5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Cloud Telephony Provider

by Aug 29, 2018Cloud Telephony

Business decisions can make or break the future of your organization. Similarly, choosing a Cloud Telephony provider is critical to growth, as it lays the foundation to automate business communication. ClouTelephony lays the foundation to automate business communication. Numerous companies are offering Cloud Telephony Solutions with different features and benefits. Your needs for Cloud Telephony solutions are specific, but the multiple options might confuse you.

So, how do you find yours from a list of cloud telephony companies? How do you compare the best cloud telephony service to others? What are the basic parameters that you should look into? And more importantly, what questions should you ask yourself before finalizing your decision?

In this blog, we will discuss five important questions that you should ask yourself before choosing a Cloud Telephony Service.


Does Cloud Software offer easy-going Integrations?

You choose one of the cloud telephony providers to make your business communication more systematic. If the application does not integrate with your operating CRM, the stored information gets diversified, is challenging to organize, and forces you to purchase software to solve the problem. A flexible Cloud Solution facilitates easy integrations with any application, and the tools you use are always wise.


Is Cloud Software Compatible with Mobile?

Customer communication is important for every business as it accelerates the company’s performance. You need customer information on multiple gadgets you use for better efficiency. The cloud telephony provider that you choose must be operatable on your phone. With mobile compatibility, the mobile app can empower your team to work while traveling and go places with customer information anywhere, anytime, and help you monitor their real-time performance.


Is Cloud Software Secure Enough to Store Unlimited Data?

Securing a customer database is a business priority, as it resembles the brand’s trustworthiness. What if cloud software breaches the data security after updating all your business information? It can be a daunting experience, and you don’t want to mess with your confidential information. So, how do you determine the reliability of the Cloud Telephony provider in terms of security and support? It is useless if the software demands most of your time for updates and fixing bugs, putting your prospective business operations on hold.


Is Cloud Software User-friendly?

Spending a considerable amount on incorporating Cloud Software into your existing business system and requiring a technical expert to operate could add a budget burden to your business. Hence, the chosen Cloud Software should be user-friendly and be used by all from different verticals of different knowledge bases like sales, customer support, technical, and developer.


Is Cloud Software Worthy of Money?

Price tag plays a significant role in decision making, but what if the Cloud Software you choose does not provide easy integrations with CRM and other applications, is not mobile compatible, and requires techie support? At Office24by7, we recommend our clients understand the functionalities of the Cloud Telephony software in detail and let price not influence their decision.

If the above information isn’t sufficient and you need to talk to an expert personally before making a decision, we are here to help. Our consultants would be happy to take a call at your convenient time. Office24by7 is India’s premier cloud telephony provider, soon to be available internationally. For expert assistance in optimizing your business operations, please contact us today at +91 7097171717 or email us at sales@office24by7.com.

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