Difference Between Cloud Telephony and Old PBX Systems

by Feb 26, 2018Cloud Telephony

If your business communication tool has a web of copper wire, occupies a significant space in your office and requires special maintenance, you are using a legacy old PBX system with limited features. The good news is you can replace it with a new, better and efficient technology.

Cloud Telephony is a new communication technology powered by VoIP.The server system is located in the provider’s data center instead of your office. It requires no physical presence in your premises and no additional maintenance cost. In Cloud Telephony, voice and data are transferred over Internet and a third party provider like Office24by7 hosts the infrastructure. Cloud Telephony service providers are able to offer a bunch of services which companies access over the Internet using a friendly interface. If you are new to the concept of Cloud Telephony and wondering how it can help your business refer to our blog “What is Cloud Telephony” for an in-depth understanding.

Here’s a list of the major differences between Cloud Telephony and the conventional PBX system.


Cloud Telephony allows you to monitor the entire communication in the organization that takes place in multiple regions and departments, and manage it on one screen. With advanced features like post call survey and analytics report in Office24by7, you can track individual performance of every employee in the department.

Cost effective

Whether it is installation or maintenance, the amount you spend on Cloud Telephony is minimum when compared to on-premise PBX machines.  It is cost effective because it requires no physical presence, so no upfront cost. Secondly the infrastructure is hosted at the provider’s office so you incur no maintenance cost. The best part is when you switch to this service you can save money and invest in growing the business.


Adding more number of phones or channels is easy and requires no additional investment. As your business grows you need not think about the effectiveness of your communication tool. Cloud Telephony is designed to meet every condition your business can face. Office24by7 can help you increase or reduce numbers, extensions or locations within the tool whenever you need.


You can trust Cloud Telephony in case of adverse situations like power cut or natural disaster. As the infrastructure is hosted in the service provider’s premises and they take special care to provide a seamless service through backups, you can relax your doubts about trust. Office24by7 provides its customers a continuous service without any glitch so that your customers can reach you when they need.


Cloud Telephony gives you freedom to communicate with your customers from all devices that has Internet access like your smartphone or tablet. You can make and receive a call irrespective of your location and serve your customers efficiently. Office24by7 provides you a user-friendly interface to help you interact, record and analyze in one platform.

The immense benefits of Cloud Telephony is working wonders for companies by automating the customer communication process, minimizing labor force and analyzing performance of employees in a 360 degree. Office24by7 is helping small, medium and large businesses achieve their goals of creating happy and loyal customers by providing end-to-end Cloud Telephony services.

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