How CRM and Cloud Telephony Boost Your Business Growth

by Aug 13, 2018Cloud Telephony

Hundreds of potential customers contact you daily, looking for the services and solutions you offer. Some of them like your product; some say they will think about it, while others are not interested. To run the business efficiently and generate profit, you need to capture all the information of every customer. You should reach out to them through multiple channels regularly and, most importantly, attend every call with equal importance and energy. Additionally, you should record all conversations and call logs to analyze the performance of your agents. This is possible by deploying an efficient CRM and Cloud Telephony, which could result in enhanced sales and improved customer service.

While it’s not impossible to do all things manually, it’s an inefficient way of performing business operations that brings down your profit. Cloud solutions are innovative technological business solutions to help you move telephony infrastructure to the cloud. It can help you connect with your customers through a single number, store large customer databases, maintain records, and protect customer privacy. Most importantly, CRM and Cloud Telephony help you save huge initial investment and automate business communication.

In this blog post, we will discuss why your business should use Cloud Telephony solutions. We’ll also see which types of companies need it, and when and where to find it.


Why Cloud Telephony?


Why is cloud telephony needed? | Office24by7

Secured Database:

CRM and Cloud Telephony solutions help you with a secured database. You can automatically record caller information and keep track of conversations. It also updates interaction status and maintains remarks securely, making it available to agents at any point in time. This can be used for quality check with less time and effort. This database is useful for organizations to evaluate agents’ performance, call histories, call abandon rates, and resolution rates and can import business actionable insights for future assessments.

24by7 Communication:

An IVR makes your business 24by7 reachable. No matter when customers reach you for queries, it intelligently routes calls based on time, skill, language, customer interests, and call history. It enables customers to knock on your business door and resolve issues. Queries after business hours can be handled with Voice Mail integrations, automated SMS, and voice calls. Cloud Telephony is a business phone system that serves you even after business hours.

Powerful Collaborations:

Cloud Telephony enables integrations of any third-party CRM via powerful APIs and Plug-ins. Cloud Solutions provides a customizable UI to businesses for streamlining business communication flow touching multiple verticals.


Cloud Telephony allows you to use a single business number, a Virtual Number, making it easy for your customers to remember when they want to reach you. You can efficiently handle all business calls via one number map with multiple numbers of any format at the back end. Hence, pooling out analytical data from multiple channels becomes easy and trackable and offers flexibility to analyze the performance of varied channels, comprehend ROI, and bring in new tactics for enhancing business.


Who Can Use Cloud Telephony?


Who can use cloud telephony solutions | Office24by7

Industries like hospitals, banks, financial institutions, educational institutions, recruitment services, logistics, hotels, restaurants, etc., can benefit from the use of CRM and cloud telephony. The benefits of cloud telephony for growing businesses are numerous.


When To Implement Cloud Telephony?


When is cloud telephony service needed | Office24by7

Now that we know Cloud Telephony can help you boost the profit generation of your company, let’s discuss when is the right time to implement Cloud Telephony.

Sometimes agents struggle to import customer information. They may not handle a flood of incoming calls and might be worried about lesser resolution rates. This is exactly when you should start using Cloud solutions. With a call initiation of customers, CRM integrations shall pop up. It shows information of queries, ticket raised, resolved issues, call logs, chat history, remarks, and status updates. All information is in a single view for agents and makes the conversation smooth with a personalized customer experience.

If you interfere with your agent’s conversation for quality check, then Cloud Telephony can do wonders. Cloud Telephony automatically records every conversation to assess the quality in leisure time, or live monitoring tools help to check quality calls in real-time.

If you are worried about the privacy of the customer or agent’s contact number, you can relax. With the number masking feature, you can mask all your business calls. While dialing an outbound call, your agents can see only the first four digits of your customer number. Your customers shall initiate a call via a business number and interact with your agents on their number. Let your business number bridge your agent’s – customer calls. 


Where Can You Get Cloud Telephony?

With advanced Cloud Telephony features and with thousands of service providers, it might be a difficult task for you to choose a reliable provider. The decision to choose the service provider is finally yours. However, at Office24by7, we recommend every business owner to dive deep into the details of our services and the quality. We are India’s only Cloud Telephony-integrated CRM provider. This means you can benefit from both CRM and Cloud Telephony in one go. We also offer exceptional customer support post-purchasing. We firmly believe our customers are our brand ambassadors. If you have any doubts about Cloud Telephony or how the technology can help your business, call us at +917097171717 or email us at Our consultants will be happy to help you.

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