Voice broadcasting

10 Reasons Why Voice Broadcasting is the Best Tool to Reach Customers

Voice broadcasting is an effective communication medium to reach customers. It is a more personal way of communicating than compared to emails or text messages. 

Agreed emails and text messages can reach a wider audience quickly, but these modes can be tiresome and expensive. Voice broadcasting is one solution that can help you in such a situation. Not only is it cost-efficient but also highly effective in this digital-first market.

Using voice broadcasting, businesses can have a competitive edge over others as it saves time to a great extent. It’s like having your own telemarketing company. Almost any business, big or small, can benefit from using it in big ways. 

We have curated this blog to make you aware of the top ten reasons why voice broadcasting is the best tool to reach customers.

Voice Broadcasting

Table of Contents

  • What is Voice Broadcasting?
  • Types of Voice Broadcasting
  • How Does Voice Broadcasting Work?
  • What Are Some Interesting Features of Voice Broadcasting System?
  • 10 reasons why Voice Broadcasting is the Best Tool to Reach Customers
  • What are the Most Effective Ways to Leverage Voice Broadcasting tool?
  • Where can the Voice Broadcasting system be used?
  • Conclusion

What is Voice Broadcasting?

It is a process that uses software to send bulk automated voice calls to customers at once. It is also known as automated call broadcast. It does not need a dedicated staff to handle all the calls manually. 

It does not need hardware or complex equipment to work, especially since it is a cloud-based solution. It can deliver the message to customers with absolutely no errors and has shown to provide remarkable success.

Businesses today have a huge customer database, and it’s very difficult to deliver personalized messages to each customer in a short time. Voice broadcasting can help businesses reach a wider audience quickly.

Types of Voice Broadcasting

Types of Voice Broadcasting

There are five types, and each type has been described in detail below; 

Simple Phone Broadcasting

This type involves the delivery of a basic message to the customers after the phone system dials a list of contacts. The message is either delivered to an individual or to their answering machine. Customers simply get to listen to a recorded message and can take action. This type of broadcasting is useful for event announcements, reminders, etc 

Custom Phone Broadcast Messaging

This type of broadcasting is similar to the first type but differs in such a way that a customized message is played when phone calls are made to the customers. A customized message means that unique details of customers like names, addresses, amounts, dates, or times are included for each customer. 

Phone Broadcasting and Touchphone Response

This type of broadcasting involves playing the recorded message to customers so that the recipients can choose options like Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support, etc. This form of broadcasting can also leave a message on the answering machine of customers. 

Phone Broadcasting and Call Transfer

This type of broadcasting is a method where the voice call, once sent to customers, can be transferred to agents based upon the responses given by the customers. Calls can be transferred to agents who are working remotely. It does not require hardware or equipment since it’s a cloud-based solution. It helps in the fast resolution of customer queries. 

“Smart” Phone Broadcasting

This type of broadcasting has smart features like predictive dialing, post-call survey, and polling usability. A predictive dialing feature ensures that the call is routed to the agents as per their availability. Post-call survey features ensure that customers can give valuable feedback on the call quality, agents, service, etc. 

On the other hand, the polling usability of voice broadcasting indicates that you can use this type to take polls amongst customers, especially when a business wants to know how good their product/services are, etc. 

How Does Voice Broadcasting Work?

Now that you know what voice broadcasting is and its types, it’s time to know how it works. Like every other software, it also has a process to be followed and it’s very simple. Below are the steps involved in it.

Step 1: Record a Voice Message

You can easily record a voice message on your mobile, and the resulting audio file can be saved. You can listen to the audio message before uploading it. Make sure the message has an IVR. Include a call-back option in the message as well. 

Step 2: Add Phone Numbers 

The next step is to keep the list of phone numbers of customers ready on your system. The list could be in a file or CSV format. DND calls can be screened and removed by software so that only active phone numbers remain to be contacted.

Step 3: Send a Broadcast 

The final step is to send the voice message to many customers by uploading the audio file and the contact list. Schedule the right time and date to send the message, and always check the resulting reports to know about the success of campaigns. 

What Are Some Interesting Features of Voice Broadcasting System?

Voice broadcasting software has many robust features that help quickly deliver pre-recorded intelligent voice broadcast messages to customers. Below is the list of these features described in detail.

Features of Voice Broadcasting

Virtual Number

A virtual number is a phone number that does not need any phone lines and works through the internet.

The epidemic shifted the work culture toward remote environments for agents. With the advent of cloud telephony, call centers could manage this situation as it provides a virtual number. Traditional phone lines cannot support in such a situation. A virtual number serves as a single point of contact for agents and customers. 

There are two types of virtual numbers; one is a shared virtual number that is, as per the name is shared by many businesses as the point of contact, while the second one is a dedicated virtual number that is exclusive to business and cannot be shared by other businesses.  

Both types of virtual numbers allow you to manage calls and texts. Virtual numbers offer many benefits. The major is easy portability, i.e., in case your business shifts to a new location or ties up with a new cloud telephony provider, you can easily use the same virtual number as before. The other benefits include 24by7 availability, helps establish a local presence, reduces expenditure needed for international calls, quick to set up, etc. 

Text-to-Speech and Upload Audio File

Text-to-speech is one feature of voice broadcasting software. The technology can convert text messages into speech or a voice that sounds like a human. The text message from the word file is taken and read aloud by the software; therefore, this technology is also known as read-aloud technology.  

The voice message can be saved and personalized by including the customer’s name and other relevant details. It can send messages to numerous customers. The technology is available in various languages. Alternatively, you can upload an audio file of the recorded message. 

Contact Management

With contact management feature you can target multiple contact lists to whom you need to send voice campaigns.

Manually sending voice broadcast campaigns to your contacts is tiring. Office24by7 contact management is most efficient way to keep up with your contacts. This feature lets you store multiple contact details such as name, company, phone, email etc.

With it, you can upload or download your list of contacts all at once without manually typing each one. Since it’s an automated process, you can easily send voice broadcasts to thousands and more contacts. You also save time and money with contact management.

Easy DND List Management 

DND list or do not disturb list is the phone number of customers who do not want to receive voice broadcast calls. It is useful for compliance with legal obligations. Businesses need to ensure that none of the calls are made to the phone numbers on the DND list while running voice or telemarketing campaigns.

Otherwise, it can result in a penalty. Voice broadcasting software takes care of this as it automatically filters and removes the DNC contacts from the contact list. Moreover, you can also import a do not call list. 

IVR with Opt-out Message 

IVR feature in voice broadcasting system ensures voice broadcasting messages to be interactive. It bridges the gap between the business and the customers effectively. It also reduces the customer waiting time by giving self-service options to callers and improves customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, an IVR feature saves time and money. Further, an IVR feature is available round the clock; hence, customer queries can be attended to anytime. 

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Scheduling Control

A scheduling control feature in a voice broadcasting system allows you to schedule your campaigns according to the time and date needed. This is done following the availability of customers’ time and date. It ensures the success of campaigns as none of the calls is left unanswered. 

Live Call Transfer

This feature allows calls to be transferred to agents on a live call. It allows a positive customer experience for the caller. Voice broadcasting campaigns allow live call transfer to customers. 

Auto Retry

Auto retry is a new feature that lets you send voice broadcasts to the customers who haven’t responded to the first attempt. Generally, customers might be away from their phones or busy on another call. With this feature, you can retry sending the broadcasts again.

This is especially helpful when voice broadcast calls don’t go through. With auto-retry, your message will get delivered to your customers again.

Retry Delay

Retry delay is a feature in voice broadcasting that allows you to optimize the time after which it can send the next campaign to customers in the case of unanswered responses. 

API Support

A Voice broadcasting system with API support ensures that information or reports of customer responses to the campaigns are integrated within the software for visibility. 

10 reasons Why Voice Broadcasting is the Best Tool to Reach Customers?

Reaching out to a huge number of customers within a short time is a crucial factor in many businesses. This is usually possible with phone calls and emails. However, the former is costly, and the latter is time-consuming. Voice broadcasting saves money and time and eliminates this manual need. Below are ten reasons why it is the best tool to reach customers. 

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting Software

Simple Setup and Easy To Maintain

Voice broadcasting is an easy setup. You won’t need any additional hardware; you will receive just what you need to boost your sales. All you have to do is log onto your web-based platform and broadcast your recorded message in various modes and formats, depending on your needs.

Another key feature that distinguishes this service is the ability to schedule messages. A recorded message can be an easy and simple setup during any time of the day or any day of the week/month. Customers easily get the option of listening to a recorded message and acting on it. This form of broadcasting is beneficial for various purposes, including event announcements, reminders, etc.

Lead Generation

Voice Broadcasting is a powerful technique for delivering timely product messages and information. With real-time report generating, several key entry options, and the ability to send millions of calls in some minutes, your company appears strong, swift, and dependable. 

To generate leads, reach out to the target audience. All you need is a little imagination to use it to generate a steady stream of potential leads. That’s why it’s also the simplest way to reach the largest number of customers for the least amount of money. 

Voice broadcasting has recently gained recognition as a viable economic channel for all businesses looking to boost sales. Additionally, it saves time, improves client satisfaction, and increases revenue.

It continues to motivate customers to respond with each passing day. As a result, voice broadcasting floods every firm with more leads. It has a high response rate and will help you generate more leads for your organization.

Wide Reach

Voice broadcasting can simultaneously convey voice messages to thousands of receivers. Retry options are available with it, allowing companies to increase their reach by resending the broadcast message to people who missed the first call. 

Surveys and information confirmation are two of its most prevalent uses of it. Many large corporations employ it to maintain their brand presence, ensuring that their customers know their products and ongoing programs.

Using it is the most effective approach to contacting your target audience. In today’s world, everyone has a mobile phone. You may easily widen your reach without the hassle of expansion by leveraging this and utilizing the local language.

Brand Presence

With voice broadcasting or automated calling, you can broadcast information to millions of people in a matter of seconds. You need a simple and powerful solution when you need to contact hundreds, thousands, or even crores of individuals as rapidly as possible.

When individuals hear your brand name, it creates a mental image and a reference for you. With voice broadcasting, you can continue sending out informational calls to customers about your new launch, new upgrades, all services you offer, and how you can help them become brands.

Furthermore, enterprises must retain their market presence. With the use of its services, they can effortlessly accomplish so. It significantly boosts your brand’s visibility. Also, the capacity to communicate with multiple consumers at the same time automatically broadens the scope of your business and establishes a hold on your brand. The wider population becomes aware of your product, brand, and company.

An increase in product sales

Voice broadcasting saves businesses time since it eliminates the need for employees to call clients one by one. It speeds up the process by allowing you to upload contact lists, record a message, and send it to everyone at once.

What used to require hours and multiple resources now takes a few minutes and a single button click. You don’t even have to press a button if you schedule your messages at a specific day and time.

Automated voice broadcasting eliminates the need for human resources. A single person or a small team can create the messages you require and apply them to the proper call lists. Message scheduling tools make it simple to prepare messages ahead of time and blast them at the right time.

Delivers Consistent Message without Errors

Voice broadcasting provides a constant message without error. Automation is currently one of the most significant booms of the digital era. That happened because the aspect of fatigue and inaccuracy set in when the human being feels exhausted.

On the other hand, with machines and systems, this is not a concern. The automated service serves the same strength. It is a computerized cold-calling system. As a result, the margin of human error is removed completely. You can design a broadcasting system without making mistakes if you use an appropriately modulated speech pattern or even a professional voice actor. 

Convenient and Scalable

Voice broadcasting allows you to send your message quickly and accurately without an agent. Unlike emails, it allows you to communicate with illiterate people who do not have internet access or are visually impaired.

Regardless of mail, many people prefer to interact verbally. It is the most effective way to communicate with all these people. You might be able to plan calls based on large amounts of data and send them at a rapid rate.

Furthermore, it is a convenient tool for government agencies that need to notify millions of people immediately about emergency alerts such as floods, earthquakes, medical assistance, etc. The same is true for business people who need to notify their clients about specific upgrades, unavailable services, and so on as soon as possible.

Can be Automated 

Voice broadcasting software automatically redials consumers who do not answer the automated call. The best aspect is that you can monitor a time limit and the number of redial attempts for your contacts.

Furthermore, using a centralized system and phone number, you can pre-record and transmit automated voice calls to phone numbers using it. It allows the call recipient to listen to the recorded message and engage with it by hitting keys on their phone’s keypad.

Can be Personalized 

Another perk of employing voice messages is that you can easily make modifications to campaigns while they are still running. The user can change the parameters for the way of sending the message based on their needs, target audience, and the nature of the message that has to be sent.

Furthermore, the traditional approach of mass SMS lacks the personalized touch that voice broadcasting provides. It allows you to customize the message as needed. It enhances the likelihood that customers will listen to a message. It gives you a competitive advantage and makes your brand stand out.

In addition, unlike written communication, a voice message gives the customer a sense of familiarity rather than the impression of words. It provides customers with a relaxing experience. Furthermore, the software can customize messages according to each customer’s preferences.

Pocket Friendly

For a business to survive and develop, it is essential to manage its finances effectively. Voice broadcasting comes to the rescue in this situation since it can deliver services at extremely low costs. It accomplishes both objectives of reaching out to clients and not spending too much money.

Voice broadcast service also provides methods for tracking the efficacy of your campaign. As a result, you may utilize the insights to evaluate your campaign, including the subject, scheduling, and audience segments. With this tool, you may launch a trial campaign for a limited time to determine which campaign is more effective and when the optimal time to deliver your message is.

As a result, you can use the message receiving the most attention from your target demographic for the campaign duration. Furthermore, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a large audience because you don’t have to call your audience individually, saving your team time and effort while lowering your operational costs.

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What are the Most Effective Ways to Leverage Voice Broadcasting tool?

Voice broadcasting tool has many advantages to businesses, small or big when used effectively. You need to have a good strategy in place. You also need to give more attention to the campaigns. Below are the most effective ways to use voice broadcasting tool.

Target your Audience Accurately

The first important step for achieving your goal is finding out who you target. You can connect with people who are likely to show interest in your service. Make sure you analyze target audience accurately.

This is important because it forms the base for your voice message and also helps you get the best results. Further, an effective and personalized message will help you can grow your business more.  

Automated Alert Message with Live Agent Help

Voice broadcasting software sends out an unlimited number of pre-recorded audio messages/voicemails. It is a mass communication approach that allows you to deliver infinite notifications, educational or promotional messages, and alerts to your target audience in a short period. 

The software transfers live connected calls to the agents. Undoubtedly, live call transfer will result in more dedicated leads and sales. Increase your sales chances by making as many live calls as possible. You can use the agent’s time and efforts on prospective live calls.

Plan Your Approach/Determine Your Objective

The next stage in launching a voice broadcasting campaign is to examine your objectives. Setting up your campaign to match these requirements should assist you in reaching them as soon as possible. Determine the number of clients you want to reach.

It can also help you keep track of every step you take during a campaign so you can make more informed judgments. Creating a design and plan for each campaign will likely differ depending on your company’s needs. Making decisions based on previous goals may make it easier to generate new ones.

Automated Voicemail for Mass Notifications

Alerts, notices, reminders, promotions, surveys, and more can be sent via automated voice messaging and voice broadcast. It is a quick and inexpensive approach to contacting the subscriber. You can send pre-recorded audio messages delivered to the receiver as a conventional phone call. The automated voice messaging solution from Office24by7 is completely configurable.

Create Concise/Precise Messages with a Call to Action

Make a public announcement. The broadcasting option allows users to simultaneously send a single message to several users from different user groups or locations. Broadcasting is not the same as having a conversation with other people. Recipients are unaware whether or whether other users have received the same message.

Where can the Voice Broadcasting System be Used?

The voice broadcasting system have myriad of applications, let’s have a look at some of them.

Uses of Voice Broadcasting Software

Polls and Surveys

voice broadcasting tool can perform large-scale market research and surveys; the DTMF input function allows your audience to give feedback using their phone’s keypad (press 1, press 2). This mode of the poll received more responses than email or SMS. This can be accomplished through polls or by allowing recipients to speak with a real agent.

Reminder calls 

Customers can be notified of impending reservations, payments, appointments, and other events regularly via an automated call in the most effective way possible.

Automated reminder calls are a terrific approach to touching or interacting with people. The sender can remind a client or customer about a service appointment they have made, ensuring that no one forgets and everyone saves time.

Emergency Alerts

During an emergency, systems that send out mass phone calls are an excellent approach to reach out to a large number of individuals at once. For example, a school could employ a voice broadcast service to notify parents of a weather-related cancellation. A utility provider could notify all the customers of a service interruption.

Notification Calls

Voice broadcasting can be used to send notification calls especially when a new product is released or when a discount or deal is announced. Customers may receive this information via SMS and email, but they ignore it daily. As a result, people are concerned about missing out on special offers or not being able to use loyalty points before they expire.

Receiving notifications about these details via voice broadcasting messages serves as a reminder to clients, increasing happiness and spending with your company.

Event Invitations

Events are a powerful way to attract customers’ attention. They are powerful lead generation tools with high conversion rates. About 40-50% of the people who register for events can be targeted as leads for your business. The higher the number, the more likely leads will be converted.

You may enhance event attendance and total lead conversion rate by employing voice broadcasting to inform registered individuals about the event.

Inform About New Product Launch

Multiple marketing initiatives can be launched, managed, and monitored efficiently with voice broadcasting technologies. Customers are advised of new product launches via automated alerts and notifications. Businesses can use voice broadcasting to gather feedback from customers on new product launches.

Inform About Service Release

Inform and reach out to a wide target audience whenever you have job vacancies, sales promotions, new product launches or new feature additions, and so on, using the power of a phone call that can be planned and automated. So, customers get information about service releases and new updates with voice broadcasting services.

Corporate Announcements

Why should voice broadcasting’s potential usage be limited to your company’s clients rather than being used to engage with your employees? You can use this tool to send messages to your employees, combining them with text messages, emails, company memos, and other forms of communication. This strategy allows you to disseminate information to all employees simultaneously.


Voice Broadcasting is a method of communicating with hundreds or thousands of people. It has multiple robust features, and the reasons listed above are just a few to make you aware that it is the best tool to reach customers. While selecting a voice broadcasting service provider make sure you choose a reliable and affordable solution.

Office24by7 is the best voice broadcasting service provider whose service allows you to send digitally recorded messages to a huge customer base. Many different clients from a variety of industries have benefited using our services.

Our speech broadcasting frameworks can help you convey critical notifications, key updates, and relevant information. Join forces with us to keep your stakeholders, customers, business partners, and workers up to date. Get your message to as many people as possible in the quickest amount of time, without having to wait for phone lines! Call us at 91 7097171717 or drop an email at sales@office24by7.com today to learn more about our solutions.