How to choose the best Conference Solution?

The Conference is a systematic calling system that connects a group of people to share information. This has gained a lot of importance in the office communication process where calls get lands for connecting instantly and work flawlessly, assisting in a discussion, bringing up-to-date activities. Office24by7 Conference system comes with all advanced features differing widely with various service providers. Selecting the trustworthy service provider with all innovative features to streamline communication process at an affordable price is surely an added advantage for an organization.

It is true; one size does not fit all. But Office24by7 Smart Conference addresses every small, mid and large organization needs. Web Interface is being designed feasibly at user convenience to manage calls, browse post meeting participant status and keeping a track of activities. Office24by7 provides this connecting facility on Cloud with high redundant servers. Hence, scalable at any point in time as per requirements.

Office24by7 offers Smart Conference facilitating Organizations to connect a pool of participants in a fraction on a single interface. Opting Smart Conference solution is done online easily.  All that is to be done is visit office24by7.com website and create User ID and raise a request for the activation. It gets activated in no time utilization:

  • Inbound Conference
  • Outbound Conference
  • Blended Conference

Inbound Conference facility is used by the companies to connect a large group of people at the same point in time. Multiple participants join a Conference after dialing a Virtual Number and an authentication process of entering a PIN or Password.

Outbound Conference is preferable to host a meeting with the bulk population almost instantaneously. It permits calls to get initiated from the dashboard to the predetermined participants through automated dialer. As soon as the participant receives the call, gets into Conference.

Office24by7 Smart Conference supports Web based audio meetings where it gets activated with a Manager Login and Security PIN to host communication with participants. It is reliable and affordable and supports almost all devices. Enabled the features of music on hold, hand rising option for the participant by the organization to avoid disturbances and confusion while conveying inputs.Mute and Unmute options are also commonly incorporated. An email notification is triggered to the participant while conference is live. We facilitate Organizations to host multiple campaigns at the same time bringing them into a meeting. Simple and effortless to extract real- time reports and analytics to comprehend the ROI.

The Conference facility is to ensure that the employees from different places do not miss out an opportunity of sharing valuable information. So, selecting a service provider with redundant servers at multiple locations with varied features at an affordable price is advantageous for organizations. For that Office24by7’s SMART Conference is the best competency.