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Number Masking – How it can benefit your business?

Increasing need to communicate and ever-changing technological innovation has led to an effective way of dealing with customers. Businesses collect potential information to personalize marketing strategies. However, the use of Internet and the ease of online transactions have made customer privacy a constant topic of debate. Privacy and Data security is of highest priority in the connected world today.

To elevate customer engagement, communication via text message or call is necessary but not required. Companies trade phone numbers as a social demand. This can be ruled out with the Cloud Telephony feature called Number Masking. Businesses can enable a boxed communication to hide employee and customer phone numbers, protecting their privacy. Office24by7 Cloud Telephony Solutions helps businesses do just that. With our Number Masking solution, you can connect customers to agents/drivers/delivery personnel/support services via a Virtual Number that forward calls to the eventual destination and make communication smooth.

What is Number masking?

Number masking is a solution to secure customer privacy by hiding their phone numbers. However communication does happen without dialing the phone number. Instead of dialing number directly from a phone, businesses can use a customer facing number to communicate which eventually forward the calls for quick resolutions safeguarding identities.

Businesses across multiple industries can use for this solution. Real estate, E commerce, Delivery companies and others use Number Masking solution to connect customer call to varied departments of the organization without revealing number of either of them.

How does it work?

Call Management Solution of Office24by7 allows businesses to mask the number by displaying only the first four digits of the customer number to their employees. The assigned service number/Virtual Number is mapped with the user’s phone number. The company is allowed to assign privileges for the employees specifically with just a click. Likely, call gets diverted via Office24by7 Virtual number without revealing the phone number. Also, call recording is feasible for tracking. This way, businesses can gain deep insights about customer habits and preferences.

Why it is essential for business?

The way to develop a impressive brand image and high loyalty in engagement. With new technologies, communication has led to numerous changes in human interaction. In recent years, innovations projected mass online interactions like hailing a cab service, cashless transactions, buying, selling, rental etc. So, business are probed to ask for customer information, especially mobile numbers have become  basic identity for all communication solutions as it gives ability to contact whenever required. Hence customers sharing information with businesses expect assurance that their information be kept secure. It is rightfully legalized as there are many threats associated to revealing phone numbers like unwarranted spam calls, scams, etc.

Number Masking aptly solves the issues related to safety. Modern businesses can now provide great customer experience with latest security standards.

How it benefits?

Security and Privacy are the main concerns for businesses and customers. Number Masking perfectly helps people communicate safely and provide a great experience.

Below illustrated list explains you the benefits:

Safeguards Privacy:

By using a Virtual Number as a customer facing number, you can map agent mobile numbers, enable number masking feature and create a secure environment for your customers to have an undisturbed conversation.

Superior Customer Experience:

Knowing that their phone number is safe shall make customers comfortable to communicate with your business.

Oversee Communication:

Call initiating with just a click saves time and effort while user – customer interaction, add-on keeping them occupied on a single platform with a unique number can wave off the need of private communication.

Optimize interactions:

With the use of Number masking, you can maintain professionalism in your business as your job is to get connected for a business proposal.

Number Masking feature is highly beneficial in letting your customers know that your business is here to connect with them for a purpose in a safe and secure way. It also helps them understand that your business not only fulfills their requirements, also values privacy.

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