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Number Selection with Outbound Call Center Software helps to gain a professional touch to your organization

Showcase a Business Virtual Number to Reflect Your Professionalism

Reflect a local presence for your business in Hyderabad with a business virtual number of Hyderabad’s format. Choose from landline, mobile, or toll-free numbers and tailor your cloud telephony software. Enhance your communication automation processes by showcasing your organization’s professionalism with the best cloud telephony software provider. Engage customers by leveraging a dedicated business phone number for your outbound call center software.

Manage Enquiries With The Most Efficient Inbound IVR Calling System

Multi-level IVR system (Interactive Voice Response system) helps you manage your incoming calls from customers in Hyderabad. By utilizing the multi-fold features including number selection and IVR system, you get to provide complete customer satisfaction for your clients. Office24by7’s comprehensive cloud phone solutions provide you with various functionalities like audio libraries, post-call surveys, queue management, dialer methods, time-based IVR scheduling, and complete reports and analytics.

Handle inbound calls with complete set of functionality and features through our cloud telephony solutions.
Automated dialers help enhance the productivity of agents with Cloud Telephony solutions through outbound calling.

Choose From Predictive, Progressive, or Preview Dialing Methods to Enhance Sales Outreach

Let the manual task of dialing and connecting customers never hold back your productivity! Office24by7, being the best cloud telephony software provider in Hyderabad, provides you with the facility of background dialing with various dialer methods. While predictive dialer enhances outbound calling by dialing customers even if agents are unavailable to ensure maximum productivity, progressive dialer presents the upcoming lead’s details to the agent upon finishing one call. Use the preview dialer to preview contact details before placing the call.

Reduce Your Effort and Simplify Workflow With Top-notch Agent CTI

Why waste your precious time on redundant tasks? Leverage easy and automated blended call center processes from Hyderabad’s best cloud telephony software provider. Boost your marketing and communication efforts with voice, text, or email messages. Office24by7’s cloud telephony solutions come with our in-home integrated CRM solutions. You can also integrate with any third-party CRM software. Create customized IVR call flow. Utilize call monitoring, barging, and whispering to improve call quality.

Let your agents receive and make calls in one click with Cloud Phone system.
Cloud-based Agent CTI feature of cloud telephony software systems helps check performance and manage multiple agents.

Cloud-based Agent CTI to Monitor and Track Your Hyderabad Sales Team Performance

Hyderabad’s premier cloud telephony software provider gives you a complete and accurate report on your agents’ performance. Handling the whole team has never been this easy! Easily monitor performance by accessing their call logs and tracking activities. Based on the hierarchy, assign who can view the customer communication history in the cloud telephony solutions. Capitalize on agent performance tracking to provide the best to your clients.

Conduct With Post-Call Surveys to Know Your Hyderabad Audience’s Feedback and Opinion

What sets us apart from other cloud telephony services? Office24by7, being one of the top cloud telephony software providers, helps you capture valuable customer insights. Our automated IVR calls can be used for post-call surveys to gather these insights. It can be leveraged to rectify the flaws and improve the service quality. Our cloud phone systems help you ensure maximum satisfaction for customers in Hyderabad.

Automated IVR call through cloud telephony software system allows you to gather customer feedback effectively.

Boost Your Customer Satisfaction With the Best Cloud Telephony Service

Make the best out of your outreach efforts and maximize your customer communication with the features of our business cloud phone system.

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Virtual Number

Manage customer communication with a business virtual number from our cloud phone solutions.

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Local Number

With cloud contact center solutions, get a local landline format number and boost your business in Hyderabad.

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Mobile Number

Use our cloud calling software to facilitate free inbound calls with a mobile number as a virtual number.

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Toll-free number

Utilize our cloud contact center solutions to leverage a 10 or 11-digit toll-free virtual number.

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Call Forwarding

Our Hyderabad-based mobile call center solutions can effectively manage your call forwarding to allocated numbers.

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Welcome Message

Customize cloud phone systems to greet customers by tailoring messages with their names.

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Multi-level IVR

Build your call flow by routing calls with multi-layered IVR functionality from the best cloud telephony service provider.

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Programmable Extensions

Utilize our cloud-based virtual system to forward calls based on callers’ DTMF inputs to pre-programmed extensions.

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Voicemail Integration

Enable callers in Hyderabad to leave notes to agents with our cloud contact center solutions.

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Scheduling of IVR

Schedule IVR menus based on time, date, or holiday with our cloud phone system.

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Audio File Upload

Engage your audience with interactive audio by uploading them in .MP3 or .WAV formats.

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Recording through Call

Use our cloud-based virtual system to record voice to use as templates during mobile calls.

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Create audio files easily using text-to-speech technology with our cloud-based call center solution.

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Call Routing

Leverage call center software solutions to optimize communication flow with call routing based on time, skill, and priority.

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Sticky Agent

Our cloud-based contact center solution lets you assign the same agent who communicated with the caller to attend to them again.

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In-Queue Message

Enhance cloud contact center solutions by providing informative messages to engage callers while in the queue.

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Music on Hold (MOH)

With our virtual call center software, play pre-set audio messages or interactive music to reduce customer frustration while waiting.

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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Round-robin, linear, and ring-all distribution methods in our best cloud phone systems to furnish your call distribution.

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Call Log

Use comprehensive call logs to monitor and track inbound, outbound, and missed calls with our call center software solution.

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Feedback Call with IVR

Let customers respond to IVR surveys with simple responses. Enhance customer engagement with our cloud-based phone system.

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Feedback with Short URL

Our cloud-based call center software enables an easy feedback system through SMS with short URLs.

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Pilot Number

Our best cloud telephony solution provides dedicated caller IDs for specific segments and agents in outbound campaigns, enhancing campaign effectiveness.

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Predictive Dialer

Ensure maximum agent productivity using our virtual call center software with automated predictive dialers.

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Progressive Dialer

The efficient cloud-based phone systems allow the management of multiple calls based on pre-set ratios.

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Preview Dialer

Review contact records manually using cloud-based call center software before attending the call.

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Campaigns & Lists

The best cloud telephony software provider in Hyderabad lets you maintain multiple contact lists for campaigns to boost conversions.

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Data Import

Virtual call center software helps you import contacts from .csv, .xls, and .xlsx files. Integrate with the best cloud telephony solution.

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NDNC Registry

Prevent calling the Do Not Disturb (DND) numbers by cross-verifying them in the NDNC registry with our cloud telephony services.

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With our best call center software, oversee agent performance and campaigns. Our customizable dashboards give you real-time insights.

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Reports & Analytics

Make the best out of cloud-based call center solutions with custom reports on agent performance and adopt data-driven decisions.

Maximize Your Lead Generation Efforts With Office24by7 Cloud Telephony Solutions

Best cloud phone system to channel your communication. Leverage our virtual number services, IVR solutions, voice marketing services, and more to enhance your customer outreach.

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HR Recruitment & Interviewing

Choosing the most suitable candidate for the job is now effortless with Office24by7’s top-notch audio conference system. Our advanced cloud telephony solutions ensure seamless job interviews, regardless of the candidate’s location.

With Hyderabad’s best cloud telephony software provider, you can efficiently manage interviews for multiple applicants simultaneously, streamlining the hiring process and saving valuable time and effort.

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Deliveries, Cab Rides, & Directories

Taxi drivers and delivery personnel require a convenient means to connect with customers for location updates while hustling through the streets of Hyderabad. Our streamlined cloud telephony solutions feature a click-to-call feature to address this need.

Incorporating click-to-call buttons within mobile applications equipped with call masking, businesses involved in deliveries, transportation services, and other related sectors can ensure the privacy of their stakeholders while leveraging cloud telephony services.

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Account Security & Card Fraud Alerts

Enhance the security of online financial transactions using the best cloud telephony services in the market. Implement robust and tight security measures by sending the users immediate security notifications for every login or account activity.

Mitigate the risk of fraud by promptly informing customers about all transactions. Utilize cloud-based call center solutions to provide customers with real-time account updates, ensuring peace of mind while managing their accounts.

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Remote Working & Outsourcing

Embrace the current trend of remote work by transitioning to a work-from-home (WFH) environment through the adoption of top-notch cloud call center solutions. Utilize the premium software for seamless collaboration on projects, tasks, and initiatives.

Enable effortless strategizing for sales pitches and demonstrations. Maximize efficiency through conference calls facilitated by cloud telephony services for effective broadcasting, announcements, and other bulk operations, thereby reducing costs, time, and resources spent on on-site activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud telephony is a type of integrated communication service delivered through cloud technology. It offers voice communication functionalities. It functions over an internet protocol (IP) network hosted in the cloud, removing the necessity for on-site administration and decreasing the initial investments required for telecommunications infrastructure.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud technology are two separate approaches to providing phone system functionalities. VoIP relies on the Internet to transmit calls, while cloud services use the public switched telephone network (PSTN) for placing and receiving calls.

Cloud telephony systems utilize VoIP and PSTN lines to activate cloud calling. This is different from traditional communication systems that depend on PBX systems, which involve physical infrastructure and significant maintenance. Cloud telephony services allow the configuration of a virtual number with simple steps. This can help companies in Hyderabad increase their workflow efficiency.

You can easily set up a cloud telephony system within a day by configuring a virtual number. Contact Office24by7 at +91 70971 71717 to enable this, and our team will help you.

Major advantages of cloud calling include:

  1. 1. Need for less infrastructure
  2. 2. Cost savings
  3. 3. Increased flexibility
  4. 4. Enhanced mobility
  5. 5. Security of data

Both PSTN and VoIP are platforms for voice communication. However, the operational mechanisms are different. Both depend on an internet connection for placing calls. PSTN has a greater reliability in terms of call quality and connectivity.

Make sure that the cloud telephony providers provide you with these services:

  1. 1. IVR solutions
  2. 2. Multiple call-routing techniques
  3. 3. Agent Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  4. 4. Call monitoring and recording features
  5. 5. Omnichannel communication
  6. 6. Integration with CRM systems

Please read our detailed blog post on cloud telephony companies in Hyderabad, cloud call centers, and cloud-based calling for deeper insights into the realm of cloud telephony services.

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