Cloud Telephony

Increase your Sales with Cloud Communications

How could sales increases of your business?

By Retaining Customers….

True but to do it consistently, what’s the important thing that the businesses need to have?

Communication and Convincing Skills? Or Product Knowledge?

Though the businesses are efficient with the above, often fail to up-grow their sales rates. No matter with which of these your business is efficient in. The most important tactic to enhance your sales growth is to have a redundant Cloud Telephony Solution. Not only for established Entities even for Start-ups, is Cloud Communication Solutions an affordable and sales productive option.

Here are the 10 ways which proves Cloud Telephony is the best fit option to boost your sales productivity:

No Missed Deals:

The biggest disadvantage of every business team is, unable to deal with every incoming business call. And this missed lead could be a missed prospective business deal.

So to set it right, business team should ensure every call is attended with utmost concern that checks-in, assuring the lead is followed up for further proceedings. Not doing so, Miss-a-call and following up lately could discover that you have laid foundation for your competitor with a prospective opportunity.

Hence, if your business is turning up for a call management software to handle this concern efficiently then Cloud Telephony will be the best laid solution. It is tailor-made platform for the businesses to streamline communication in a 360 degree angle. All inbound business calls can be routed based on agents availability and varied parameters as per convenience. Additionally, to miss not a single potential opportunity and to notify every business call, Voice-mail integrations/ auto-responses like SMS, Email, Call Back and Call forwarding features are incorporated.

Office24by7 offers Mobile App for its Inbound and Outbound Call Center Software to facilitate tracking of your entire field sales team operations, activities and help analyze their performance.  

Evident and Engage customers:

Another beautiful feature incorporated in Cloud Communication platform is Call Recording. It enables to play back the sales call to make a note of important scenarios. It is not only about the communication skills or the conversational aspects; call recording will help you to sort out the portfolios of how the prospectus has outlined, needs emphasized, giving you an option to prepare sales team script to grab the success chance.

Apart from that, Office24by7 Cloud Telephony Solutions incorporated Call Monitoring features like Whispering, Barging and Snooping to help Business Development Managers to pay attention in real-time to the agent – customer discussion. Enable managers to monitor call conversation, train agents, refine sales pitch and focus on what really works. These performance monitoring features provides accessible call details and insights that will help you to track the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Track ROI:

The flexibility of Cloud Telephony Solutions is the ease of getting configured with the Virtual Number. So, assigning individual Virtual Numbers to different marketing campaigns across channels  like Ad-words, print media ads, commercial outlets etc, gives you knowledge on how the caller found your business and lets you to tailor actionable insights as per requirements.

Filter Prospective Opportunities:

It is of every businesses dream to explore their business team to focus on the core potential leads. In order to do so, the leads have to be filtered before your agents takes up the call. IVRS Solution does that for your business efficiently.  Through this, you can efficiently boost callers to reach right departments by giving them prompt recorded options to choose from. This way, callers can be filtered in accordance with their queries, seemingly maximizing your agent’s time to interact with the prospective callers.

Relevant Interaction:

Multi-level IVRS Solution comprises Intelligent Routing System that facilitates to route calls based on several parameters as required by your business. However customized routing feasibly improves agent’s efficiency for providing superior customer experience. As it will reduce the call handling time of agents, waiting time and on hold time of callers ensuring best agents are paired with the right callers for providing right resolutions optimizing the sales team resources in the best way. With this uphold Office24by7 offers custom call flows with just drag and drop method as required.

Personalize your Sales Pitch:

The ability to analyze data and act accordingly is highly important for any business. Just having the analyzing metrics is not enough; the data that is collected by the businesses from varied sources need to be relevant to have an effective conversation and to improve your product or service efficiency. Cloud Telephony platform enables Agent CTI and CRM integrations to loop the caller’s information before hand for the agents to offer a personalized and customized sales pitch based on caller interests and business requirements.

Feedbacks and Follow-ups are ideal for creating superior customer experiences. Such can be performed efficiently through Post Call IVR Surveys or SMS.

Activate your Business Instantly:

The good thing about Cloud Telephony Solutions is that it can activate your business instantly as it is easy to use, deploy, operate and manage. The Cloud Communication System of your business can integrate with any application through powerful API’s; customize call flows and more on online hassle freely thus saving infrastructure costs.


Cloud Telephony Solutions are no longer next generation technology. It is being adapted by almost all industry types including small to large scaled business. To learn more about Cloud Telephony Solutions, visit our website or contact us at