Voice Broadcasting Provider: Choosing the Right One

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In today’s world, communication is important. We communicate through different technology mediums like text, voice, pictures, phone calls, etc. It is dynamic with technology and technological advancements. One such technology gaining popularity with businesses wanting to reach the masses quickly and effectively is voice broadcasting. Now that technology is everywhere, communication has been easier and enhanced. For businesses, choosing the right voice broadcasting provider is essential to communicate to a bigger audience.

What is voice broadcasting? In what ways does it benefit you? What are its features? As a business owner, how can you choose the right voice broadcasting service provider? Learn more about all this in the following paragraphs.

What is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice broadcasting is also known as blast broadcasting, phone broadcasting, or message broadcasting. As a method of mass communication, voice broadcasting sends automated voice messages to many people simultaneously through a phone call.

These voice messages are prerecorded before being sent to a group of phone numbers (also known as a voice broadcasting campaign).  There are many types of voice broadcasting campaigns, such as:

Live Answer Only

In this type of voice broadcasting campaign, a message is left to the customers when there is a detection that the customer is on the call.

Live Answer with Press-through

In this type of voice broadcasting campaign, a message is left to the customers when there is a detection that the customer is on the call, and the customer is given the option to press through to speak to an agent.

Answer Machine Only

In this type of voice broadcasting campaign, one can leave a message on an answering machine, and it ignores other forms of connecting with the customer.

Live Answer and Answer Machine

This type of voice broadcasting campaign combines the first and third types. You can broadcast two different messages or the same message to the customers.

Live Answer and Answer Machine with Press-through

This voice broadcasting campaign combines the first and second types of campaigns. As a compulsion, you need to broadcast two different messages.  

Voice broadcasting can be automated. This means that you can automatically send the prerecorded message to many customers without any human intervention. It is also possible for you to choose a particular time. 

The system will then do the calling at the stipulated time. The entire process is so easy and fast that it makes your business more efficient and your team more productive.  


How Does Voice Broadcasting Work?

Voice broadcasting uses software that has a database of phone numbers. This software will call all the phone numbers automatically and play a prerecorded voice message to all the recipients once answered. If the calls are unanswered, the phone numbers are kept in a queue and redialed.  

You can always personalize the message included in the prerecorded voice message by using integrated text-to-voice software, or you can also upload the audio file and blast it via the software. Voice recognition software is generally used for playing the automated message. 

Moreover, you can use phone validator software that will validate whether the phone number exists or not. You can set a convenient time to broadcast the calls. An IVR voice blasting feature or a two-part connection for customers to call back can also be used. 

You can know how effective an intelligent voice broadcast campaign is. This is possible by following up the broadcasted calls with a simple text API message or mass texting software. The entire process of voice broadcasting is managed directly from the web.


What are the Features of Voice Broadcasting? 

A voice broadcasting system is not just about sending a prerecorded message to a large base of customers. It should have many essential features like;


An audio message with a professional voice is foremost needed to start a voice broadcast. This can be achieved with the text-to-speech (TTS) feature. It eliminates the need for hiring voice-over artists. For start-ups and small businesses, this can be an affordable option.  

It permits you to personalize messages with a professional voice. Different voices/ accents (American, European, Australian, etc.) of a different gender can be chosen per preference. Names and other relevant details of customers can be included with this feature.

Call Tracking & Recording

You can keep a comprehensive record of all the calls blasted from one central location (dashboard). The call tracking and recording feature allows you to use them as training materials and monitoring purposes.   

Press-1 Campaigns

This feature of a voice broadcasting system can increase the outreach of the voice broadcasting campaign and boost customer engagement. By prompting a customer response instantly, it helps you collect leads. It is also known as interactive voice broadcasting. 

Press 1 campaigns are all about telling customers the message. It allows customers to press 1 to transfer the call to an agent or lets the customer leave a message. Up to 10 digits between 0 and 9 can be set up to transfer calls. You can: 

  • Get a copy of the audio recordings and transcripts of the transfer 
  • Provide detailed information about each transfer in an email 
  • Analyze daily conversion rates for the press-1 campaign

Press 1 campaigns can also be used to conduct customer surveys.

IVR/Interactive Voice Response

An IVR is an automated system that allows customer interaction by giving them choices like press 1 for language, press 2 for support, etc, via a menu.

IVR feature of a voice broadcasting system allows a recorded message to be played to all the customers. 

Personalized recorded messages can be sent to all the customers. IVR blasting is very helpful as it allows businesses to gather important customer data. This helps provide data for lead generation.

Connect with a Live Agent

This feature in voice broadcast messages allows the customer to connect with a live agent. The customer can ask questions about the message, request further information, etc. As a result, leads are generated, and conversions are more likely.

Control over Scheduling

With a voice broadcast system, you may choose the time, duration, or even the end time of the campaign. It is also known as a dialing schedule. This system is, thus, easier to use since it does not need constant monitoring.


The dialer feature in the voice broadcasting system allows you to dial many customers’ phone numbers. It allows you to send thousands of interactive calls to customers. Web-based management of the dialer is available.

Both auto and predictive dialers have a lot of advantages. These include increased agent productivity, intelligent call routing, etc. This makes the voice broadcasting system more effective.


This feature allows real-time analytics of a voice broadcast. It includes the number of missed calls, total answered calls, etc., which can be optimized. If you want to know if their campaign is working, you can get a call analytics report.

Support for API

API support should be available from any voice broadcasting provider. Utilizing diligent APIs, you can create custom voice broadcasting solutions based on their business requirements.

For example, if you use a CRM for leads management and want to run a call broadcast campaign to connect potential leads, you can integrate your CRM with voice broadcasting software with API support.

It saves your business precious time and money as you need not send messages to each customer. This is true if you invest in APIs priced according to call volume. 

A/B Testing

With A/B testing, there is the option of creating many voice campaigns. This means that you can deliver numerous voice campaigns to the users.. You can vary the scripts and accents to determine which voice message is most effective. 

This makes it possible to test which messages or voice accents increase customer engagement. It has many advantages like;

  • Increased rates of conversions of leads into customers 
  • Allowing easy analysis of the results
  • Reducing the waste of money on unwanted campaigns
  • Improving the quality of messaging
  • Increasing customer engagement, etc. 

Management of Do Not Call List

A Do Not Call List is essential to follow legal obligations about voice broadcasting. The list can be obtained from a reliable organization and uploaded into your voice broadcasting software. 

This will avoid calling individuals who do not want to receive voice broadcast calls. A voice broadcasting provider must allow you to upload a DNC list. A DNC list (which can be imported and exported) will keep your business away from legal trouble.

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The Benefits of Voice Broadcasting Software

For businesses, voice broadcasting is one of the best tools to connect with their customers easily. You have already seen the features above. Now let us see all the benefits: 

1. Extensive Reach with Convenience  

A voice broadcast can share your message with a large customer base at once. You can send notifications to anyone- non-tech-savvy, illiterate, visually impaired customers, and other groups. 

It does not involve any hardware or equipment. You can send the voice broadcasting message to the customers right from the web portal.

2. Affordable, Quick to Launch, and Time-Saving 

Voice broadcasting is economical. It is more affordable than traditional telephone calls. It does not need labor, hardware, or infrastructure like a call center needs. Moreover, installation and upkeep of its software are not costly, nor is setting up or handling campaigns expensive.  

Apart from being affordable, a voice broadcasting system saves precious time. It eliminates the need for agents’ involvement in making a broadcast call. All the voice broadcast campaigns are quick to launch. 

3. Has Automation and Personalization Capabilities 

Voice broadcasting gives you the freedom to make it more personalized. You can add your voice, other sounds, names, etc., to the automated message. 

The message can have a personal touch like humor, emphasis, etc. You can also personalize the message depending on whether the customer is new or returning.  

4. Is Flexible and Understands Your Audience Better

Voice broadcasting is a flexible means of communication between you and your customers. It allows you to:

  • Select the mode of interaction
  • Place the recorded call as per the availability of the customer
  • Choose and change the messages you want to send to customers 
  • Improve your understanding of your customers’ likes and needs through surveys.

5. Ensures Uniformity in Information

Traditional ways of promoting your message to customers can be inconsistent or non-uniform. This is because the information conveyed to customers varies according to the agents’ skills and knowledge.

This means the same kind of communication may not be achievable by two agents.  Well, voice broadcasting removes this disparity. Since the same recorded message reaches customers, all the campaign messages are uniform and consistent. There is no chance or scope for an error either. They are crystal clear and reach the customers fast.

6. Powerful Marketing Tool to Generate Leads, Increase Sales, and Useful for Brand-Building

Compared to TV ads and other traditional marketing methods, voice broadcasting is a powerful marketing tool. It lets customers know about your products, services, special promotions, events, etc. 

You need not worry about handling the marketing campaigns, as voice broadcasting feels like a cakewalk. You can also schedule and target a specific audience with voice broadcasting for better lead generation. Overall, it helps you build your brand image. 

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How to Choose the Right Voice Broadcasting Provider? 

Choosing the right voice broadcasting provider is difficult. You cannot just rely on brand names and less costly alternatives. To get the most effective voice broadcast campaigns, select the most effective voice broadcasting provider. 

Additionally, you cannot be hasty in choosing it. A voice broadcasting system can have high risks of failure, thereby losing years of success. 

Many components need to be considered while choosing the right voice broadcasting provider, such as those described below; 


Long-lasting reliability is one of the basic needs when choosing a voice broadcasting provider. It should be trustworthy because it should comply fully and offer all features as stated. Time taken to send voice messages, uptime, and international coverage offers guaranteed by the provider, etc., can be considered to evaluate a provider’s reliability. One should also check if the provider uses Tier 1 networks. Apart from these, the voice broadcasting provider should be reviewed for its service level agreement. 

This is to know the performance and success benchmark. Ultimately, a voice broadcasting system should be a reliable mass marketing tool for your business services and products.  


While choosing a voice broadcasting provider, make sure you choose the one that will offer regular maintenance. This means that the features of the voice broadcasting system should be updated according to the latest technological trends. Make sure the provider is capable of offering you extra features like a dialer tool, IVR, etc. 


The next important thing to consider while choosing a voice broadcasting provider is the reputation they carry. The provider’s reputation you choose should stand out compared to other providers.

Analyze the provider’s reputation by reading about its online reviews, ratings, customer recommendations, advantages, drawbacks, etc.  

Included Features 

When coupled with an IVR voice broadcasting system, voice announcements will be sent to a huge list of contacts, and they will have options to choose from afterward. A reputable voice broadcasting service provider should offer an IVR enriched with the capability of TTS software. This software will allow you to transform text messages into automated voice calls in many languages and voices. It gives your brand a voice and helps improve customer engagement as it eliminates hold time.

Take Advantage of Demos and Free Trials

The choice of voice broadcasting software can make or break your business. An intelligent step is to take advantage of a free trial and demo. It will help you get a basic understanding of the product, its features, limitations, etc.  


Use Cases of Voice Broadcasting

With time, it has been observed that many industries are using voice broadcasting systems. Let us look at these industries below and how voice broadcasting benefits them.


Voice broadcasting is becoming a must-have tool for the advertising industry. It helps to attract new customers and keep the returning customers happy. 

It can be useful for surveys, social awareness, promotional events, special events, and advertising-related. Emails, SMS, and phone calls won’t be.  


The political industry is not far behind in reaping the benefits of the voice broadcasting system. It can be used to;

  • Promote the agenda of election amongst people for voting, 
  • Send updates and schedules of party activities amongst volunteers, etc. 

Moreover, a voice broadcasting system can send many customized political campaigns and conduct political polls and surveys. Governments can also send many policies, laws, and schemes to the people for the welfare of their citizens. 


The healthcare industry is another sector where voice broadcasting is crucial. At a hospital, since people’s lives are at stake, there is no scope for errors. Time is also very valuable for emergency cases at a hospital. A voice broadcasting system plays a beneficial role in hospitals.

For example, the hospital can be kept informed about the arriving patient in an emergency. It can also educate patients about the medicine dosage, appointments, etc.    


A voice broadcasting system can be useful for educational institutions. It allows you to send fee reminders, important events, announcements about examinations, admissions, PTA meetings, etc. 



The benefits of voice broadcasting are many and can come in handy for many businesses in varied industries. Office24by7 offers the best voice broadcasting system in the town. It has many excellent features, such as IVR call, multi-channel dialing, retry dialing, API, call forwarding, scheduling, audio store, etc. Aim to reach out to your customers with the Office24by7 voice broadcasting system. Call us at +91 7097171717 or drop an email at sales@office24by7.com today.

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