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Enhance your organizational success by driving sales with our leading sales CRM solutions.

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Be the Best in Your Industry With the Top Sales CRM Solutions in India

Guide your prospects through the sales pipeline and convert them into customers with the leading sales CRM solutions.

Best sales CRM solutions in Chennai allows you to combine data at one place from multiple tools.

Enable Efficient Lead Tracking With Comprehensive Sales CRM Solutions

Consolidate data from various sources to clearly understand their origins and other details. Avoid the use of multiple tools for lead tracking with Office24by7 sales CRM solutions. Seamlessly follow up on leads from a centralized platform. Make calls, assign and transfer leads, update statuses, conduct demos, and much more. Enhance your sales automation with Office24by7 and streamline your sales processes today!

Get Integrated Cloud Telephony With the Best Sales CRM Solutions in India

Office24by7 is the only sales CRM solution in India that integrates cloud telephony services, allowing you to effortlessly track leads from various sources and categorize them appropriately. Manage and allocate resources efficiently as you gather leads from diverse channels. Additionally, you can directly upload leads into the sales CRM, identifying them as manual leads. This capability helps you optimize resource allocation and time management by focusing on the most productive channels.

Track the leads that you get from multiple sources and put them in a bucket through sales CRM solutions in Chennai.
Top sales CRM solutions in Chennai helps you to concentrate on high-priority leads based on the score through lead score option.

Categorize Leads Based on Priority and Score With Top Sales CRM Solutions in India

A large volume of leads incoming daily can be daunting. It’s essential to identify which leads are high priority and which can be addressed later. Our sales CRM solutions facilitate this with a lead scoring feature, allowing you to rate leads based on various criteria and enhance their conversion likelihood. This simplifies lead management and improves your overall sales process, making our lead management CRM an invaluable tool.

Access a Comprehensive Timeline of All Prospects With Sales CRM Solutions

View every detail of a lead on a single timeline with Office24by7 sales management and automation CRM software. This system integrates all interactions between a specific lead and your company, encompassing sales, customer service, and more. By centralizing information into a single source of record, your team receives a comprehensive overview of each lead, streamlining management and enhancing understanding without any hassle. 

Integrate all the touchpoints between the lead and your company and check them at a time through our sales CRM solutions in Chennai.
Set the rules of leads distribution through multiple parameters with our sales CRM solutions in Chennai.

Allocate Leads Among Agents With the Best Sales CRM Solutions in India

Set your own parameters, and we’ll facilitate the distribution process. Our sales CRM solutions are customized to meet your unique lead distribution rules. Consider various factors such as the number of leads or specific attributes of your agents, including product expertise, seniority, location, performance, lead source, and more, to optimize lead allocation.

Benefit From the Multitude of Easy Filters to Segment Your Audience

Office24by7, the best sales CRM solutions in India, helps easy filtering and prioritizing of deals as needed. Organize them based on their progression stages. The greatest advantage of our sales CRM solutions is the ability to establish various stages and tailor your workflow to align with your priorities, enhancing efficiency and focus.

Our lead management software allows you to segment the leads in one database.
Set the rules of leads distribution through multiple parameters with our sales CRM solutions in Chennai.

Connect Multiple Contacts From the Same Company to a Unified Account

Within your CRM system, connect contacts from the same company, regardless of their designations or decision-making authority, to a single account. This centralization enables effective relationship management by providing a unified repository for all relevant contact information. It simplifies tracking and managing interactions, communications, and tasks for each contact, ensuring a coordinated approach within the context of their respective accounts.

Manage, Monitor, and Track Activities With the Best Sales CRM Solutions

Improve project delivery, promptly resolve customer queries, and strengthen sales relationships by refining planning, scheduling, and organizing activities with clear deadlines. Prioritize tasks effectively to ensure optimal resource allocation, reducing the risk of overlooking new responsibilities.

Our sales CRM solutions in Chennai allows you to segment the leads in one database.
Allow your agents to view, access, and make calls and thus, give scores to prioritize them with the no.1 sales CRM solutions in Chennai.

Boost Conversion Rates in India by Identifying Upselling & Cross-selling Opportunities

The unified database in our sales CRM solutions helps streamline the process of lead segmentation. After completing segmentation, you can effortlessly initiate various marketing campaigns with just one click. Thanks to our precise, hyper-targeted segmentation, you can engage the right leads at the optimal time and effectively nurture them into prospective customers.

Optimize Lead Management With the Best Action-driven User Interface

Discover the ultimate sales CRM solutions in India with Office24by7, featuring a comprehensive range of functionalities. Our system simplifies the process for your agents to access, view, and contact leads. With just one click, agents can score leads and set priorities. The Office24by7 interface helps declutter data and streamline your agents’ workflow, enabling them to perform any lead-related action directly from the individual lead card. Simplify your sales process and enhance productivity with Office24by7.

The best CRM automation solutions in Hyderabad allows you to segment the leads in one database.
Allow your agents to view, access, and make calls and thus, give scores to prioritize them with the top sales CRM solutions in Chennai.

Improve Strategy With Comprehensive Reports and Analytics in Sales CRM Solutions

Shift your focus from lost deals to the most promising opportunities with Office24by7. Our sales automation CRM provides detailed analytics that guides you on where to allocate your time and resources effectively. This strategic approach helps you maximize the potential of each deal and enhance your overall sales performance.

Manage Your Customer Journey Effectively With India's Leading Sales CRM Solutions

Manage leads effectively with a comprehensive overview of your sales pipeline with our premier sales CRM solutions.

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Pipeline Reports

Monitor the email count at each stage of your sales pipeline with just a simple click using our CRM software solutions.

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Email Integration

Effortlessly integrate our sales CRM solutions with voice, email, calendar, social media, and a variety of other third-party tools.

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One Inbox

Enhance teamwork and efficiency by centralizing all lead-related conversations into a single inbox.

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Ensure optimal performance tracking and management of agent activities with the top sales CRM solutions in India.

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Social Media Marketing Leads

Streamline your lead acquisition by capturing leads from all your social media campaigns with Office24by7’s CRM system.

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Schedule Meeting

Leverage top sales CRM solutions to easily schedule demos by integrating our lead management CRM with various virtual meeting platforms.

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Customized Dashboard

Personalize your dashboard to suit your preferences by selecting the fields you want displayed.

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Quickly connect with prospective leads using the Office24by7 click-to-call feature within our sales CRM solutions.

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Follow-up Wisely

Assign follow-up tasks to agents and automatically send reminders if they haven’t followed up with any leads or deals.

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Lead Action

Utilize the leading sales CRM solutions in India to efficiently transfer, assign, or reassign leads to agents.

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Easy Upload

Ensure proper nurturing of leads by capturing offline leads and uploading them into the sales CRM throughout the sales pipeline.

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Table View

Make the most of our table view feature to get a detailed understanding of all lead sources.

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Telephony and IVR Integration

Enhance communication by integrating Office24by7 telephony and IVR with your existing third-party sales CRM solutions using our API.

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Basic &Advanced Search Option

Find information related to your leads using our advanced search feature and conduct thorough searches with just a few clicks.

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Cross-sell and Upsell

Enhance your sales strategy by tracking your customers’ behavior to pinpoint opportunities for cross-selling and upselling products.

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Source Analytics

Assess the success of your campaigns by analyzing the sources of your leads, helping you identify which strategies are most effective.

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Real-time Notifications

Automatically get notified whenever a lead takes a significant action by leveraging our sales CRM solutions.

Boost the Returns on Your Sales Efforts With the Leading Sales CRM Solutions

Harness all the features of our CRM system to fully optimize your sales processes and achieve maximum results.

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Real Estate Sector

Bring a new standard in managing buyer inquiries, property listings, offers, and negotiations. Easily schedule property viewings and manage your deals with confidence, ensuring a streamlined process and peace of mind.

Facilitate smooth collaboration with clients and other stakeholders throughout the transaction process. Our system allows you to efficiently manage multiple deals at once, ensuring effective coordination and streamlined operations.

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Banking & Finance

Streamline client interactions regarding accounts, credit/debit card services, or loan applications using top sales CRM solutions in India. Guide them to apt services such as investments or wealth management.

Enhance client relationship management in the banking and finance industry by implementing a sales CRM system. Enhance client relationship management, track leads effectively, and refine sales processes. This strategic integration will lead to improved customer engagement and increased retention rates, driving overall business success.

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Healthcare Sector

Consultations, appointment scheduling, and medical inquiries made easy! Route inquiries regarding primary care, specialist consultations, or emergency services to the appropriate departments. Ensure patients receive the right care.

Introduce our sales CRM solutions to enhance patient relationship management, provide personalized care, and boost operational efficiency. Our system supports streamlined communication and effective data management, helping healthcare providers improve service delivery and patient outcomes.

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Education Sector

Facilitate student navigation through course materials, assignments, and assessments with streamlined support. Implement Virtual Number technology for student support hotlines, enhancing accessibility and immediate assistance.

Centralize and manage all student data efficiently using our comprehensive all-in-one CRM services, ensuring a cohesive educational experience. Implementing a sales CRM system in the education sector significantly improves student management by enabling targeted communication for personalized support. This approach not only fosters a more tailored educational experience but also provides data-driven insights that can refine teaching methodologies and boost student engagement, leading to better educational outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses need to efficiently qualify incoming leads, nurture them with detailed analysis, and ultimately convert these leads into successful sales. Sales CRM solutions provide the necessary infrastructure to streamline these sales processes and enhance customer relationships.

Lead management is a core component of any CRM, but sales CRM systems are not exclusively focused on lead management. Most CRM solutions will include lead management functionalities, alongside other diverse features they provide.

Allocating leads efficiently to agents based on their skills, knowledge, and other established parameters is called intelligent lead distribution. The best CRM solutions in India like Office24by7 help streamline the lead assignment process, ensuring leads are handled by the most suitable agents for optimal results.

In sales CRM solutions, lead management typically encompasses five essential steps: capturing leads, tracking their progress, qualifying them based on set criteria, distributing them to appropriate sales representatives, and nurturing them through personalized communications to move them toward a sale.

An efficient lead tracking system like Office24by7 delivers detailed insights on each lead, from its source to qualifying. This comprehensive visibility allows you to strategically plan your next steps, optimizing lead management and conversion processes.

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