Manage the flow of Incoming Calls with IVR

Nurturing potential customers is crucial part of any business. Customer satisfaction plays a critical role in the age of innovation and automation. Internet has given clients the flexibility to share their views on multiple platforms online that can impact your business, positively or negatively. Businesses today are highly customer focused to avoid any negative reviews. You cannot afford to overlook reviews as it will bring more customers and build credibility on your online presence. Superior customer experience has the potential to bring in more business. To elevate business, addressing every customer call on high priority is important. In such a case having an efficient call management system equips you with the right tool.

The Problem:

In a start-up business, each and every call is resolved swiftly with great enthusiasm. But when the company grows, the number of customer calls increases, the pattern changes and the call handling procedure loses fervor. Because increased on-board employees attend a massive flow of incoming calls, quality may be compromised. It gets even worse when the company lacks a call management system. As the administration has no control over the information of received calls, who received a call, what services are suggested, queries unheard and missed calls, lead to inefficient call handling system. Ultimately, paving the way for lower profits.

The Solution:

Cloud Telephony Solutions provides an effective solution for improving call management system. With which businesses can engage customers in a simple yet professional way. It allows you to create and streamline call flows by yourself as required. A customized IVR solution greets callers, route it to specific departments for an interaction and records conversations improving approval rate, call quality and user performance. It is the popular solution for businesses from multiple industries irrespective of the size of the firm.

The traditional phone system either PBX or EPBX lacks such innovative aspects and automated functionalities when compared to Cloud Telephony Solutions.

For Example:

Most companies run marketing campaigns on varied platforms like TV, Radio, Social Media, Print etc. providing a Business Number (Landline, Mobile or Toll-free) for customers to get connected. Fortunately, initiation of massive incoming calls often lead businesses to lose potential customers in great numbers as the business number lacks the capacity of handling flood of calls.

With Virtual Call Center, Virtual Number of any format can help you engage customers in the simplest way. A personalized IVR flow can handle each and every call efficiently by routing calls to specific departments for swift resolutions. Automatic Call Distribution include all channels of an Organization to connect right agent for right conversation from the first call. Recordings and call tracking helps to improve further quality and validates future assessments. Extractable reports enable measuring your team performance at any time. Virtual Call Center helps you build an instant hassle-free communication set up for your company without requiring physical space, cable and hardware.

The Benefits:

Cloud Telephony Solutions acts more than handling call flows of your organization. It efficiently pools out reports related to received calls, queries resolved, who attended calls, call recordings, auto-responses like SMS, Email sent and much more to improve customer communication. Cloud Telephony also allows you to integrate personalized applications at any time to respond to customer issues at every stage.

Office24by7 offers Cloud Telephony Solutions with features like customization of Virtual Call Center with hosted integrated features for smooth operations. With advanced customer communication like Cloud Telephony you can stop worrying about engaging with customers and focus on things of higher priority like increasing profitability and expansion.

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