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by Mar 26, 2019Marketing CRM

Office24by7's marketing automation tools helps business to automate a number of time consuming marketing activities.

Marketing Automation – Smarter approach to build a Smart Office

For businesses, to keep up their business approach ahead of the curve, traditional marketing methods are no sufficient. Though, Marketing is not a new term and marketing methods being a magic wand in the marketer’s hands for years, still companies fail to pave a smarter outlook. In such a view point, Marketing Automation can help businesses for a newer approach with innovative tools that help in automating common practices. This will surely help marketing and sales teams get together in tracking and engaging prospectus in the best way.

A marketing automation leader can open up more opportunities, toggle new templates, help to craft creative content, loop prospects, track leads, set scores and improve lead experience with your sales team.

In these day’s competitive market, more and more businesses adopt sales and marketing tools to improve their productivity scale but neither do they use it to its full efficiency nor to its capability. To merge a marketing automation tool completely to benefit your business scale, one should have two motives in place – work force optimization and marketing strategy. The success probability depends on these two principles. Because marketing automation tools aren’t new to the marketers, the success is evolved the way it is being used with a head-strong business strategy.

To help you gain more knowledge of how marketing automation can make businesses grow efficiently, run-through these points:

Well-timed targeting

It is known that sales targets do depend on the prospective targeting with a right message at a right point in time. However, identifying individual prospect interest’s manually and reciprocating to their interests on time is no easy task. This is where the marketing automation comes in play. With its innovative tools, it tracks each and every lead activity to that of marketing channels or engagement with marketing materials and pools out the sources they interacted with help sales team to respond in a timely manner automatically.

Multiply sales closures

You might be wondering of how marketing automation would help to close more deals. The automation tool helps businesses to automate a number of time consuming marketing activities. Such that, it is efficient in identifying the sales ready leads based on their behaviors or marketing channel interaction which will ultimately help business sales team to close more deals.

Systematic sales and marketing teams

For any organization success, sales and marketing team’s coordination is highly essential. As the marketing team helps to pool out the leads from varied marketing sources, analyze it for sales ready leads integrating with the sales CRM system in India. Based on lead behavioral aspects or interactive status or when a lead meets predefined rules like filling a form, running through a specific web page, landing page clicks, document downloads etc. the lead gets assigned to sales team automatically. The marketing automation tool segregates and segments leads with complete lead information and status efficiently prioritizing it for the sales team to interact.

Procure actionable insights

Marketing automation helps your business with a creation of transparent sales funnel. Your employees will know from where the leads got originated, weightage of the lead with regards to respective channels, track attributes, measure revenue spent, analyze response rates across various channels, procure deeper insights which will ultimately pave a smoother way for the sales process to get going.

Target hot deals

Marketing automation tools helps organizations to identify the hot prospects, showing high interest levels but are not ready for sales conversion. Based on the prospect behavior like the website visits, pages viewed, links clicked, information downloads, or forms filled etc., companies are looped with immediate sales opportunities. These marketing automation techniques help in assigning scores to leads connected with a CRM to identify the prospect efficiency for further process.

All the above points states that marketing automation software tools are highly helpful and impactful but the wonder is using them alone does not do good. It is all depends upon the effective marketing strategy designed behind the screen. Marketing automation helps you to streamline the marketing process, automate it bringing in effective stats to work on.

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