5 Best Zoho CRM Alternatives in 2023

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If you are searching for a Zoho CRM alternative, this blog is for you. 

Zoho CRM helps businesses and organizations with their overall business processes. The Zoho Corporation was established in 1996 by an Indian, Sridhar Vembu. They began with project management software, but guess what? They later added CRM to their toolbox, too!

But just like any other software, Zoho CRM isn’t perfect. It’s got some quirks that some businesses don’t love. And that’s why we’re here!

In this article, we will check out other options that can do similar things to Zoho CRM. We’ll tell you the good and not-so-good stuff about each one. That way, you can pick the one that suits your needs best.


Why Look for Zoho CRM Alternatives?

There are so many reasons why people are looking for Zoho CRM alternatives. The tool comes with so many limitations. Here are some of its most reported cons that we have curated.

Zoho crm Cons 2 | Office24by7


Top 5 Zoho CRM Alternatives in the Market

Let us check the best Zoho CRM alternatives in the market, along with their pros and cons. However, do not fall for any free CRM software, as they can have limited features, lack of support, integration restrictions, and lots of advertising. This will give you a clear idea of which one would match your business requirements. 

#1. Office24by7

Office24by7 home | Office24by7

Office24by7 sales CRM is one of the best sales CRM providers in our country. It is a cloud CRM and is a great alternative to Zoho CRM as it has even better features and is affordable. Also, it is the only CRM in India with integrated cloud telephony call center solutions.

Office24by7 comes in handy as a CRM for small business and enterprises. Office24by7 sales CRM has many features that help salespeople, marketers, and support teams deliver what customers want and ensure that every relevant touch point is accessed effectively.

Here are some of the most important features of Office24by7 Sales CRM that can help your business:

Office24by7 CRM features | Office24by7

Lead Capturing

Lead capturing has to be the most important feature of a business CRM. Now, let us understand what lead capturing is. A business can get leads from various sources like website forms, QR codes, emails, calls on virtual numbers, etc. 

Sales CRM will capture every lead that comes from these different sources. Most of the CRM software like Hubspot CRM and Salesforce CRM have some limitations when it comes to capturing these leads. 

They usually miss the leads that are generated via virtual numbers or via, email marketing, etc. However, that is not the case with Office24by7 cloud CRM. It is the best CRM that won’t let even one lead slip through the cracks.

Data Deduplication 

Whether it be Sales or marketing, everything revolves around data. However, when you integrate data from multiple sources, there are times when the data is repeated multiple times. Office24by7 will help in preventing this with the data deduplication technology.   

This way, your sales team won’t reach out to the same leads multiple times, affecting your relationship with them. This may seem like a minute issue, but it can greatly impact your sales cycle.    

Lead Distribution

Capturing leads is one thing, but distributing them effectively among the team members is another. This is one of the most complicated tasks in the sales process. If this is not done right, it can also become a big hassle for the sales team and leads.  

Office24by7 can help you in the lead distribution process effectively. You can automate the entire process or give admin access to assign those leads to respective users as per their skills and talent.          

Most businesses have different users who excel at talking and selling different products and services. If any lead is interested in one particular service, you can connect that lead to the agent with a complete idea of the service.    

This way, the lead will get the necessary details, making it possible to move the lead forward. Office24by7, being a popular business CRM, offers two types of automatic lead distribution methods- round-robin and Linear.

Apart from that, you will always have the feasibility to transfer the leads in the sales process as per your requirement.

Lead Score

Know which leads matter the most for your business and focus on them. Not every lead is equally beneficial, and the Office24by7 team knows this. This business CRM software will give a particular score for every lead, depending on their interactions.

The leads with high scores get more priority than others, so your sales teams can close the leads quickly.

Robust Integrations

Businesses usually deploy multiple tools to get their work done, and it is essential that the CRM that you are planning to use can be integrated with all of these tools.

This is where Office24by7 comes in handy as a business CRM. This CRM can be integrated with some of the best business software in the market without limitations.

Mobile CRM

With Office24by7, you can take your sales CRM anywhere you go. Your sales reps can download the app on their mobile and take it anywhere. Everything can be done directly via mobile, from lead entry to updating all the details.

So many amazing features in Office24by7 mobile CRM make it one of the best in the market. 

Hierarchical Monitoring 

Decision makers, CEOs, CXOs, and managers will have hierarchical monitoring options. This way, everyone could observe and monitor the sales team’s performance in real-time. 

Why Office24by7? 

When you have access to the right sales CRM, your team will be able to do wonders. Organizations need to invest in a business CRM like Office24by7, which helps the entire sales team stay on one page and be updated in real time. 

It became one of the best Zoho CRM alternatives because of the myriad of features it is bringing to the table. So many tools like HubSpot CRM and Salesforce CRM are available in the market. However, none of them aligns with the requirements of a customizable CRM for small business. 

Small business owners are forced to pay more for features they don’t use, which is changed with Office24by7. This tool is curated as a customizable CRM for small business and enterprises. You just need to pay for the important features of your business.

#2. SendinBlue

SendinBlue home | Office24by7

SendinBlue is one of the most reliable Zoho alternatives present in the market. This marketing and sales software helps create a collaborative work environment in the organization. 

SendinBlue can help you with email marketing and Facebook advertising and has various other marketing automation features that can aid your business. It comes pretty close to Office24by7 when it comes to the collaborative setup for the marketing and sales team.

However, it is quite pricey when compared to Office24by7.

#3. Insightly

Insightly home | Office24by7

Insightly is another amazing alternative to Zoho CRM and is much discussed in the market. It comes with some of the most important features. 

Insightly can also be used as a business intelligence tool, providing extensive flexibility and functionality with data. However, this tool is expensive, and it may not be apt as a CRM for small business medium-sized businesses.

#4. HubSpot

Hubspot home | Office24by7

HubSpot is an infamous name for marketing automation and sales CRM. There are so many businesses across the world that rely on this tool and have been able to leverage it to the fullest. 

HubSpot has so many amazing features, and above all, its integration capabilities are something that most businesses love. This software can be integrated with various business tools.

One will be able to access multiple features in one tool itself.

#5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive home | Office24by7

Pipedrive is the best cloud CRM for pipeline management and optimization. It is designed to help teams make the most of their leads and convert them into deals. Its AI capabilities, intelligence software, and predictive data insights to get this done.

Pipedrive has the best user interface, making it easy for business owners to work around it. The tool also comes with AI capabilities, which help prevent the leads from falling through the cracks. 


Zoho CRM is a great sales CRM present in the market. However, it has huge drawbacks, prompting most businesses to look for Zoho CRM alternatives. As you can see, there are so many such alternatives in the market that you can opt for, and Office24by7 cloud CRM tops them all with its power-packed features and great customer service.

Don’t believe me? Why don’t you call me and see how Office24by7 can change the landscape of your business with their sales CRM?

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