Do I require an IVR solution for my business?

In today’s market, every business thrives for a professional image in front of the customers. The ultimate motive is to represent the brand in the best possible way for serving and retaining customers. One of the major business function which supports this motive is – handle customer calls and resolve issues, answer queries, do sales in minimum time along with producing sheer customer delight at every such instance. Though, it’s easier said than done!

For any business, managing any number of call volume without compromising resolution rate and average handling time is possible with a Call Management System in place. We are talking about an Interactive Voice Response solution. It can help in automating call distribution, intelligently routing a call to a specific department or agent. It also helps in improving business efficiency.

But, which business types do require an IVR System? Either, it can be SMB’s, where the call volume is less and the calls can be routed automatically to specific departments without a human intervention or large enterprises where the call volume is high and a better IVR management system is required to tackle.

Before we go any further, let us understand with a list of requisitions of all possible business scenarios, where a IVR solution can resolve business challenges.

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  • I have a small business but want to project it as a professional enterprise at the customer end.
  • I want to skim my customer’s mind with a single business number, though my business is built with multiple divisions.
  • My entire business communication operations depend on the inbound calls.
  • I wish quality automated responses in place to apologize for my business absence and to acknowledge my customer’s actions.
  • I want to route calls to different teams/employees without a live receptionist.cloud ivr service
  • Can my customers resolve their queries themselves without a human support?
  • I am unable to track and manage calls as my business receives a flood of incoming calls at a single point of time.
  • My team should handle calls wherever they are; most leisurely on their mobile numbers via my business number.
  • My team should be facilitated to handle a million calls at a single point of time
  • I want to cut down our standard call waiting time.hosted ivr solutions
    • My business phone system should provide customized experience for every caller.
    • I don’t want to miss a single business call. I want to keep a track of all the calls that I receive after the business hours.
    • I want to record every conversation and gather caller information to create a huge prospective database.
    • I don’t want my team to call customers repeatedly asking for details.
    • I want a business phone system that could reduce the operational cost and help in my marketing initiatives.

    If you are facing either of the above business scenarios, then your business (whether SMB or Large enterprise) definitely need an IVR solution.

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