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The world is changing rapidly, and lately, everything revolves around mobiles. Consumers are embracing technology like never before. The leaders, irrespective of industries, are trying to make the most out of this mobile sales solution. Sales is one arena where mobility is crucial for a company’s success. Salespeople sometimes have to go out and work in the field. A mobile CRM or a mobile sales solution is useful in this situation.

Sales team mobility is more than just a few apps on the device. It is a new business strategy that requires a lot of planning and a mindset change. Let’s take a closer look at various aspects of mobile sales solutions for businesses:

Advantages of Mobile Sales Solution

The right mobile CRM system can be a reliable solution for the organization. From the planning stage to in-person meeting follow-ups, everything can be done with the help of a CRM. Here, we will discuss some benefits businesses can make the most of.

Improved Productivity

With a mobile CRM, companies will immediately see how efficient and effective this CRM system is. The entire sales process will be streamlined perfectly, and the sales cycle will be shortened. The sales team can access the material, CRM data, and workflow from their mobile and work accordingly.

Sell Smartly

Automated sales solution in a mobile CRM will not only help with the monotonous administrative tasks but also helps with selling the product smartly and even more efficiently. They analyze the sales team’s performance. The mobile CRM will provide in-depth insights to help identify the data patterns and understand sales team performance.

Better Customer Service

While a mobile CRM handles most of the monotonous tasks like capturing client’s details, etc., the sales representatives can start focusing on building better client relationships. These systems’ task automation features are nothing less than a boon. The sales automation solution helps the sales reps with most of the repetitive work and allows them to maintain an effective relationship with the customers.

Higher Engagement

The field agents will go out with all the information at their perusal. They will know all the required details about the customer with whom they will interact. A mobile CRM with the right sales engagement solution will help engage with the customer.

Quicker Follow-Ups

The mobile sales solution will streamline the customer information and, as its automated sales solution feature, automatically puts them in the required bucket. The post-sales process will become simple and easy as the CRM can be integrated with multiple company systems.

Businesses use different kinds of platforms to work around. This is where mobile CRM integration plays an important part. However, you don’t have to worry about all of them when you are relying on Office24by7. You can integrate our CRM with different tools easily.

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Must-Have Features in the Mobile Sales Solution

There are different CRMs in the market offering various kinds of features. It is important for the brands to analyze and understand which features are a must-have and pick a CRM that offers everything.

Mobile Deal Management

For a sales professional, having all the required information related to the prospects and customers at their fingertips is important, irrespective of your location. A mobile CRM system should provide a 360-degree view of deal management and its data. You should be able to view the sales history, including the deals in the pipeline, who created them, deal value, deal activities, and estimated closing date.

A reliable CRM like Office24by7 will also help you with real-time notifications.

Click to Call

Checking the number of a deal, copying, and pasting it onto the dial pad is quite a hassle. But a CRM can help you with this. The click-to-call feature will make it easy to make a call with just one click. Click-to-call is a feature that is offered by advanced CRM systems like Office24by7. This enables the user to call directly from their mobile itself. Once the call is over, they can easily update the deal-related details on the CRM.

Dropping a Text Message

Sometimes, you might need to drop in a message to your prospect. Our Office24by7 CRM can do this with ease. You just need to register with the DLT and have the text credits. You can send the message with ease and also run a bulk campaign.

Geolocation Tracking

This is nothing less than a boon for both field salespeople and the reporting manager. Office24by7 is one of the very few CRMs integrated with Google Maps. When your salesperson enables their location, they will get to know about the customers in and around that location. This way, they can quickly move from one customer to another in the same area. One has to save the contact with information like address line, city, state, country, zip, etc. Once you do this, the location will be saved in the database, and the location will be updated for that contact. Field salespeople can use this feature to contact more customers from one location.

Better Collaboration

It is important to have an option of call transfer. If the customer reaches out with any new doubt and the salesperson doesn’t know, they can immediately transfer the call to another salesperson who has experience and can answer it. The call can also be transferred to another department, the team lead, etc.

Email Management

Send emails on the go with a mobile CRM. You can send emails to anyone at any point in time with ease. Our Office24by7 can help you with sending emails and WhatsApp messages. This way, you can send the proposal and invoices on the go.

Real-Time Insights

Know how your team is performing and about the sales done in a week with real-time insights from our sales intelligence solution. It is important for both salespeople and managers to know how their team is performing. Your team can also create the reports using multiple insights and share them with the management. These insights include the number of calls/emails the reps make, their outcomes, the number of deals closed, etc.

Device Compatibility

It is important to have a CRM that is compatible with various devices. Most of the latest advanced CRMs are now compatible with different OS and mobiles. Either way, it is important for businesses to know about this before they purchase.

Push Notifications

With the push notifications feature, you won’t miss any information related to the sales. With this feature, you will get real-time updates and notifications no matter where you are.

Intuitive Design

Understanding and working with the CRM shouldn’t be a hassle for the salespeople. The mobile CRM is created to ease their work, and that is what it should do. An intuitive design is a necessity for the field sales team. It is not something that they can ignore.

How to Make the Most Out of Mobile CRM?

Sales reps can make the most out of their mobile CRM. They need to leverage the technology according to their requirement, and they will reap the benefits of it. Mobile CRM technology aids reps on multiple levels. Let us see how and why your field sales team needs a mobile system.

Complete Sales Transparency

Businesses started having better communication among the employees. They all can interact in one place and discuss all the required things. A mobile CRM can improve interdepartmental communication and better relationships with clients, and management can always stay on top of it by observing everything. It keeps everyone on the same platform, giving them access to the internal process of a business. The staff understand their responsibilities better, and customers enjoy getting customized service.

Unlocks the Complete Potential of an Enterprise

Almost all businesses have both internal and on-field sales teams. The mobile sales solution streamlines how every rep works and will have all the data up to date. Choosing the right CRM with automated sales solutions is the only thing that businesses should focus on. The entire work will become a breeze once you get a reliable CRM like Office24by7.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Successful Mobile CRM Strategy

Here is our step-by-step guide for creating a successful mobile CRM strategy.

Know Your Business Requirements

We are listing some questions that you must answer to curate a strategy.

  • Do you need a mobile CRM right now? Does your present business situation demand it?
  • Will it drive innovation and become a game changer in your sales and marketing strategy?
  • Can it optimize the processes involved in your sales and marketing activity?
  • Will it be convenient for your sales and marketing team to use it?

The business requirements change for every business. It is important for a company to estimate the value that they will derive when they implement a mobile CRM system. Some of the common business use cases for this CRM on the go are:

  • Any time availability
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Connect and reach out to customers via different channels

Know the Benefits

Mobility, functionality, security, and convenience are some benefits one can gain from a CRM solution. Mobile sales CRM will allow the reps to:

  • Join conferences and meetings
  • Share and access the files
  • Get access to the CRM dashboard and the reports
  • Respond to the customer issues
  • Integrate calendars
  • Schedule meetings
  • Access and update the lead’s information
  • Access the automatically updated data at any time

The best part of mobile CRM is that they are highly secure and has multi-level authentication. This eases various things.

Phase Wise Rollout

It has been a common practice to introduce CRM phase-wise among the employees, and organizations should follow the same for mobile CRM. Having a CRM on mobile for your entire marketing and sales team might sound good, but it can be overwhelming for the employees. So, businesses should start by introducing it to the top and dialing it down. Once the CEOs and other top management understand its use and get habituated to it, the managers should be brought on board, followed by reporting managers and executives. This way, the leaders will help their team to understand it.

Implement it for all the Employees

Marketing, sales, and support teams are at the forefront of an organization, and they are the ones who face customers. So, it is already given that these people will be using mobile CRM. It is important for other employees of your organization to have it.

Right Tools Matter

The best thing about the latest CRM platforms is that they come with a mobile sales solution. This brings CRM on the go and helps them access contacts, customer details, and other important  CRM information.

How Does a Mobile Sales Solution Impact Customer Satisfaction?

When it comes to field sales, a mobile CRM will enhance overall customer satisfaction. These CRMs provide the sales reps with all the required information that has been updated in real-time. We have listed five ways in which a mobile CRM can help businesses:

Staying in Touch

The field sales reps can contact the employees from wherever they are with their phones. They don’t need a laptop or desktop setup to complete their work. This way, customer satisfaction can be provided on the go. With push notifications, the field reps can immediately address any problems that customers are facing. This will increase the response rate, which eventually has an impact on the overall customer experience.

Unified Communication

The reps interact with customers on different platforms. Sometimes, one customer interacts with the reps from different platforms depending on their convenience. There is social media, a chatbot on the website, messaging apps, emails, and calls- customers have all of these options before them. Depending on the time and situation they are in, customers prefer any of these platforms. In mobile CRM, all of these interactions are present in one place.


When a field sales rep is out there to sell something, they will have all the required customer data in hand. This data will help them in providing a personalized experience. Who doesn’t love a personalized touch?

Top Mobile Sales Solutions in the Market

Let us take a closer look at the best mobile CRM you can rely on in the market.


Office24by7 is one of the best mobile sales solutions in the market right now. It is proven to be the right partner for an organization’s sales and marketing teams. If you are looking for a CRM platform to help pick your campaign right off the market, then Office24by7 can be your partner. Our B2B sales solution can be beneficial to companies that offer SaaS products.

The best thing about this CRM is it is simple to use, powerful, flexible, and has integration features. You can blend this software with your existing sales processes. It is a robust CRM and works on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. 


  • Easy access to the CRM database so that you can check them on the go
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Click to call
  • Precise scheduling
  • Collaborate on the go
  • Customize the reports
  • Analytics
  • Contact management
  • Follow up reminders


Freshsales has always been a reliable software for field reps. It helps them manage the massive number of leads, and the process is quite simple. You can track the leads, capture, distribute, and nurture them. It also provides analytics, which can help pull the data and curate reports.

Zoho CRM

Zoho is one of the best lead and contact management software that a business needs. It has a myriad of features and is quite powerful. You can streamline sales operations, automate workflows, assign tasks, and access and analyze important data.


Pipedrive brings a lot of benefits to your business. Some benefits are efficient sales management, properly organized leads, quicker deal closure, proper statistics, and reporting customization. This feature-filled CRM is fast, easy to use, and completely robust.


Salesforce is undoubtedly one of the most popular and capable CRM solutions out there. It is powered by advanced automation technology and helps maximize the CRM data and streamline the processes. You can track all the information, interactions, and other lead-related activity in one place.

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Wrapping it Up

Always make sure to get your hands on a mobile sales solution that helps in scaling up your business. Want something like this? Then Office24by7 is here for you. Our mobile CRM is best in class, offering amazing features that suit every business and help all the field sales reps.

Just drop your details in our ‘Get Quote’ form, and we will get back to you.

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