response from the brand within thirty minutes of their posting. And guess what, only 50% of brands are responding in thirty minutes. Usually, Facebook isn’t a platform where people post on a regular basis and expect brands to respond. They post very rarely and when they do they want a faster response. If you respond quickly on Facebook like within 5 minutes for 7 days straight, then it gives you a badge saying “Very responsive to messages.” This is a sign for customers to trust your brand. 
  • Twitter: Similar to Facebook, customers expect brands to respond in thirty minutes on Twitter too but the average time for brands to respond is 33 minutes and 44 seconds. It is an informal platform and people interact with brands more than once. You can expect a thread of tweets and replies on Twitter. Always remember to keep the conversation simple and funny when you are on Twitter. 

How to Use Social CRM Software Data?  

Once you have gathered data from social media CRM, what can you do and what you should do. Let us talk about different ways to use Social CRM data. 

Create Customer Profiles

When you check the social media presence, you will get an idea about the customer’s opinions, the influencers they follow, and also the competitors they are following.

As a business, you know the average amount that each customer spends when they make a purchase, what their buying patterns are, and do they see your newsletters or not right? Now, you can merge this data with their social media behaviour and you have customer profiles. 

These profiles will have all the details you know about the customer and this will give you the feasibility to optimize your marketing strategy accordingly.

Offer Better Customer Support 

In general, 80% of companies claim that they are delivering a great customer experience on social media but the customers don’t agree with this. Being at the top of your social media game is not going to be easy but is much needed for the brands.

With CRM, you can consolidate all the details of your customer in one place and respond to anyone who has raised an issue related to your brand on any social media within no time. This increases the customers’ trust in your brand.

Curate Social Content

At any point in time, customers will get attracted to your brand only when you publish content that interests them. This should be the top priority of brands while doing social media marketing.

CRM collects the data as in which of the posts are getting more likes, shares, or in short engagement and you can use those insights while curating content for your brand.

Identifying Your Brand Advocate

So, you find a pretty casual interaction between two friends happening on social media. They were discussing your product and one of those friends was promoting your brand and praising you. 

All of this is happening without tagging or mentioning your account. In such situations, a CRM will help you in identifying the conversation. You can use this to thank the user, share their review. 

Improve Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is vast and you need to know where you have to spend the money. With CRM, you will get an idea about the target audience, their online behaviour and this can help in preparing ad campaigns for them.

With the data that these social media channels share with you and your CRM, you can make the most out of your social media advertising which eventually will give you better returns.

Successful Social Media CRM Strategy 

Before you get into purchasing a CRM, it is important to have a CRM strategy in hand. Just investing in a CRM isn’t going to magically bring in more leads on social media for you. Have a CRM strategy and stick to it. 

Have Different Bubbles

It is true that most brands do not consider social media as one of the most important platforms to stay online and available. They escalate the task to juniors or social media interns. If a customer raises some issues, it is certain that these people won’t have an answer to those questions.

That particular query must be escalated to the support team. With a proper Social CRM, the queries are escalated to related departments instantly and you should have someone from that department answer these queries. 

Create proper bubbles for different kinds of services and have someone who has expertise there to answer different questions that are posted online by users.

Track your Customer Journey

Keep an eye on your customer journey at every stage. This means that if a customer posts something about your brand like they have liked the purchase, etc. make sure to have it in your chat history. Later if the customer raises a query, have it saved in the customer journey.

Likewise, have all the interactions related to every customer saved in and can be viewed with one click. This will help in giving tailored responses to their queries which will bring in goodwill for your brand and social media presence.

Keywords and Hashtags Matter

Yes, keywords are present in social media and are not just limited to SEO and SERP. You will get a trigger when a particular user mentions or tags you on any social media platform. But, is that sufficient? 

The answer for this is a big no. You should be able to trace users with hashtags to see what they are talking about your brand and also of course about your competitor. There are a few hashtags that are related to your brand, industry, services, and products that you deal with.

Make sure to create a trigger on your CRM for these words. This will help in identifying if any user has talked about your brand, your industry, or your competitor. It isn’t just about hashtags, the keyphrases or keywords will also matter.

There are some words that have a huge chance of getting misspelt. Keep an eye on those words too. 

Be Consistent on all Social Media Channels

It is important for brands to maintain a consistent voice on all of their social media channels. For retail brands, they will find more customers on Instagram, and staying active there is important. However, if they are not properly responding on Twitter, it would be a problem for their entire social media presence.

No matter how many followers you have or how many mentions you get from a brand in a day, you should add all of them to your CRM and respond on all social media channels in a consistent manner.

Integrate Social CRM with Other Communication Channels

Remember that not every problem can be solved or should be solved on a public forum. Integrate your Social CRM with other communication channels like live chat, email, or through a phone call. With just one CTA, customers can land on these options and can interact with you personally. 

Benefits of Social CRM Integration

I know, it is important for you to know why you need to invest in a Social CRM Software. Without knowing about the benefits this integration will bring to your table, you cannot just go and spend money, we understand that and here we are talking about different benefits of Social CRM integration. 

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service at One Place

Generally, CRM is used by the marketing team of any business. They are the ones that create a content calendar, curate content, design graphics, and post them online. They use CRM to post on different social media channels at once. If anyone comments, replies, or discusses your brand, they use their marketing skills and turn them into a hot lead. Now, that’s one part of the process. 

Then comes leads. If you are running an ad campaign or if someone has a question related to your product and their buying decision has an impact on it, then it is time for your sales team to step in. 

Then there are some customers who have an issue with your product or service, write a negative review for your brand, your customer service team should come in and take the lead. 

With a CRM team, all of these three teams will be in one place and respond accordingly.    

Provide Great Service

Present millennials and gen Z customers would always prefer to have a discussion online rather than calling or emailing you. That’s the reason why you should be available on different kinds of social media channels and be there to answer your customers whenever they have a query.

Proper Segmentation of Customers

If you want to have an effective marketing strategy in place, you need to know about customer segmentation. So, what is this segmentation? Let us take an example of a company that is offering different CRM services like Office24by7. 

Here we have a CRM related to sales, marketing, communication, and support. While we have customers who opt for all of these CRM services, there are some who need only one of these CRMs.

With Social CRM, you get a chance to segment the customers according to their requirements. Then you can target and create ad campaigns, social media posts for them.

Getter Better Marketing Insights and Analytics

There is no denial in saying that social media is a crowded place. You may be putting different types of content online and with a CRM you will get an idea of the demographics, goals, buying choices, and interests of your customers. The social media customer profiles have a lot of data and will also let you know where they are in the sales funnel. 

Combine this with the social listening feature and you will have a lot of data at perusal that can help in creating and distributing content online.

Make the Sale or Resolve an Issue Quickly

In this competitive world, if you want to make it to the top, you have to be quick. Be it answering any query online, making a sale, or resolving your customer issues- be as quick and efficient as possible. 

Let us take an example of a social media user who wants to make a purchase from your company and had a query that they raised on Twitter. If you don’t respond to them in less than an hour, you are losing on an important sale. The customer isn’t going to sit and wait for you to respond right! 

They always have an option to go to your competitor. The same goes with any issue too. Customers would expect a quicker response time from you. The customer service isn’t going to end after you sell a product, you have to be accountable for any issue that they face with your product and respond to their queries as soon as possible. 

CRMs have a Ticketing Management system which will help in resolving customer issues and keep the entire team posted about it. 

Stay on Top of Your Branding

Branding is the most important tool for any organization. If you are not branding your company in the best possible way, you are losing out a lot. Companies like Salesforce are quite active on their social media platforms. They do not just post relevant content, they are always there when someone tags or mentions them.

Once you do this, customers will start believing in your company. Know who your target audience is and interact with them in their own voice. If your target audience is millennials and gen Z, the vocabulary and references they use are different, try to use them in your conversations. 

If you are a B2B company like us, your brand tonality should be entirely professional on all the platforms. 

Top Social CRMs in the Market in 2022

ProductSuitable For
Salesforce Social StudioHas all the features that a Social CRM needs and is suitable for large businesses. Pricing is a little bit on the heavier side. 
Office24by7One of the best CRM platforms available out there. Is suitable for small, medium and enterprises businesses with different price plans. 
HootSuiteTop social networking platform to communicate with customers 
HubSpot Marketing HubBest social customer relationship management tool in the market. 
AgoraPulseBest social media marketing tool for large businesses out there. 
Sprout SocialOne of the best CRM tools for marketing on social media

Salesforce Social Studio

Salesforce CRM doesn’t need an introduction. Almost everyone is familiar with it. It has been the pioneer in CRM and SaaS products. Here are some of the pros and cons of Salesforce Social Studio.


Salesforce social studio covers every aspect of a CRM. Right from listening to consumers online to an AI tool- “Einstein Image Classification” they have everything. Einstein Image Classification is an AI tool that will help in recognizing any kind of objects, logos on images in social media and then mentioning it in the CRM. This is indeed one of the most advanced tools available out there. 


If there is one thing that puts Social Studio in the backseat, it is the pricing. Salesforce Social Studio is quite pricey and small organizations won’t be able to afford it. 


The most important thing one has to know about HootSuite is that it is a social network management tool first. It has integrated customer relationship management into the network management tool and is offering a comprehensive platform for the users.

HootSuite integrates with a myriad of social media platforms that exist out there. 


HootSuite is a completely customizable platform with a great interface. Different social media channels can be integrated with the directories that are available in HootSuite itself.

You can make use of the calendar and schedule posts, monitor social media and listen to the users, save and share the content posted by users, analytics, and reporting are also done. 


It has all the best Social CRM features available in the premium plans. It needs a dedicated CDRM to get different customer management aspects that you need.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot is quite popular among marketers. It is one of the best social media CRMs that are available in the market and is suitable for all types of businesses. This social media tool works along with their free CRM platform. They also offer a service platform for the support teams.


With HubSpot, users can post on different social media channels and also manage their landing page and blog as well. It also recommends the best post time by analyzing your followers and their active time. There is one inbox that has all the mentions, tags, and comments in one place. 

It also compares the engagement of different platforms and gives you insights.


HubSpot Marketing Hub offers great features with their free plan too. However, their premium plan takes a big jump forward and offers so many advanced features. This difference makes a huge impact on the buyer’s decision.


AgoraPulse has great features and is perfect for large businesses. It keeps up with the latest trends in social media and encourages users to make the most out of these trends.


You can auto label the followers according to their interactions, combine various features into one and offer a standalone service. One can publish content, engage with all the comments in a single inbox, get interesting analytics, etc.


AgoraPulse is a social media management platform first and a CRM next. It lacks some features and one needs to integrate it with an external CRM to make the most out of it.

Sprout Social 

Sprout is a CRM platform that gives extreme importance to social media channels. You can incorporate social media accounts from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., and make the most out of Sprout Social.


This platform has every feature that is needed by a company. The smart inbox collects interactions from different channels and consolidates everything in one place. It provides brand monitoring, social listening, and also has a bot builder to build landing pages, forms, etc.

With the team collaboration feature, one can post, assign and prioritize tasks according to their requirement.


Understanding Sprout Social is not an easy task. It has a steep learning curve and one has to spend considerable time on it to understand the features. Apart from that, it is on the expensive side and with the features it offers, Sprout Social is a great platform for bigger companies with huge budgets.


Now that you have learned a lot about Social CRM, let us discuss our main product- Office24by7 Social CRM. When compared to the other amazing CRMs present in the market, Office24by7 is available at an affordable price. Here are the features that we offer that keep our brand class apart from our competitors. 

Amazing User Interface

The CRM has been designed by keeping your perspective in our mind. It has a user-friendly interface with which even a layman can work on the CRM. You don’t have to be technologically savvy or something to use it.

With our guidance and interesting UI, you can get acquainted with the CRM within no time. Once you understand it, there is no stopping. Also, whenever you face trouble, we have a team of experts to solve it for you.

Monitor Your Followers

Know about your followers, their interests, and interactions with Office24by7. Once you have a clear picture of your follower behaviour, you can curate a plan and approach them. Our social media monitoring will make it easy for you to understand your followers.

Social Listening

Did someone mention your brand or service in their casual conversation on social media, eavesdrop and listen to what they are thinking with our social listening feature. You set up the relevant keywords and when someone uses them in their posts, tweets, description, you will get a trigger immediately.

You can use this chance to interact and know about your prospective customers online. Also with your marketing strategy, you can turn them into hot leads too. You have the freedom and flexibility to make the most out of our social listening feature. 

Integrate with Various Social Media Platforms

Office24by7 Social CRM offers you enough flexibility to integrate with different kinds of social media platforms according to your requirement. Starting from Facebook to Pinterest, be everywhere with Office24by7.

All the data related to your brand on social media is consolidated and stored in a place for your quick reference.

Provide Unified Experience

Staying everywhere isn’t going to cut it. You have to be interactive too on all the platforms. Staying hyperactive on one platform and silent on the other will kill your brand presence. 

With Office24by7, you can get past this. We provide a unified experience and you can interact with people on all social media channels with our CRM in just a click. The user profiles that are present on different platforms can be consolidated in our CRM and you will have a chance to provide them with a unified experience. 

Competitor Analysis

Don’t just stay online, see what your competitors are doing. Competitors are present in every field and knowing about their social activity will help in improvising and filling the gaps that are present in your marketing strategies.

Along with that, any disappointed customer of your competitor can be your prospective customer. If they have vented their disappointment on social media, you can use it to your advantage with Office24by7.

Engagement Analytics

Know about your post-performance. Each post on social media performs in a different way. Know about the likes, shares, saves of your posts with Office24by7. 

Once you have this list, you may understand which of your social media posts are doing great, why it reached more people and what other posts are lacking.

These analytics will help in bettering your social media presence.

Challenges with Social CRM

Setting up Social CRM is not easy. You will face some bumps along the way. Some of the potential issues that you might face are

Lots of Data

When you integrate your CRM with social media for the first time and start collecting data, you may get overwhelmed with the amount of data that it extracts. This data can confuse you or put you into an entirely different zone. Don’t worry, you will have a customization feature with which you can select the data that you want to be added into the CRM and the data that you don’t want.

Adapting to New Changes may Take Time

Change is inevitable for any company and can be uncomfortable for the teams at times. Your service team has been using CRM in one way for so many days and now you bring in some new integration that might affect them mentally. However, they are also accountable to respond to customer grievances online.

This will be similar with the sales team too. Understanding and learning about this new Social CRM might consume a lot of time and effort on their part. It is important to be patient and open to all the new changes.

Results Won’t Come Overnight

Remember this all the time. Based on your social media presence, your results will be. It may take a lot of time to get the results that you have been expecting. Do not get disappointed. If you want some effective results, follow our successful social media CRM strategy that will come in handy for you.

Although you have the strategy, things are going to take time. Just be focused and work towards it.


I know that these Social CRM features are interesting and would be beneficial for every business out there. We always thrive to bring better features into our CRM and make it even better for our customers. 

Our amazing services at affordable pricing will surely help in kickstarting your social media marketing. 

Do not stay in the herd and be isolated with your social media channels, make noise everywhere, market your presence everywhere, get noticed, get leads and earn huge returns on your investment with Office24by7. 

Just drop your details in our “get quote” form and we will get back to you. I promise you that we will call you back ASAP.

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