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A Sales CRM tool like Zoho CRM is a software of enormous scope. Any CRM, being a long-term investment, should have more to offer rather than simply being an organizational tool. Here is where integration comes into play. Dialer integration with Zoho CRM helps enterprises increase sales productivity by up to 4x, improve customer engagement, reduce call abandonment rates, and advance call accuracy. 

Learning some basic concepts, features, and benefits of Zoho CRM integrations, especially dialer integration, is essential to understanding how to achieve these goals using your CRM. 


What are Dialer Integrations?


Dialer Integration is a small software that enables you to easily add it to your existing software like a CRM tool. Once the integration is done, you can access the phone numbers in your database and make calls without manually copying them to your mobile phone or telecom dialer. It adds a call feature to your existing CRM tool, which can be used to make calls with a single click. 

It also adds features like call logs, call recordings, and various analytical data derived from the calls made—this helps improve multiple qualitative and quantitative aspects of a communication system. 


Types of Dialers


Here is a classical division of dialers based on their functionality:

Preview Dialer

It is a dialer that provides customer information before making a call. This is important in situations where learning customer information has a crucial impact. Sales reps can have time to prepare their methodology based on the information. Sectors like financial services, etc., which require customer optimization, can leverage this dialer type. 

Progressive Dialer

It helps to make calls or dial numbers when an agent is free or available. This helps in increasing the productivity of the sales reps. 

Predictive Dialer

It helps to minimize time lost between calls as the software makes learned predictions based on algorithms.

Power Dialer

The power dialer for Zoho CRM helps to make calls with pre-recorded voicemails to a curated list of prospects. Since this task is automated, it helps to save time and effort for the sales rep. However, the function is limited to one call per agent.

Multi-line Auto Dialer

This feature is helpful for businesses requiring to make a large number of calls on an average day. These dialers have various modes, such as single lines, double lines, three lines, and so on. The call is simultaneously made with more than one customer, and if two pick up simultaneously, one is given priority over the other. This proves to be of great value to the telephone system employed.

Parallel Dialer

Similar to a multi-line autodialer, a parallel dialer also helps to make multiple calls simultaneously. Here, the maximum number of calls is restricted to 10. When a call gets picked up, the remaining calls are dropped so that the customer-to-agent ratio always remains 1:1.

Manual dialer

These are normal dialers where the users manually enter the phone numbers. 


Features of Dialer For Zoho CRM


Features of dialer integrations | Office24by7

Here is a list of features that are offered by most Zoho CRM dialer integration: 

Call Logging 

Details are captured within a call and entered into respective data columns automatically. This helps to maintain call history and accurate customer details for meaningful communications. 

Call Recording 

Call recording for Zoho CRM helps in assessing qualitative aspects of communication. It allows sales reps to self-improve or their managers to help them improve communication.

Automated Voicemails

A pre-recorded voicemail message can be integrated for customers who have yet to respond to a call or are at a particular stage in the funnel. This helps save the time and effort required to make individual calls with the same message relayed repeatedly. 

Automatic Call Tracking

Metrics of calls like duration, frequency, dates, call conversions, etc., and other related data are collected. This helps in making data-driven decisions for achieving the goals. 


A Click-to-call for Zoho CRM enables users to make calls directly from the CRM. When the phone number of the customer to whom a call should be made is clicked, the call is automatically created, saving time and effort for sales reps. 

Real-time Analytics

Various real-time reports can be generated, like campaign progress and effectiveness, team performance, individual performance, call analytics for Zoho CRM, etc. It can also provide insights into frequently asked questions, pain points in maintaining communication at various sales funnel stages, and much more. These help in unifying the efforts to reach overall goals.  

Call Scripts

It is a predefined structure for approaching a call. This ensures that all customers have equal importance and that all details, questions, and options are discussed. 

Seamless Workflow Integrations

A dialer can help maintain a streamlined workflow during the post-call stage. All tasks that must be done once the calls are done can be addressed with these. This could be automation or step-by-step guidance. 

Integration with SMS and Email

Certain diallers also provide features that can help in multi-channel communication. They also provide the function to send SMS and Emails simultaneously with the calls or after each call as predefined. It can receive verifications, derive call feedback, retain communication on the user side after calls, and much more. 


Benefits of Using a Dialer with Zoho CRM?


Dialers integrated with Zoho CRM allow users to upgrade their telephone system for outbound calls in a simple step. Lead generation, lead management, sales management, business development, etc., provide vast scope in the sales department. 

Some of the additional key metrics that can benefit from a dialer integration with Zoho CRM are: 

Lead Conversion Rate

The successful conversion rate occurs out of the total number of leads generated. A conversion is also called a sale. Using dialer integrations, it becomes easy for the sales reps to record call logs and other important notes. This data helps understand the client’s profile, requirements, and purchase history. This knowledge, in turn, contributes to making meaningful relationships with customers, leading to more conversions.

High Contact Rate

Dialer integrations provide accessible call features for contact profiles and remove the chances of accidental dialing of wrong numbers. The manual note-making of numbers, dialing these numbers individually, and manually taking call notes down are not required. This helps them to call more customers by the hour. A dialer integration proves to be a call center software of great value.

Abandonment Rate

The abandonment rate measures the percentage of calls customers abandon before being answered. With sales dialer integration, businesses can reduce wait times and minimize the number of abandoned calls, leading to a higher percentage of successful connections.

Improve Productivity

Automation available with integrations increases your agents’ call management productivity. It helps to automate repetitive tasks and allows them to focus on customer relationship management.




Dialer integration with your Zoho CRM account is a great way to improve efficiency and ease in making calls and capturing lead data. It helps sales reps focus on creating meaningful communication rather than noting down the details discussed. This gradually results in higher conversion rates, contact rates, high retention rates, and higher customer satisfaction. 

The commonly seen features of dialer integrations are automatic call tracking, click-to-call, real-time analytics, call scripts, workflow integrations, SMS and Email integrations, etc. It is a great functionality that any organization can adopt to make more out of their CRM tool and communications system. 

Check out Office24by7 Dialer integration with Zoho CRM, or get a demo scheduled to learn more about its use cases and some attractive rates by which it can be yours. 

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