How Much does a Toll-free Number Cost? 

by Dec 18, 2017Toll Free

Everyone has looked at those fancy numbers used by some businesses, to which calls can be made without getting charged for it, and always wondered, how do toll-free numbers work? How much does a toll free number cost? Who uses toll free numbers? Is there something called a toll free number plan? Here is the answer to your questions. 


How does a Toll-free Number Benefit Business? 

Toll-free, a 12-digit Virtual Number, as the name suggests, allows customers to Toll a Call, free of charge, to reach businesses for varied purposes. The Toll-Free Service increases the flow of incoming calls through inquiries into the business and improves the quality of the leads.

Office24by7 Toll-free Virtual Number innovatively designed with features like Call-forwarding and Missed Calls. These features aid in increasing lead efficiency and, at the same time, reduce call charges for businesses, making it a standpoint with customer-friendly service.

With this upheld, many small and large-scale organizations are considering using it for serving customers beyond their local proximity, making their business accessible anywhere in India.

Here are the reasons emphasizing why a business does require a Toll-Free Service:

Enhance ROI:

A Toll-Free Number facilitates organizations with a 24by7 business presence. It is true that with the digital proximity assortment in the market, people can reach the business easily on the website, through email, or online instantly. However, tracking responses or results of marketing campaigns is not efficient. Toll-Free Virtual Number helps businesses track incoming calls to predict the business increase of a company. Moreover, such analytics permits organizations to identify business enhancements and improvement strategies. This is how availability over a phone service with free call charges for customers makes a big difference regarding ROI.

Enhances feasibility:

Office24by7 Toll-Free Service uniqueness is that it can be configured with IVR, Call Routing, and Call Forwarding to any pre-determined telephone number like a Landline, Mobile, or any formatted Virtual Number. It facilitates organizations in handling national business from anywhere and at any time.

Enhances National proximity:

Toll-Free Number creates a national proximity for businesses; flexibly permits to enhance business scalability nationwide. It allows organizations to sell their unique products anywhere. The Toll-free is portable enough to lack a location gradient, facilitating Organizations to relocate without losing prospects.

Enhance Business presence:

The communication solution does not incur call charges for the customer, which is a good start from the organization’s point of view for enhancing the flow of incoming calls. The customers calling in the business for varied purposes like subscriptions, purchases, and inquiries create a proficient brand image of the companies. Many startup companies are not aware of the entrepreneurial hardships. Presenting business to investors requires a nationwide brand image and is possible with Toll-Free Service. The zero call charges of Toll-Free Service provide a simple and convenient communication process for the customers in reaching the business.


Office24by7 provide Toll-Free Virtual Number on the Cloud and In-Host for all business types cost-effectively. The Toll-Free is a massive communication channel handling a flood of incoming calls and back-end operations for all types of businesses.

To stand out from competitors, any organization has to get separated to stand apart from the competition. Building up networks with customers is the most important to overcome this competence, and this can be achieved only with a Toll-Free Number.

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