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Is call center software expensive? | Office24by7

A call center, or contact center, is the most popular hub of outsourcing services differentiated into inbound, outbound, and blended call centers. Inbound call center serves the customers’ needs and is called customer support or customer service-oriented centers. Outbound call centers call customers with varied promotional motives, improving business sales. Blended call center, a manifesto of both inbound and outbound solutions rendering customer service and sales pursuits. However, increasing call center cost is always a concern for growing businesses.

In summary, a call center is a place that has to handle a considerable call flow at the same point in time, use customizable automation features to screen caller information, and forward calls to favorable end-points. So, for this, contact centers do require a software solution to improve overall customer experience and to streamline the communication process.

Nowadays, contact centers are inhibited by cloud solutions because of their affordability, flexibility, and convenience. However, collaborating with a cloud service provider may not be tough in this digital world, but accessing the varied features of the call/contact center software in the very first place is truly the toughest. There are hundreds of service providers with pros and cons, but the pain is that contact centers have to choose different vendors for specific features. If you are a business organization looking for the best call center solution in the market, your major pain point will be the call center cost.  However, there is a solution with all major features that is affordable and scalable according to your requirements.

Office24by7 provides all the features on a compatible platform in on-premises and cloud that are required for the smooth running of a contact center efficiently, with highly feasible call center cost. It is easy to configure and gets functional in a few minutes.

How to Enhance Contact Center Functionality

Enhancing contact center functionality is crucial in today’s business landscape. To achieve this, organizations should focus on various aspects. Employee training and development programs ensure that agents have the skills to provide outstanding service. Constant performance monitoring and data analysis enable data-driven decisions and continuous improvement, resulting in a more efficient and effective contact center operation that meets customer expectations and drives success.

Here are some of the innovative features of Office24by7, the best call center software to enhance your contact center functionality:

Intelligent Call Routing System

Follows a set of protocols to assign, manage, attend, and respond to each call on a priority basis.

Automatic Call Distributor

It follows a set of predetermined instructions routing incoming calls to specific agents.

Interactive Voice Response

The self-service module, from the customer’s standpoint, allows them to route themselves to their favorable end-points.


Automatic dialers dial calls from the predetermined database, connecting agents instantly to the numbers.

Virtual Number

A regular telephone number, either in the format of a landline, mobile, or toll-free number. It is a customizable call forwarding feature routing callers to definite destinations. Destination can be a pilot number, a remote agent, or a voice mail. A single virtual number allows the configuration of various integral aspects like IVR, call recording, call tracking, voice-mail integrations, call transfer, conference calls, audio store, and programmable extensions directing calls to land on desired end-points.

Computer Telephony Integrations

Displays caller information instantly in the form of screen pop-ups for the agents. It shows relevant information to gain knowledge about the caller’s history.


Click-to-call functionality enables one to initial the call from the dashboard simply with a click.

Reports and Analytics

Keeps track of operations and call status and helps to gauge agent performance in real-time.


In the cloud telephony market, call center pricing may not always be affordable for growing businesses. This is where Office24by7 comes into play. With the advent of new technological innovations, the contact center software has become efficient and cost-effective. Office24by7 provides a single integrated platform where the furnished API suites allow the integration of third-party tools. To simplify the transparency of features, we offer a trial period with an instantly activated demo account showcasing all of the call/contact center software features in the first place. Also, activation, deactivation, and purchasing can be done online. The services are framed based on the cloud and hence scalable to any extent at any point in time.

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