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Most Efficient Cloud Call Center Software in Hyderabad

Enhance your customer experience, increase productivity, and handle more calls with less equipment using Office24by7 call center software in Hyderabad.

Inbound Call Center

Use our inbound call center software in Hyderabad and forward incoming calls directly to the right departments and agents using automatic smart distribution. Inbound call handling, call routing mechanisms, call transfers, and call forwarding are all smooth due to our IVR services.

You can now easily scale up and down your internal and external communication setup with minimal resources. Use the best call center software that has IP PBX and EPBX integrations for a seamless communication system.

Outbound Call Center

Use automated dialers with preview, predictive, and progressive dialing mechanisms. Increase your reach and make the most out of your agent time using Office24by7, the best outbound call center software in Hyderabad.

You can integrate our call center software with any trusted third-party CRM software. Let your agents make calls directly from your CRM application. This also helps to track every outbound call and interaction to the utmost detail.

Blended Call Center

Are you an enterprise that requires both inbound and outbound call center features? You can now utilize the full potential of the top call center software in Hyderabad by enabling the blended call center services. Automatically distribute incoming calls efficiently all the while making outbound calls using automated dialers.

Our call center software, when clubbed with our other services like call patching solutions, audio conferencing solutions, and sales CRM software, helps your organization achieve new levels of efficiency.

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Step Up Your Call Center Game!

The heavily featured call center software in Hyderabad is above and beyond nominal inbound, outbound and blended call center softwares.

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Customer Service Solutions

Customer service plays an important role in every organization, and we at Office24by7 know that. Be it an IVR setup or any other routing mechanism, our call center software in Hyderabad aims to provide enhanced customer service. Deliver top-tier customer satisfaction with the best contact center provider, Office24by7.

Sales Call Center

Streamline your sales calling processes with our best call center software in Hyderabad. Place an outbound call with just a click. Automatic dialers connect sales reps with customers easily. Gather insights on every call your reps make and track their interactions and metrics efficiently in our call center software.

Debt Collection Center

Agents can now easily connect with debtors in real time using our communication solutions. With automated dialers, your agents can call debtors with one click. Increase your agents’ productivity and customer reach with Office24by7 call center software in Hyderabad. Managers can keep track of the agents and know their call history using our contact center software.

Technical Support Center

Experience the efficiency and convenience of omnichannel support with Office24by7 contact center software in Hyderabad. This will enhance customer experience and make them trust your brand more than ever. Connect with the customers on any platform and offer them the support they need in an angle unified dashboard.

Features of Office24by7 Advanced Call Center Software in Hyderabad

Here’s what makes us the best call center solution provider.

Cloud Call Center

Host your call center solution on the cloud and let go of all physical difficulties in hosting a call center.

Multi-Level IVR

IVR call center offers an automated telephony service where callers can interact, gather the required information, and route calls.

Queue Management

Manage the inbound calls with very little customer wait time and distribute the workload among agents fairly.

Routing Calls

Route the calls to different agents using our call center software in Hyderabad features as needed.

Call Distribution

With our call solution’s intelligent distribution, you can now distribute the calls among agents according to your preset rules.

Agent CTI

With just a click, a practical and effective dashboard for agents to make and receive calls, update contact details, etc.

Call Transfer

Transfer the calls internally using IP PBX and EPBX.


Get on call with multiple members with or without the internet. Communicate without barriers.

Unified Communication

Communicate with customers on different platforms using the unified dashboard.

Auto Dialer

Now, your agents can auto-dial from a list of phone numbers with just a click. The best part is that the preview and predictive dialers make things even easier.

Call Recordings & Logs

Record all the calls made via our call solution and have a log of all the details in one place.

Real-time Monitoring

Reporting managers can view all agents’ activity and progress in real-time.

Live Call Monitoring

The supervisors can listen to customer agent interactions in real-time.

Contact Management

Manage your contacts smartly using our contact management feature. You can enter all the required contact details and access them at any point in time.

CRM Integration

The agents can take or make calls directly from call center software in Hyderabad, thus avoiding the hassle of switching between multiple systems.

Mobile App

Now, field agents can make the most of the call center solutions as they can access it anywhere, anytime, without hassle.

Customer Feedback

Know what your customers think about your service with our post-call feedback system. It’s quick, easy, and simple.

Reports & Dashboards

Get your hands on all the call center metrics and KPIs you need. Monitor the team performance, analyze, and make decisions accordingly.


Your agents can place calls directly from CRM with our click-to-call feature. They just have to click, and a call will be placed.

Virtual Number

Get a business number that you can use to take inbound calls and make outbound calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call center solutions or call center software will help manage the inbound and outbound calls effectively.

Office24by7 is the best call center software in Hyderabad. It offers exceptional features and great customer service.

With cloud solution for call centers, the companies won’t require any hardware equipment and all the calls can be made via mobile with the help of a virtual number. The entire calls data will be present in a CRM software.

The one way you can improve your call center service is by migrating it to the cloud. This will ease the operation.

Hosted contact center solutions will help in managing customer service communications in an organization. This will come in handy for the startups.

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response.

The contact center is hosted on cloud and is operated with the help of a CRM solution. With the help of a virtual number, the calls will be placed.

Yes. In fact the CRM software eases a lot of work in the call center and makes it easy for them to place, receive, queue, record, and forward calls, and many more.

Cloud telephony software is used in call centers. Office24by7 is a renowned and reliable cloud telephony service provider offering a multitude of services.

  • Customer care
  • Inbound queries
  • Booking services and many more.

Outbound call center as the name suggests, calls are placed to the customer on behalf of a company. They are used for marketing purposes mostly and are also used to get feedback, lead generation, etc.

Inbound call center means customers placing calls to an organization. The agents receive these calls and respond to the queries and issues as well.

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