How to Get Deep Customer Insights From Call Analytics?

by Sep 7, 2018Cloud Telephony

Data is the king in a digitally connected world. Your business generates huge amount of customer information everyday. The key to have consistent growth of your company lies in the ability to understand the data that you have. Find out patterns, make changes accordingly in your strategy and align your business as per customer needs. However, extracting information from the data that is meaningful to you is not an easy task. Do you have all the tools to capture necessary information?

In this blog, we will talk about how Cloud Telephony solutions of Office24by7 provides you with all necessary tools to get deep customer insights from call analytics.

As businesses grow, indeed to adopt call center software to equip sales team with necessary information to provide swift resolutions of customers and enhance experience. Companies across industries believe in customer service oriented model to strike the perfect balance of customer support and satisfaction.  To achieve, innovative technological solutions are being adopted into the business. Though we know, customer interaction is the basic step of a successful business to keep up the engagement level high. But many times we fail to notice the importance of automation techniques in customer communication. One of the most important metric of communication automation that could comprehend ROI is ‘Call Analytics’. These statistical calculations offer companies with an unparallel opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and employee performance.

Behind the screen, for acquiring deep business insights, Virtual Number is the perfect choice of any business as it forms a comprehensive tool for Call metrics or analytics. The systematic features like Call Recording, Live Monitoring tools – barging, snooping and whispering and Call status helps to augment call analytics which in turn comprehend organization to get know the loop holes and the areas of improvement. A Cloud Telephony system helps your business visualize a dramatic transformation streamlining communication channels. To conquer the power of Call Analytics into your business and to harness sound decisions facilitating long term accomplishments, know what your customer logs of your business can tell you.

Cloud Telephony application of Office24by7 is a complete call centre solution that provides services including number selection, IVRS, Data Management, Call Routing, Dialer, Agent CTI, Post Call Survey, Reports & Analytics and Notification. It automates the complete customer communication process of all employees in the organization. Specific features of Cloud Telephony can give you valuable information to understand your customer better. Let’s discuss the features in more detail.

Procure Call Source and Enhance Call Quality

Call analytics clearly specifies the source of inbound and outbound call initiation points and help employees make better conversation. Call recordings debugs the information for managers to mold team member’s behavior to match customer expectations. Call routing analytics like the option chosen by customers, call landing on predetermined points; call volume at a particular point of time, queue and resolution time elaborates company to evaluate the call and communication efficiency. Live call monitoring tools help managers to keep an eagle eye on their team from their desk itself.

Extract Employee Activity

The use of real time dashboard helps managers gain insights on employee performance and behavioral activities. The information and statistics assists managers to escalate current activities in the company to enhance business performance. Call details, First Call Resolutions(FCR), average call time, call count, employee customer conversation time and their response towards critical issues can help businesses to provide key training needs to improve performance.

Streamline Operations

Call analytics is the soul-mate of Cloud Telephony Solutions which does wonders in terms of providing actionable business insights. It is robust and a reliable metric wherein managers can stay with deep insights of their team performance. It helps the company maintain and manage manpower resources efficiently. Adopting Cloud Telephony solutions helps your organization automate business communication practices and streamline business process.

Cloud Telephony Solution is an innovative technological invention in today’s market for corporate arena. It is an unified communication solution that feasibly enhances business accessibility across channels. So, implement Cloud Telephony Solutions into your business and take advantage of call analytics to serve your customers at their satisfactory level.

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