Cloud Telephony

How does Office24by7’s Cloud Telephony Benefits Organizations

Business must not be a person dependent, it should be purely process oriented.  Communication takes place a major role in Organizations.  If Companies do not manage communication properly, it becomes chaotic to track and maintain whole system. Call Centre Software’s are useful to address all the loopholes of communication in many ways.  It streamlines and automates the day to day call flow to address all department’s needs of an Organization. It synchronizes the process of Automation, Tracking, Managing, Routing incoming and outbound calls facilitating Call Monitoring and Recording for quality assurance to increase the agent’s productivity. Along with the great customer service oriented features, Office24by7 provides advanced reporting and analytical features to gauge the employee performance for the business enhancements.

Considering the critical aspects of Call Center Software, the 5 major advantages that are explored below:

Automation : Automation is considered as a major disruptor.  It is becoming the rule for delivering faster for wealthier customer experiences. Call Centre industry has upgraded eventually with advanced Applications that are intertwined into customer friendly processes to reduce the time consumption, manpower and money to upsurge the accuracy. Communication of all the departments in an Organization such as Service, Lead Distribution and Customer Support are possible to automate enabling IVR to perform complete automation in 360-degree angle. This leveraged technology does resolve issues promptly to take the customer experience to next level without human intervention. This system paves way for the Call Center Employees to concentrate more on important issues with high need customers.

Communication Automation :  Businesses are customer centric.  Resolving issues with regards to the product or service turn out to be a company’s stature. With this uphold, customer expects company to resolve issue quickly, efficiently and professionally as First Call Resolution (FCR). Hence, communication automation system builds the transparency of every case as Inbound and Outbound Communication gets automated through IVR. This leveraged automation is configurable with a single Virtual Number to receive or make calls.  Calls are routed through DTMF input as per the customer’s need. This communication automation enables agents to access, collect and exchange information instantaneously. Thus, the software enables a smooth transition and overcome of calls dropping, customer wait times etc.,  End of the day, all the incoming and outgoing calls are recorded assuring quality.

Service Automation : Customer Service is most important and retention depends on the services of an Organization. Hence,augmenting customer service is essential step that businesses must take. Through this application, service automation can be done as the techie customers want the resolution at first instance. To reach their expectations, Office24by7 have implemented the feature like Sticky Agent.  With which the entire history of the customer issue is visible to the agents whoever is attending the customer and helps to deliver personalized experience to the customers. Once customer receives quick resolution professionally, becomes confident and faithful towards the Organization.

Sales Automation : Generally, Organization’s carry out promotional activities with varied marketing strategies. To build up familiarity, company activities are popularized through different media’s traditionally which are inefficient to track and analyze the channel that worked best.  With Sales Automation made it possible to track each and every prospect response by assigning a Virtual Number to work as a single point to handle and forward to destined range. With which customer identification becomes easy and lead generation will be hassle free. Based on marketing strategies and lead generation, businesses can target audiences for sending relevant information paving way for customer engagement and sales.

Support Automation : To retain the customer, need to make sure that the service accessibility with rapid speed.  Companies face number of issues to provide the service on time.  To resolve the issue of such companies, a Virtual Number can be published by configuring with the inputs of customer’s purview.  Whenever call lands on the Virtual Number, it will ask for authenticated information like Date of Birth etc., for security reasons and then allows for the further process to do balance enquiry, service expiry date etc., With this process, man power and time consumption’s is reduced efficiently.

Customer Feed-back :  Knowing customer satisfaction levels are most important after buying a product (or) post visiting the show room (or) post demo through Outbound IVR.  This process helps to fill the gaps in total process and retain the customer.  Instead of searching for a new client, retaining existing client is more useful to the company. No human interaction is involved in this process. Time and investment is also minimal.

Employee Tracking : Each and every employee activities, login details, number of Inbound and Outbound Calls, breaks, interactions and man hours worked in a day is tracked efficiently. An organization is feasible to set benchmarks based upon performance. Live calls handling can be monitored by Admin using Call handling techniques like call Monitoring, barging, and whispering improving calling activity, agent’s efficiency thus enhancing agent – customer interaction.  Office24by7 dashboard enables businesses to set thresholds and alerts on real time statics like Dial methods, Queue management, Call Forwarding, Lead generation etc. Extractable Reports and Analytics provide a detailed view of Call history comprehending ROI.

Customer Tracking (R & A) : Customer tracking is most important.  Once a lead boards in the company, lot of process is involved to convert or to retain the customer.  Once lead is found, the stage of the customer is to be tracked to make sure that the lead is converted.  Even after conversion, payment details are tracked.  It is easy to classify the number of customers got on boarded in a month. With Office24by7, reports are tailor-able as per business needs to access the relevant information required to make prompt decisions.  The Admin panel of Office24by7 enables hierarchy officials to manage agents from anywhere and to align the operational process at finger tips keeping a track of each and every customer on board in real time.

Lead/ROI Tracking : For any outdoor advertising either through Social Media or PPC, need to publish the details through leaf lets, messages and emails etc., though, tracking the responses is really unmanageable.  Office24by7 has introduced a technique to track all the responses by assigning a Virtual Number which helps to comprehend the ROI and the make available analysis of market strategy to invest in the right plat-form.

Product Feed-back : This tool is useful to forecast the value of the product in the market before or post launch.   Customer expectations are easily identifiable and comprehensible.  Through an outbound IVR, easily measure the customer’s intent of the particular product.  A Survey can be performed for voting predictions.

Call Tracking : All the Incoming and Outgoing calls of an Organization are trackable.  These details are extractable as calls wise, department wise and product wise.  All the calls are recorded to listen and improve the interaction between the customer and employee.

Increase : Call Center Software provides many upsurges that benefits the businesses.  Unique features which are incorporated in this technology creates strength in many areas.  Let’s talk in detailed about the benefits of improvements.

Customer Satisfaction : Customer Satisfaction is the main object to accelerate any business.  It’s simple to say but chaotic to manage without the process. Entire industry is customer centric, trusting that the happy customer is the best brand promoter.  Call Centre Software’s helps to increase the Customer Experience and their satisfaction levels of every interaction.    With this, sketching out the critical points, service failure’s and quality of interaction becomes clear and transparent.  However, this is the crucial time for the organizations to understand the greater competition in retaining the customer.  Retentive approach is always wise instead of identifying a new business.  Hence, keeping closer eye in filling the gaps of customer experience gives sustainable business forever.

Employee Satisfaction : Undoubtedly, agent is the front face and plays main role in case of Customer Satisfaction. Most of the customer’s look forward for the resolution at a first instance which may irritate the agent at times.  To provide awesome customer experience, agent must be well talented with multiple skill sets.  Any employee is satisfied with his ability in executing and addressing the need of the hour. To make it happen, frequent Training & Development and Motivational programs must be organized with Comprising equip the agent towards greater satisfaction.

Sales & Revenue : Since every activity is automated, visible, manageable and saves time of an employee, productivity increases enormously.An effective employee’s presentation directs towards many sales closures and grow the revenue of the company leaps and bounds. It helps to drive the business successfully at every touch point.

Accuracy :This tech savvy world is buzzing about the accuracy in the business process.  Subsequently, Office24by7 has brought the clarity even in minute points to increases the accuracy of all the aspects that controls the information and maintain the transparency. Hence, every

Security & Redundancy :  Office24by7 is a highly secured plat-form.  Redundant servers are being applied in multiple locations to give the maximum output.Each and every transaction is authenticated within the network at multiple stages by using encrypted tools.  Hence,users are rest assured about the authenticity of the data and fraud cases.  Also ensures to increase regulatory compliance’s and affords complete traceability not to tamper any data.

Decrease : This technology is helping thousands of business from small scale to large scale businesses and benefiting by eliminating the overheads as detailed as follows.

Manpower : It is obvious and evident that acquisition of multiple resources is cut strait forward as the activities of all the departments are automated. Communicating to each other, maintaining lengthy updates are tough with traditional methods. Technological innovations have removed the burden of all such cases of organizations and customers.

Human Intervention : Customer experience is a top priority in any industry.  Office24by7 software has the technology to avoid the human interactions with the customers as every option is included in IVR to select by customer as desired.

Integration : Integration is the beginning of streamlining software developmental process. Office24by7 offers powerful API suites enabling integration’s of any third-party application and tools greatly. We prepackaged a whole set of API integration’s for each and every feature to get tailored as per the needs of the organization.

Powerful API : Office24by7 Powerful API suites enable advanced and customized integration’s of any third-party software and proprietary applications with easy implementation and configuration.

IVR : Interactive Voice Response system either Single or Multi Level is an automated self service segment without human intervention can route callers to favorable destined points through DTMF voice inputs. It is customizable with a welcome message and number of prompt and custom options helps to connect right customer to the right department for healthy interactions. IVR is configurable through a Single Virtual Number to handle a number of concurrent calls at a time. Each and every feature is tailor-able as per business requirements. IVR allows automation of auto responsive channels like SMS, Email, Voice mail and generate leads missing not a single potential lead.

Agent CTI : Agent CTI allows employees to access and manage customer information during support calls. As soon as the call initiates in connection with the customer, a screen pop ups on the agent dashboard with all details of the customer for agents to edit and refer for further process from the CRM for higher efficiency and healthy customer support interactions.  The Agent CTI enables agents to take customers in a Conc. Call, Transfer call to another department or feedback IVRs instantaneously for swift resolutions. With this, customer needs are addressed quickly eliminating the need to toggle between screens and entering replicated customer information.

Call Routing : Office24by7 offers artificial intelligent routing system identifying which customers to be routed to what level automatically extracting out of customer active interaction. Customizable routing features like Skill based, Time of the day, Scheduled based, priority routing, ACD makes it comfortable for the organization to set protocols and to assign, manage and respond to each and every customer unique needs.

Data Management : Any service without proper data management and business oversight is impossible to achieve customer satisfaction and retention. Every business unique requirements and actions depends on the stored analytical data

Communication :  As per study, 70% – 80% crowd believe that the issue can’t be resolved on phone though.  Office24by7 has made it happen to block up the gap of communication between the departments for the convenience of customer and agent interactions.

Service : The new generation of techie customers wants the resolution at first instance. To reach their expectations, implemented the feature like Sticky Agent.  With which the entire history of the customer issue is visible to the agents whoever is attending the customer.